Friday, June 27, 2014

Finished Walk into the Sunshine

Hello again!
Boy I'm blogging a lot this month. Anyway I finished this piece today. The backstitching drove me nuts and I did it as I went along. But it made the piece so worth it. Now I have started Great Blue Heron for a Seaside quilt.

I have a complaint. This one phone number calls me 3 or 4 times a day saying this is last chance to lower my credit card interest rate. I finally started answering the phone to tell them to take me off the list. The first time they said no problem we'll do. But they called back two days later several times that day, so I told them again take me off your list. They hung up on me before I got the words out, and they have done that 3 days in a row now. I've had it with them. Oh I called the number back to see what would happen and I get "you have reached a nonworking number" but these people just called me from that phone! Monday I think I'm calling my bank. What can I do? I want off their list, I'm sick of their calls I've tried everything to get them to stop!
Well I'm of my soap box.

Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

See what I Won!

Good Afternoon!
Earlier this week I received an e mail from Debbie at MBT Designs that I won her contest at 123 stitch. She had us guess a number between 1 and 500 I chose 448 and came closest. I was delighted. I could choose any chart or accessory I wanted. That was hard as she has so many nice ones. So I chose this one. I plan to do it for a future girl at Love Quilts. I am so anxious to start it in a couple of months.

Question--How do I get my cat to quit trying to chew on cords to my back up system on the computer? Especially when I print something out. I think that's what gets him interested. He tries to greet the paper as it comes out and the back up system box is right near there....just so tempting. I just moved it to the side of the computer desk instead of in front of it so we'll see.

Well....I'll probaby have a post tomorrow night or Saturday of the finished Walk into the Sunshine. So until then....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backstitching is a Necessary Evil

Good afternoon!
It's a cloudy day here. We've had so much rain lately but we need the rain.

I have come to the conclusion that backstitching is a necessary evil! It's a pain at times but it sure makes the piece look a lot better. Anyway, this piece is moving right along. It should be done Friday morning. I like doing it but oh so much backstitching. Sorry the scan isn't very good. When it's finished I try from a different angle and maybe the whole piece will get on it.

Saturn has discovered paper comes out of the printer! This morning I was trying to scan this piece and was having problems, so decided to print something out. He was right there ready to catch the paper. Then he decided to proceed and rub himself against it and the cords to my backup system, then he tried chewing on them! What is with him and chewing! Do all cats do that. I don't remember Whiskers doing it, but I remember having a problem with Buffy on that, she was so bad at that I had to unplug everything whenever I left the house. That was before I had a computer.

Has anyone seen, "Letters to God"? I saw it with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law the other day. I really liked it and it made me realize what our kids at Love Quilts and their families go through. Made it more real to me.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Walk In the Sunshine start

Hello! I started this piece earlier this week for a young boy at Love Quilts who's parents chose Religious as the theme. I thought this would be appropriate for him, at least I hope. I really am enjoying this piece. Only I think his face looks a little funny.

Yesterday my brother and sister-in-law had our mom and I over for lunch and then we watched the movie "Letters to God". It was really good. It made me think of the kids at Love Quilts and their families go through.

I just got a nice surprise in the mail. I just found out for the next year my rent drops $6.00. I was sure it would go up a lot. It goes by income and medical expenses. Last year I had a lot of expenses and it went up $20. This year I didn't think I had as many but the rent went down. I'm not complaining. Maybe they discovered they raised it too much last year. I'm still waiting for an apartment to open up on the first floor.

I am liking Windows 8 more and more. I really like the new Word Program and am still learning the ins and outs of that. I should buy a book! I also played with Excel a little bit too. Need to buy a book for that too, but hopefully I'll figure everything out in time.

Well there isn't much happening so until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Back to Friends are Flowers....

Good Afternoon!
After finishing the Sterns piece I went back to stitching on Friends are Flowers in the Garden of Life piece to get a little further on that. But I do need to kit up my next quilt piece and start that so probably will do that this afternoon and start it tomorrow. I knew I wouldn't get much stitching in over the weekend and I didn't so didn't start a new piece. My sister was in town and was busy the whole weekend.

I finally got Word 2013 loaded into my computer. My brother tried Saturday and couldn't do it so I had a friend come over. (Next time I get a computer I'm buy Word at that time and having them put it in.) Man what a process. It was not the easy 3 steps someone said it was. It kept rejecting the key they gave me. Finally I asked my friend, Debbie if she'd do it. It took her over an hour and she went to Geek Squad, they couldn't help her so they told her to call Microsoft Word and they finally just took over the computer and did it. It took over an hour! I'm happy with it and I think I will have fun with it.

My brother finally went to Dr. today and found out he had a collapsed lung and that's why he's been so tired. I thought they had to surgically correct that, but right now they don't seem to be doing anything. Maybe once the Dr. reads the x-ray I don't know.

Tomorrow my niece is coming to town with her two little ones and taking my mom and I out to lunch. That will be fun.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorry I posted wrong picture of Stearns

I didn't realize I had scanned the back side. (The scanner is brand new too so I'm getting use to it.

Sterns is Finally Finished!

Happy Dance! I finally finished this piece! And the pattern is now officially retired! However the book is not. I have done other pieces from the book that were much easier.

I am getting use to this computer and Windows 8 and really I like Windows 8 now that I'm getting to know it. I just have to find someone who can help me download Microsoft Office. I am not confidant and nervous about doing it on my own so I want someone with me. Hopefully my brother can otherwise I'll just have the Geek Squad do it.

Because this is going to be a busy weekend I won't start a fresh new piece until Monday so I got out one of my Turtle Trot pieces to work on when I can. It's easy and can be laid down off and on. cat wants me off the computer and ready to jump on my shoulder so until next time. Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Testing really.

My computer crashed and I got a new one. Problem is I had to get Windows 8 and I'm not happy at all. But maybe in time I'll figure it all out. I've figured out the internet and I think I know how to scan, we'll see on that. Now to be able to do documents etc.
I am almost done with this sternes piece finally. Hopefully tomorrow it'll be done.
Then I'll kit up my new piece. I hope I can scan. I think I figured it out. I got a new printer too, since my printer quit working a couple of years ago.

My sister is coming back in to town Friday for the weekend. My mom has an appointment with the Pace Program at Tanglewood and I am hoping to volunteer out there. It really is great for Sr. Citizens and my mom is all excited about it. They will pick her up and bring her home. They have all kinds of activities, therapy, etc. She'll go twice a week. I plan to volunteer one day a week, not on a day my mom is there. It'll be better for her not to have family members there when she's there. Anyway we're all excited for her. It really may give her a new lease on life, she's had a hard time since dad died.

I missed Turtle Trot because of my computer crashing but outside of the finishes I had showed earlier I made no progress on the other projects. I'm mostly trying to make sure I get these quilt squares done. I have 3 more to go.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Start on Sternes

Good Morning. It's so nice out today. Later my sister will be coming in to town. Tomorrow we are going to take our mom out to Tanglewood to look at their PACE program. It's where they pick up the person and bring them out there for a day, for activities, gives the caregiver a break and will get her out with people. She's looking forward to looking at it and possibly joining.

This piece I'm working on is also going to be retired. The bird is awful to do! I finally just did the darker shades first. I'm anxious to get it done and it's over half done. I'm looking forward to doing my next three pieces also all for Love Quilts. The 3rd one is another sea bird but looks much easier. The other two are a boy with a banner enjoying the sunshine, and the other one is Mickey Mouse giving Minnie flowers.

Because of the quilt squares, my Turtle Trot projects have been neglected basically. But I'll get back to them after I do my next project.

Well...until next time...Happy Stitching!