Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Week's Progress

I did more stitching this week and got quite a bit of progress. I do hope to finish this piece Monday or Tuesday. We'll see since the weekend will be fairly busy so I won't stitch on it much. I've been stitching on it about 4 hours a day.
I couldn't find my camera this morning but the scan got it all. (I just hope I find my camera. I really need it. I might be going to the zoo Monday or Tuesday with my nieces and their babies. Got to get pictures of Johnny and Addie! Also when we go to the campground in early July my niece will be here from OR. It's going to bug me until I find my camera. Hope I didn't throw it away by accident! I'd also like to get a picture of my cat in his favorite spot on the arm of my stitching chair. Lately he has been wanting to be close to me and follows me no matter where I go. (Unless he is sleeping under or on the bed). He will be 17 in October so guess it's a sign he's getting older and needs to be reassured he's okay and still loved.
We've had a very warm few days for us. It was 90's one day! Now mid 80's still very warm for us. It's suppose to drop to 70's Mon. & Tues. of next week. Perfect weather for going to the zoo!
Well, until next time. Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another week's progress

I still am not stitching much more then 2 hours a day because of my hand but it is making progress. I really like this piece. I also started a cat piece for Love Quilts which I will show progress on that in a few days when I'm further on it.

This week has been a very busy week with something going every day. Tomorrow I have someplace to go but I need to stay home and get some housework done this piace looks like a pig's pen right now!

We had a wicked storm last night and another one is due to come in later this afternoon, hopefully after dad and the men are done with their golf game, it is getting a little cloudy out there. I love storms at night!

The news on my hand is fair right now. I'm going to be more aggressive about taking IB Pufrin 800 mg's 3 times a day and put it on ice from time to time. If that doesn't get the swelling down then I will get an EMG on it sometime after July 13. I requested to wait until then as July 5-9 are busy, my niece will be here from CO.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some progress on Sailor's Weather

Because of major problems with my hand this week I have stitched very little. Nor have I posted or replied much. I am hoping this hand brace will do much better than the first one. (The first one was starting to cut off my circulation so my mom gave me one she had.) Then my hand swelled up so I had to stop stitching and stop typing on the computer. Typing is mininimal now and stitching well.....very little and none the last 3 days. Hopefully later today I will get some stitching in.
Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 05, 2009

A new start

Actually i started this about a week ago and laid it down to do the Baseball piece.
This piece is another one that caught my eye. I love lake scenes anyway. And yes the lake and boat will come in later. This piece is by Prairie Schooler. I haven't done one of their pieces in a long time. I am enjoying it so far.

I got my stimulus check in early May so I ordered some CS books with some of the money anyway, so yea I fell off the wagon again! I do so well, and then bang. Only this time not all the books were for Love Quilts or to do for friends. There was one I wanted for myself, and another one I planned for Love quilts but most of the planes are too big in it. Oh well....

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Baseball Logo Finished

I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog time. I really apprecaite ir. Also thank you for the comments you leave. They are of great encouragement to me. Especially now with my hand hurting so much for tendernitis.

I finished this piece earlier this morning. This piece is a special project we did for a young boy at Love Quilts who is a Baseball fan. The quilt will have the logos of different teams on it.

Later this morning I'll go work in our food pantry. I don't know if anyone is coming or not usually the first two weeks of month maybe 1 or 2 people will come but most come the end of month. It is going well.

Also I've been working on the welcome center of our church. At first I was heading it up and got all the people. Then we found out a couple of the people I recruited had worked at it at their former church and really knew what they were doing so I asked for them to be in charge and I work with them. I didn't know from adam what to do or how to run it and would have relied heavily on our Pastor.

Because of my hand hurting I eill be keeping my blogs short for a while. The brace helps but typing one handed is difficult so I usually resort to using the other hand but it hurts it. Right now I have a problem as the bar hits the bump on wrist and rubs it making it worse but IB Pultrin helps a lot I'm living on them!

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Progress on K C Royals

This is my progress on the Baseball league piece. It's going good and I am enjoying it. Hopefully it will be done on Wed.

Not much is happeneing right now so this will be real short! Until next time Happy Stitching.