Saturday, September 17, 2016

Progress on Owl

Good Morning! I thought I would show the progress I've made on my owl the last few days. It will go to my dad's cousin. She asked me for it when she saw it on facebook. This piece is going slow as it is so inticate, so detailed and so much backstitching! But it is close to being finished so I will stick it out. I must admit the America piece as big and as much confetti stitching there is was easier to do than this piece.

I have seen several blogs about Jo's Birthday blog. I have enjoyed reading the different blogs about their most mememorable year. I couldn't quite figure out how to join I am going to post about a memorable year in my life.....1975. It was Sept., my Sr. year at GRSNBM and I was about to be an aunt for the first time. Michelle was born Sept. 23, 1975. It was a jubilant time for our family. In Dec. 1975 our family went down to San Antonio where my brother and sister in law lived, they were expecting their first child. Kay and baby Michelle were able to join us. My parents, and I stayed at the home of an older lady who was on vacation at the time and my sister and her baby and our 2 youngest brothers stayed with a friend of Kenn and Denise's . Joshua was born while we were down there. That was great. It was a fun time for our family and a great vacation trip.

I will be heading out to the Cat Shelter before long. The adoptions are picking up now. Summer seems to be a slow time. Hoping one or two get adopted today. Last week end no cats got adopted but 7 kittens got adopted at Petco, hopefully the kittens we had at the shelter will be at Petco or foster care now. Our kittens usually go to foster care then Petco but this year there has been a surplus of kittens. We did keep them separate from the cats. We do have 3 cats that may go out between now and sometime in Oct. The one person was moving around the 15th and wanted to wait until she got moved in and settled before she got Roosevelt. The other person needed to wait until Oct. to get Soldier and Jasman. We have our fingers crossed on that as Soldier and Jasman are hard to adopt out. Soldier is so shy and Jasman has some physical needs. So we will see. Both are sweet cats. Speaking of cats, my niece and her family finally got a cat. They said when they got home from Sweden they would get one and they got one within their first week back. They went to a shelter similar to ours where the cats are kept in rooms not kennels. They wanted two cats between ages 5 to 10 as they knew they were harder to adopt out. They only got one as the place said it would be best to let Angel adjust to them. Nick just loves Angel and is always reading to him and he listens. Chase loves to play with him and hide him under the box. It seems to be working out and a good match for them. Michelle always said that it would be indoor outdoor but their agreement with the shelter is indoor only. She said so far he doesn't even try to get out.

Next week it will be 3 years since my dad died. In some ways it seems like yesterday and other ways is seems like so long ago. We miss him. Mom died in Oct. a year later so fall is a sad season.

Well....until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Pull the other thread said...

Great stitching on owl. Thanks for sharing your memorable year. Hope more little fluff ball find happy homes. I'm sorry to hear you have such sad anniversaries this time of year, I hope you can manage them ok remebering all the good times.

Mii Stitch said...

Fantastic update on that stunning owl!!

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful work on the owl, and so nice that someone commented how much they would enjoy it. Good luck with the cat/kitten adoptions and thanks for sharing a memorable year!

Heather said...

We got our kitten from the shelter and she was the only one left. She's mellowing a bit but still rambunctious but as a tortie that's expected :)