Saturday, January 30, 2021

Baby Pandas Finished

Good afternoon! I spent a few days just stitching on these to get them finished. I was so ready to finish them. I enjoyed them but they kept me on my toes that's for sure. Tomorrow I will give them and the Cheetah's to Mya's and Kylie's mother and she'll have her mother make them into pillows for the girls. Now I'm stitching on an American Flag for a boy at Love Quilts who chose Red White and Blue for his theme. It is going much quicker then I thought it would. Not looking forward to the French Knots though. I'm just going to do thirteen for the original colonies. Fifty just wouldn't look too neat.

Update on Mya she is doing great. She is getting stronger with each day and walking well for having a hip brace and knee brace.
Unfortunately the news isn't so good on my friend Jann. Who is my sister's best friend, we've known her and her husband since elementary. They were missionaries to Mexico, planned on retiring this year but just before Thanksgiving had to return to the States as Jann had a brain tumor that needed immediate attention. Had surgery a week after their return and found out she had terminal brain cancer. So their plans to return to Mexico got called off. They had hoped to return in March to say goodby to their friends and close off on their home in Mexico. Paul may do that by himself after Jann dies. She had gone under radiation and chemo treatments but none worked and this past week she deteriated so much the family decided to grant her wishes and just let her go. Sad and hard time for them but they know she's going to heaven and they will see her again. She'll hear theh "Well done thy good and faithful servant."

My sister has been coming back to town quite a bit for various reason. It's so nice to have her only an hour away instead of 3 hours away. We get to see her a lot more.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Baby Pandas and Update on Mya

Good Morning! And Happy New Year! 2020 is now in the past and 2021 will be a whole new year and hopefully a better year.

I have these baby pandas well underway. They are slow going, but I'm plugging along. They will go to Mya's younger sister, Kylie, who loves Pandas. The Cheetahs are for Mya. This piece isn't as much fun as the Cheetahs were but once I get both faces in it'll go better. For some reason I have a hard time with faces.

Does anyone know a good host site for pictures. Picturetrail is closing. I tried Flickr and Funkyimg and they won't accept my e mail address for some reason. But I can upload to show them on 123stitch board but they won't store them. I'd like to store them. For now the pictures are being transferred over to my facebook account but doesn't have the opportunity to share on 123 message board on Fridays.

Update on Mya is great! She had her surgery last Wed. They got all the cancer out of her leg. The removed her upper tibia bone and femur bone, plus did a hip and knee replacement. A lot for an 11 year old active child. She had to spend a couple of nights in Pediatric ICU because of unstable heart rate, and blood pressure but is now back on her normal floor. (Her home away from home). She has a hip brace and a knee brace so mobility is limited. Of course she does have pain. She is sitting up in a chair twice a day, and yesterday took her first steps with a walker. Each day she is getting stronger and feeling better. Next step of course is Physical Therapy which she is getting. Once she recovers completely they will do her first lung surgery, to get cancer out of her lungs. The second one will come later. Please continue to pray for her. She still has a long road ahead, and the roller coaster ride will continue for her and her family. Thank you.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!