Monday, October 31, 2016

Slow Progress on the Horse

Good Afternoon! This piece is moving very slow plus I really didn't stitch that much on it in October. I at least have the eye in it now so it looks more like it will be a horse's head. (I just have to outline the eye). That will come probably end of week.

Last Saturday we had Open House at the Cat Shelter. Even some of the cats were dressed in costume, as well as a lot of the visitors. The children were adorable! Now did the cats like having them put on them, not so sure of that. Plus a lot of people came in costume. It really was a fun day. I worked in the Bake Good Sell again this year. I like doing that. We sold everything and were happy with the amount of money made after expenses. Usually we don't allow cats to leave when we have open house, but this year 4 of the cats went back to their original owners that day. (Sometimes we let a person leave the cat with us if there are extraordinary circumstances, which was the case in both owners. They each had 2 cats). Then another cat was adopted out. We've been picking up lately. Summers always seem to be slow, then end of Oct.-Jan. we really pick up. Feb. through May is slower then the Christmas season but some do get adopted out.

My brother was in from TX for a long weekend. He left a week ago today. It was great seeing him again. My sister was able to come in for 3 of the 4 days. We were busy the whole week-end. Going up to the cemetary to visit our parents graves, then spending time with our aunt and uncle. The next day we went to our nieces and our aunt and uncle joined us there. Oh they were quite the commedians! I don't like hugs and tried to back away when they hugged me on Friday, but I gave them a hug. So on Sat. they come to our niece's with a bag and say, "We know you don't like hugs so here's your hug." It was a bag of Hershey's kisses that said Hugs and Kisses on the bag. Too funny!

Oh....Happy Halloween! Hope the kids get lots of candy and enjoy themselves, and stay safe. They don't allow Trick or Treating here. I miss it....I use to love handing out candy and seeing the costumes.

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching!

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Heather said...

Nice progress :)