Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Flowers

Good morning! I love stitching the flowers from this book. It's the same book Spring Flowers was in. This piece will go to my nephew's wife. She asked me to do a floral piece for her.

Last Sunday our Pastor announced about the potluck tonight we were having to meet the candidate for Worship Pastor at our church. He said to bring a big dish to pass not a small one. So I took him serious and made a huge bowl of macaroni salad. I told a friend who is driving me tonight not to bring anything I'd bring enough for her. (She wasn't going to go because she didn't have money to buy food tonight.) Well...when you are on a tight budget and on SS it's hard. I just hope I didn't over cook the macaroni. I don't think I did. I like the way they did it this time. They went by first letter of your last name and I was in the group to bring salads.

Last Thurs. we had a picnic and didn't have anyone sign up for anything. Only one person brought a main dish but she made a huge amount and took a lot home. Some people brought salads and other items, and about 5 of us brought deserts, 3 of us made brownines! I didn't have to take that many brownies home, (mine were frosted the other two weren't). With it I thought I'm going to have a Hotfudge Sundae brownie. It tasted good and I'll have some later today and tomorrow too. It's funny because until last year I rarely ate ice cream and only as a Hot Fudge Sundae. The last two summers I crave Hot Fudge Sundae's. I still only like it on hot summer days those. And it's only vanilla ice cream with hotfudge on top. Not any other kind of ice cream and no other topping. And once the cooler weather sets in I will not have it again until late spring. Ice cream is a summer food in my book. Are you like a food now that you never liked before and also tend to seasonalize foods. Only eat certain foods in certain seasons. Or am I just different?

Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Tiffany Pincombe said...

We do that somewhat because we do a farm share to get fresh fruits and vegetables. So we've had to figure out how to cook all these new ingredients. The only thing I'm seasonable about is pumpkin/squash in the fall.

Linda said...

Nice progress Barb.