Friday, March 28, 2008

Love Isn't Love Till You Give It Away

This is progress after 40 hours of stitching. It will go to Love Quilts Any Child Farm Quilt. I am enjoying this piece. Typical of Stoney Creek it is detailed and has a lot of backstitching but that doesn't bother me. It's from a very old Stoney Creek Book called "Love Spoken Here."

Dare I hope today will be our last day of 30's. Plus the sun will be out! Next few days will be 40's and a couple even 50's unless they change them as they are middle and end of the 7 day forecast.

An update on Ruth here. Her journey on earth is over. On Wed. March, 26, at 10:50 a.m.Ruth went to be with the Lord. Most of her family was with her, They had spent Tuesday night with her holding her hand, telling her they loved her, reading from the Bible and singing songs to her. She died with them singing her favorite hymn to her "How Great Thou Art." Beautiful homegoing for Ruth but so hard for her family.

Boy I hope our church looks better on Tuesday. I was there yesterday to work in the food pantry and it was a mess... Our windows desparately needed replaced and we also are getting air conditioning in our auditorium. The windows were so old that some would not shut all the way so it snowed inside. Plus we lost a lot of heat through those windows. So the windows are out with boards covering them and the basement is all full of the electrical supplies. I'm sure the workers are being asked not to be around on Tuesday. This funeral is going to be a big one. I guess it's at our church because she grew up there and her parents probably really wanted it. Ruth and John went to another really large church that they both worked at. Ruth as a teacher at the school and I'm not sure what John did. Plus people from their supporting churches will come and from their Mission Headquarters. Ruth and John were missionaries to Spain. She will be missed as she impacted a lot of lives.

Sunday we are having a Baby Shower for my niece, Heather. Her baby is due the end of April on our mom's birthday. So I say the baby has to be born either on mom's birthday or May 1. May 1 isn't too far from her due date. I said May as no one in our family has a birthday in May so we can have one.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ruth's Quilt

Here are a couple of pictures one is of backside of the quilt and the other is top side. The quilter at the point of the pictures had not put the waves in and it wasn't sewn together yet. But you have the idea what it looked like. It was beautiful and Ruth and John really liked it. The squares were done by different members of Cross Stitching for Charity. Barb (Barb's Stitches in my blog roll)and a friend of hers did the quilting and sewed the quilt together. It was beautiful. The waves hitting the Lighthouses aren't there but on the finished quilt really added to it. Everything blended together so well. And they got it done very quickly as we just didn't have a whole lot of time to get the quilt to Ruth as we don't know how much longer she'll live.

How was everyon'e Easter? Mine was nice and noisy. With all the kids around but it was fun. Of course my brother's dog thought he was King of the day as the kids chased him around outside and he loved it. He liked seeing everyone. This dog was rescued from a very abusive home. When my brother and sister-in-law first got him he just shook whenever he saw people and he was nothing but skin and bones. Now he greets people and has filled up. His days of being abused are long behind him.

I'm working on a farm square for Love Quilts Farm Quilt for any child. It's from an old Stoney Creek Book called Love Spoken Here. The piece is a horse in a barn being fed apples from a child and a couple of roosters eating seeds. Now the horse is done it should go quicker. It took forever to get the horse done. I'll post a picture in the next day or two.

Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Patriotic Finish

I just finished this a few moments ago. It really was a quick stitch. I started it yesterday afternoon and finished it today. It only took about 6 hours to stitch.

It's been a very busy week around here with something going every day. In fact I was gone a little bit this morning and will leave again in about 20 minutes. I'm going with Ruth's mother to deliver her quilt. I better remember my camera so I can take pictures. It was done by ladies at Cross Stitchers for Charity. Which is where this Patriotic square will go. They wanted squares fit for a teenage girl so I thought this ws cute. The piece I wanted to do I started months ago and can't find it. Oh well....

We had a snow storm last night. We didn't get hit as hard as most areas but harder than what we were expecting. Here our snow was almost all gone. Thbis will melt over the next few days.

Anyone have plans for Eastser? I'm going to my brother's house. My parents are going out to eat and another brother will be with his girlfriend so Kevin and Beth asked me to their place. There will be lots of other people there but I get along with Beth's family really good so it'll be fine. I'll get to see Johnny.

We had two birthdays this past week, Melissa turned 27 and Ashton turned 5. Big birthday for the little guy and he was more interested in his new helicopter my brother got him than cake and ice cream. We made the mistake of giving him his presents first.

My brother is moving into an apartment in the same complex I'm in. I'll be able to bug him a lot. And in return I'll be walking his dog.

Well have a Happy Easter everyone and until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Precious Moments Finish

I finished this about an hour ago. It will go to Carly V. at Love Quilt. I love the color blue so chose this piece. Plus little girls do like Princesses. Carly chose Precious Moments as theme of her quilt.

Tomorrow our SS class is having a chilli cook off. The hostess is making the chilli but asked the rest of us to bring corn bread. Correction I have to make my 7 layer bars so I need to get them made later this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. We had a game day not to long ago and I had the nerve not to bring them so I have to bring them tomorrow. Glad everyone likes them. I'm not a big fan of them, they are too rich for me.

Remember my Lighthouse square I did a few months ago. That is being quilted up now. At one of my groupls I'm in they asked if anyone wanted a certain quilt. I said yes, I had a friend coming to the end of her cancer battle. She isn't getting that quilt but the ladies wanted her to have one of our own quilts. Three were coming to a close. Because Ruth grew up on shores of Lake Michigan I thought she'd like the Lighthouse quilt best. I knew Ruth from time she was born, her older brothers and sister were same age as my sister, brother, and I. She was same age as my youngest brother. Ruth and John were missionaries to Spain. They had to come home a couple of years ago as Ruth got diagnosed with cancer. She did go into remission and was able to return to Spain for about a year. Then last summer the cancer came back so they came back home, hoping to return to Spain in Dec. Unfortunately they have tried 3 different treatments and nothing worked. A couple of weeks ago they were going to start a fourth treatment but her lungs filled with fluid. Her cancer had spread to rib cage and liver. So there really isn't much hope for her which is heartbreaking. Her father has Parkinson's and her mother has been taking care of him. All of this is hard for her but she says everyone praying for her is holding her up she feels the prayers. The family has meant a lot to the people in our church for years. They would do anything for anyone and if a visitor came, they welcomed them into their home.
One of the group memembers (Cross Stitchers for Charity) and a friend of hers are finishing the quilt this week and will mail it to Ruth's parents hopefully Monday. The group wants her to have it by Easter. It was going to be mailed to me but Ruth isn't doing well, I felt it best just to have it go to her parents and have her mom deliver it. If Ruth is up to seeing me, I'll go with her. She's in a lot of pain right now. When the quilt is done, I'll post a picture of it here. I've seen a picture of the top of it and it's beautiful.
Now this PM piece is done I'm just going to do a small Patriotic piece, then possibly start another Endangered Younguns piece, or one of the other ones. Yesterday I went to the Dr. because of neck and head pain. The Dr. felt it was more from stitching too much and said to take a break. I informed him I had too many squares due to be able to take a break. So he said just move around every half hour then and stay on the motrin in you have to. He was more concearned about Hypertension on me as my blood pressure goes up and down and has been up, so he gave me a prescription for that. I don't know why I really have no tension that I can't deal with. Oh well...
Guess what our weather is getting better although they say we aren't done with the snow, most of it is melting. It's been 40's most of this week 50 today. Tomorrow will be upper 30's but we can deal with it. Spring is coming!

Well until next time Happy Stitching!
Well until next time Happy Stitching

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Precious Moments Start

This is progress after 28 hours of stitching. I am doing this for a little girl at Love Quilts who has Precious Moments as theme of her quilt.

My sister was in town this past week. We did some shopping. Plus she chose a baby piece for me to do for her daughter Heather. The baby is due end of next month! In fact it's due on our mom's birthday. So I said either the baby can be born April 26 (due date) or May 1 as no one in our family has a birthday in May. I don't want her to go to far over as she has a really bad back. So guess what my next piece will be. I don't think I'm going to get the Owl done. I just have a head start for the next child that wants Realistic Birds. Besides the boy the owl was going to go to really wanted Eagles and Hawks and that is what came in for him so the Owl would be out of place.

I think spring might be coming. It's cold today in the 20's but sun is out so not bad. Tomorrow and Monday is 30's then a few days next week 40's before going back to 39. But we'll take it. We missed 2 big snow storms as we were just a little too far north for them. We felt bad for those who got it but didn't shed any tears that we didn't get it.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Lion is Finished

This is finish #11. I worked hard on it to get it done today. I'll put it in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

I can't believe the sun is out today and tomorrow is suppose to be 40's. Then back to 30's. Some snow in forecast but we'll deal with it.

Tonight we have our last night of Common Grounds until June. Because we are going to have a Blended/Temporary Service on Sundays starting March 30 we won't have Common Grounds every month. (We're going to have 2 services on Sunday mornings, 1 Blended Traditional and other Blended Temporary). I need to go back over my Missionary Story for tonight. I wrote out the script for the Bible Story tonight is a shorter one then usual but the Missionary Story is longer.

Next week my sister is coming back to town but it'll be her last time for awhile. Her daughter's baby is due end of April so she's saving her personal days for after the baby is born. This will be her first grand child so she's anxious.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!