Monday, March 28, 2011

Slowly but surely it is getting there

I don't thik I'll get this done by Apr. 1 like I had hoped but oh well.     It is slowly getting there though

My stitching time and  time on the computer has been limited.   I am having major problems with Vertigo again.   So I am sleeping a lot as I was told that was the best thing I can do.   I have found when I am really light-headed and lay down, when I get back up I am better for a couple of hours.   I am not going to let this go on for months like I did last time.l   If I'm not better by end of week I'm going to at least call the Dr. for an appointment.   I don't like going through the exercises he does but they do help.

Thank you to everyone who has been ready my blogs and leaving comments.   I really appreciate them.   They are really encouraging.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Stitching-Lots more Progress

I've done a whole lot of stitching the past few days and got the big yellow flower in and decided to do the purple flower after all.   I'm just hoping that didn't put me over the 9 inches across.   By my measurements it's barely 9 inches but I can't get it all on the scanner so I don't know. Hopefully it is just barely over 9 inches.
Hopefully this will be done early next week.   I love stitching on it but am anxious to have it done.   Then I want to do a couple of  Easter pieces.

Well....our nice weather has come to a temporary end.   Rest of today and tomorrow are suppose to be nasty with sleet and ice and snow.   It's going to be upper 30's the next several days.  It is still March.  We won't have spring to stay until mid April at least.  If we are lucky early April.

Until next time Happy Stitching.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A week's progress

I didn't get quite as much done on this as I wanted  there are some slow spots to it but I'm still enjoying it.   The  stems do go a little further to the right but I'll catch them next week.   The only thing I don't like about this piece is it is spread out over several pages  but it's working out fine.  

 Today my niece, Melissa is 30.   She was the one who got my very first Cross Stitch piece that I actually finished.   It was a birth sampler and to this day she still has it.   In fact about a year ago she asked her mom to take it out of the frame and make it into a quilt with some pieces her mom  made for her when she was a baby.   It really turned out nice.   

Tomorrow my great nephew, Ashton, turns 8.   We are going rollar skating.   I have not rollar skated in years and the verdict is still out if I will try it again.   I use to love to rollar skate so in a way I want to.  We'll see.    I need to get him a birthday card.

We are enjoying our spring like weather.   It's been 40's, 50's here.   Next week is back to 30's but it is still March.   And 30's aren't that awful.   I just can't wait for mid April and then spring might be here to stay.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Almost twice as far!

I absolutely love this piece.   I think in 5 days I've gotten twice as far on this.   It's coming together really well.  Since there are no half stitchings and no backstitching to speak of it is moving fast.  

The sun is shiniing bright today hopefully will melt more of the snow.  Slowly but surely the snow is melting.
I know spring isn't great for those of us with allergies, but I still love Spring.  Everything is so fresh and new.

So far I think the Food Pantry transition is going fine.   Clif hasn't met with us yet but Tuesday him and I will meet and then he'll meet with all of us.   There were some things I asked him to discuss in the meeting.   Right now we have a well stocked food pantry.   I used some of our grant money for Feeding America and plus put in a food order from Love Inc.   Love Inc always goes above and beyond what we ask for.   We really appreciate them.    I just love how our food pantry is looking.   Everyone has worked so hard on it.  

I am praying for those of you in Japan and those of you who are under the Sunami watch.   I can't even imagine what the people are going through.  

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and making comments.   I really appreciate it.   I've even noticed I'm getting more followers.   So I welcome you and thank you for following my blog.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wildflowers Progress

I love stitching on this piece and it is going fairly well.   I can't wait to get even further along and get some of the pink flowers in.    I am having to cut the size down to meet the Love Quilts 9x9 guidelines so cutting off points are sort of hard to determine.   It is such a pretty piece though I absolutely love stitching it.

     Today is a nice sunshiny day.  The snow is once again starting to melt.  This is the time of the year where we have nice days then nasty days.   But on other hand we really don't want the snow to melt too quickly or we will have a flooding problem and beleive me this year a lot of snow means flooding.  Fortunately this part of the country doesn't have a big flooding problem.  It just seems nice after a long winter, to see little signs of spring start to come in.

     I'm sorry but I have to tell this story about my 4 year old great nephew, Johnny.   I'm an animal lover but I laughed so hard when I read it on his father's face book page.   It was a conversation they had at their kitchen table yesterday afternoon.   Johnny:  Daddy, when I get big  may I have a gun to shoot some birds?"
John:  What kind of bird, chicken?, turkey?"   Johnny:   "No that goose on the lake (they live on a lake).  John  "But what if she has babies.   You don't want to leave the babies without a mommy do you? "   Johnny:  "Okay....I'll just shoot one of her babies then!"   That little stinker!   Out of the mouth of babes!

Well on that note....Until next time......Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A New Start

I am really thinking spring.   And I enjoy doing this piece.   It will be so pretty when done.  It is Wildflowers by Larnette.   It will be smaller than the actual piece to meet the Love Quilts requirements.   But this is how much I have done in just 10 hours of stitching.   Yes I am going to love doing this piece/

I know I said I'd post the winners of my drawing Monday night or Tuesday morning.   Sorry it's Tuesday night.   I did get hold of the two winners last night and sent the patterns out today.   Congratulations to Dawn (Golden Angel Works) who won the Laughter of Angels and  Kim (Ride the range) who won the Cat Nap piece.   I hope you two enjoy stitching them.  

I am so happy!  I passed the Safe Serve Course I had to take for the Food Pantry.   Because my dad's computer is slow it took two hours to get through it all..   And only about 15 minutes of it pertained to us as we do not serve prepared meals nor do we have a refrigerator.   We just give out non perishables.   But since it was required I grudgingly took it and sat through the two hours.   That means I am now Certified and we can stay on with Feeding America.   We are still waiting to hear if we get any money fromn a  Dance-A-Thon that was held last week-end.  

Today my great niece, Katelyn turned 1.   They had a party for her on Saturday but because I was still sick from  a cold I didn't go.   I did see the pictures on facebook and it looks like she had fun.  

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!