Friday, April 30, 2010

The Giraffes are Finished! Happy Dancing

I finished them about a half hour ago. Did anyone hear the screaming and shouting! This pattern has been retired! It looked like it was going to be so easy and it was deceiving! Their cuteness lured me in!
Oh no! I just thought of something. I concentrated so hard on finishing these today I forgot to mail Addie her birthday card! She will be 2 tomorrow! I'll call her and tell her her card is coming and she has to make her mommy cash the check and take her to the store! She should get it Monday since they aren't that far from here. Also baby Katelyn will be 2 months tomorrow. Boy time goes fast when you grow old!
Tomorrow I'll start a bookmark in the morning then in the afternoon I'm going to a Pantry Chef party. It should be interesting. I've been to a couple of them a few years ago.
Our weather is so nice and warm! It feels wonderful.
Well---until next time Happy Stitching! I'm going to have a can of Pepsi to celebrate this finish of this piece!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Largest Giraffe is done!

I am so happy to have this giraffe finished. I also got the leaves in the middle in today. Real pleased with today's progress! Now I just have to finish the smaller giraffe. I hope to have this finished Firday, or Sat. morning for sure.
I am sorry this picture is a little dark. I have two scanners, the one I prefer to use for some reason isn't cooperating with me so had to use the other one. I need to figure out why the first one refuses to scan the pictures the way it should, it is getting older maybe that's why .
Not much has happened since last Friday so until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress on Giraffes

Thank you for all your comments to my blog and reading it. I love hearing from people. I am finding more and more blogs out there to read and enjoy. My blogroll is growing!
The larger giraffe is almost done. I am getting anxious to get this piece done but probably won't be for another 10 days. I won't have much stitching time over the weekend, if I do I will be working on the bookmarks again, only doing a couple of them this time.
This morning my sister brought her granddaughter in to see us, and another niece, Melissa, brought her two children. Johnny and Addie get along so well and just love playing together so we thought since Addie was coming in we'd ask Melissa to bring her two. Kate is only a month old so she just mostly slept but was so cute when she was awake. It was a noisy but fun morning. By the time everyone left, mom, Johnny, and Addie were all ready for naps. I'm hoping we can have a day this summer when Heather is off and take the kids to the park. They'd like that.
Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the Giraffes

I've only stitched on them about 14 hours the past two weeks but have made some progress on them. They are a little monotonous but enjoyable at the same time. I am anxious to get them done.
It is so nice out. Great walking weather. I just called my brother to see if I could walk their dog. He has to come get me. They are down to one car and Wendy has the car right now so we'll see.
Thank you for your comments to my bloggs, they mean a lot to me.
Tuesday the ladies put the Care Baskets together. I don't know if the book marks go sewn in time to get into the baskets. I had to go to a dinner for Love Inc. that night. We heard a really good quartet called Reaching out. It really was a nice evening. The food was good of course.
My niece, Amanda had her first child on Monday. They named him Scott Lucas. He lives in AL so once again, we won't see much of him. That brings total to 12 great nieces and nephews.
Kids club is winding down for the season. Only one more Wed. night and the carvival will be Sat. Apr. 24. I can't go to the carnival as other plans had been made. I was sort of disappointed this year. For one thing we went to new material and I wasn't impressed and the attendance dropped so severaly this year. Last Wed. we had 12 kids, and that was it. 13 adults. Now what's wrong with that picture. My big grip is the story time was a half hour way too long for the 4 th and 5th graders let alone the 4 year olds through 2 nd grade. Someone flunked Christian Ed 101 and it wasn't Tina and Tifany it was whoever wrote the material. Come to find out the use the very same material for adults, there's the problem. So hopefully next year different material will be used or this material will be modified. No wonder the kids dropped out. At one time we had close to 100 kids in Adventure Club. Sad... The church itself is growing so it's not we're shrinking.
Well...I've rambled enough. Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Third Bookmark done

I didn't get 5 done this week like I wanted. I didn't realize they would take so much time, especially this one. I talked to our Pastor's wife as she is in charge of the project and she said someone else was making bookmarks too so 2 or 3 a month would be fine. I had not planned on doing them every month I had planned on other things too but I'll talk to Char about that later. But if bookmarks is what she wants every month I will need to get more patterns won't I? Too bad for me, LOL! Any excuse to buy more patterns. I wish I could go Tuesday night to our first meeting but I'm going to a dinner with Love Inc. instead. They are having a dinner for the volunteers and those who run their food pantries. I committed myself to that without thinking. Oh well....they do have good food and the program isn't that long.

Now that I have these 3 bookmarks done it's back to the giraffes. I'll get them finished off then work on the bookmarks again. Until next time...Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Second Bookmark done

This one was cute and fun to do. Once again someone else will make it into a bookmark. I had hoped to have 3 or 4 done by tomorrow. Not going to make it. Now I just hope I can get all 5 done by Sunday. I don't know.....

I am curious....Is anyone doing the 50 challenge? Or has that gone by the wayside? Did anyone actually make the 50 challenge? I'm hoping to this time....I've attempted several times but this time I hope to do it. Even if it means doing several small ones like bookmarks to get there.

Until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, April 05, 2010

First Bookmark done will be made into a bookmark, not by me but someone else. Our church is just starting a Women's Ministry, where we will do Care Baskets for those sick or shutin. I saw last Sunday they were looking for Bookmarks so I told our Pastor's wife I would do 5 of them. So the giraffes are laid aside for this week to get these done. I am hoping to have most of them done by Thurs. to give Charlene more time to find someone to make them into bookmarks. I do not sew! I flunked Home Ec in high school because I couldn't sew. And I haven't touched a machine since then.
Happy Belated Easter! I hope you all had a good one. We had a really nice Easter Service at church. A little sadness as a lady everyone liked who helped anyone she could, was in church last Sunday, died suddenly on Monday so her lost was very much felt and mentioned a lot through out the service. Her husband and all 5 of her children were in church and her grandchildren. She'd been delighted to of seen them all there. The music was wonderful. The choir sang and our Christian Ed Pastor sang a wonderful song tracing Christ life from birth to the cross to His Ressurrection. It was great.
After church I came home made my 7 layer bars for our family get together at my brother Kevin's. It was so good to see the kids again. Johnny got an Easter egg hunt. Katelyn smiled a lot. She's only a month old now. So all in all it was a great day.
Well....Dancing with the Stars is on so I want to watch it. You'll be hearing from me a lot this week anyway. Until next time Happy Stitching!