Monday, September 04, 2017

Progress on Live Today

Good Afternoon. Is everyone having a good Labor Day Weekend? I have done a lot of stitching on this piece the past few days. I am really happy with it and enjoying it. It will go to a friend of mine from years ago. I had a little contest on my Face Book page when I started the Dove piece and said if anyone could guess what it was I would do a piece for them. This is the piece Sara chose out of the choices I gave her. One friend guessed a bird but I told her to be more specific and in mean time Sara guessed Dove. I am going to do one for Barb a little later as she did guess bird and she does take me to church and home a lot of times. Barb likes Disney characters, and she is a kid at heart so I'll do one for her.

I need advice. My cat somehow got fleas, and they got so bad I finally took him to the Vet and asked what was wrong with him. It was fleas. He wouldn't eat, drink or use his kitty litter. So he got treated and I do need to flea bomb the floor. He will not get on the floor at all I have to bring his food and water to him. When I'm sleeping he'll use his kitty litter or if I'm not home, but if I'm home he doesn't. Most people think he is milking me. I will say it's been 24 hours since he used his kitty litter to my knowledge anyway. I'm calling the Vet for advice tomorrow. He has eaten and drank water so that's good. The Vet had told me he probably would not go to the floor for a while and she was right.

I can't believe summer went by so fast it seems like it just started. Now the fall activities start. I'm looking forward to BSF starting. We are studying the book of Romans this year.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely stitching.

Poor kitty with the fleas though! I used to use something called Frontline on my cat, you squirted liquid from a little capsule onto the back of her neck and somehow it went into the skin and stopped the fleas from biting. She never had fleas as she never went near other cats. But the prevention stopped her picking up even the odd one.

Faith... said...

Hope the fleas flee soon! I can only imagine what kind of pain they are. That is nice of you to stitch for your friends. Looking forward to seeing this one stitched up!

stitchersanon said...

Lovely stitching. I agree with Jo. Frontline for cats is perfect. It kills any fleas that try to eat. You will need to treat the floor and bedding etc, because they lay eggs there but this is such a common thing. If the putty cat is eating and drinking, they are fine. And so what if they are milking it? Congratulate yourself that you have such a smart cat, and fingers crossed they aren't going somewhere else haha (I have four dogs and two special needs geese: animals are way smarter than us!)