Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finally a finish!

Good afternoon! Finally things have settled down here anyway. I am all moved in. My sister came for a couple of days and we got the furniture in place, everything put away and even the pictures were hung. Before she came she said "Do you think we can accomplish anything because if we won't then I can't come." I told we'd get things accomplished and we did much more then I thought we would. Saturn has adjusted very well and seems to like it here. I do too, no steps to climb. The people seem to be friendly. Also I don't feel so crowded here. Even though the apt. is said to be smaller it sure doesn't seem like it. Maybe it's the way I laid out the furniture I don't know.

Now to worry about my brother. He's still in the hospital out of town. He's suppose to come home today or tomorrow but earlier they said he'd be home Mon. or Tues. and he wasn't and we haven't heard anything as of today. I may just be going to his apt. and bringing his cat here after all. Especially since the one friend who said she'd take her until the 27th leaves for CA that day, and the other got her daughter's cat as it wasn't adjusting to her daughter's dog. And it seems to be doing well with her, so unless I find a 3rd person she's coming here and I feel at peace about that.

Now on to stitching. Needless to say I stitched next to nothing the last couple of weeks so this ornament took a while but I finished it today. It's the first of several ornaments I will be doing. One of my nieces suggested to me on facebook I do some ornaments for the great nieces and nephews. Another one said we could have a craft weekend at her house this summer or early fall and make the pieces into ornaments etc. So that is the plan.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

I have moved

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. Things just got crazy. Plus I found out my new apartment was ready for me so last week was spent packing etc. Very little cross stitching has been done.

My brother is in the hospital for a week to a month. We left his cat at the apt. thinking that would be best for her but she's not eating! So tomorrow a friend and I are going to take her to her house until my brother gets home. I know it's preferred the cat stay at home, but to get there every day since I don't drive is impossible. I went there Thurs. and another brother went there Friday and Sat. today she'll be left along, but tomorrow morning my friend and I will go get her. She is a very social cat. And since Aug. she was taken to Friends to felines, then my brother adopted her, my mom and nephew lived with my brother, my mom died, my nephew moved out and now my brother isn't there, she needs reassurance that she is okay. I feel it's best for Jody to take her, and hopefully my brother will be home before Jody goes to CA. Another friend will take her then if not. I'm almost thinking it would have been best just to let Marilyn take her now but I had already told Jody she could take her. I hope I'm not making a mistake.

Saturn seems to have adjusted to this move pretty well. He's checking everything out. Fortunately he is a calm cat. I really think I'll like it here once I get settled. But man was I a mess yesterday. And so disorganized. Tomorrow I'll go back and clean up and then be done with the apt. It's just a block away, same complex. Just on main level. Which I needed. I hope to find my stitching and get back to it this week.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 01, 2014

Remember this one?

I didn't do a very good job of scanning it. I dug this piece out this morning to get going on it and hopefully finish it up. It's Red Bird. I started it last December and didn't get it finished. The tree is a challenge to do but other then that I like the piece. The red bird will come in hopefully at the end of the week.

I've started packing everything up, I still need to get a date that I can actually move on. I actually started packing last spring or early summer, hoping to move by now. So now I'm getting serious about packing again. My cat isn't sure what to think he keeps meowing at the boxes. Like he doesn't like them. Most cats like to play in boxes, not Saturn. Like him, I'll be glad when it's all done and I'm over to the new apartment. Also my brother needs to move by end of Dec. Hopefully tomorrow he'll hear he got the apartment. His cat has claimed all his boxes for herself, she loves to play in and out of them.

Well, until next time....Happy Stitching!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

MMMM Update #5 and last update

Good afternoon! Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving Weekend. I did. We went to my nieces in Rockford for Thanksgiving. I don't think my brother is going to let me ride with him again unless I'm in backseat and stitching! But that UPS or whatever you call those things, had him go on all the back roads, instead of the most direct route. Though 40 miles you only take 3 roads and 39 of the miles are two roads the 3rd road is only about 2 blocks! But no it had us go down this back road, that backroad, drove me nuts, and then took us through Greenville. It was ridiculous the way it had us go. Anyway we made it. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, Addie and Nolan took over the show. My brother and brother in law both had to leave, but my sister and I spent the night at Heather's. Then Friday Heather, Kay, Addie and I went shopping. It really wasn't too bad. We had a lot of fun. Even had a CS place, very small as they sold other crafts too. I wasn't that impressed with the selection but they had their books and leaflets a $1.00 a piece. I found three books to do. A gymnastic piece for Addie, a space ship for Nolan and a religious one to do for a friend

I didn't do too well on the mini month challenge. I only got 2 small pieces done and a 3rd one about 2/3 done which will finish after the first of year, I have started another small one which should be done in a couple of days.

I will be moving in Dec. I found out for sure. I'm transferring from here to an apartment on the ground level. I'm finding the steps are getting harder and harder to manage. And I think my Neurapathy and Arthritis are progressing so I needed to move. Also we are hoping and praying my brother gets his apt by Dec. 31, as he has to be out of the one he's in by then. He had a 3 bedroom apartment he shared with our mom and his son. Well, mom since died, and Andrew moved to Holland so he needs to get a 1 bedroom apartment he can afford.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching

Monday, November 24, 2014

MMMM challenge Progress Report #4

Good afternoon! This is my update on Magnolia Blossom, it's getting close to the finish line. I hope to finish it Wed. Then I'll do a couple of other small finishes from the same book I'm wishing I would have done this on different color material it would show better.

I just got back from my brothers. We had a turkey dinner. Yesterday after church a lady came up to me and said she had a package for Tim and I. So she delievered it yesterday. It was a turkey dinner with all the trimmings from Bob Evans. They donate a certain amount of dinners to our church and they decide who to give them to, this year Tim and I were among the recipients. I wanted it today while the food was still fresh. Besides Thursday we are going to my niece's house for Thanksgiving unless the weather is too bad.

Well until next time....Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Mini Start for MMMM challenge

Good afternoon! It's a cold, snowy day outside. A good day to just stay inside and stitch. I have Potato-Corn Chowder in the crock pot and later I'll get into some hot chocolate. We bit the bullet yesterday and didn't get hit too bad, but can't say that for today. I still say since winter came so early Spring has to come in Feb and stay until June, then summer. Fall was a short season this year so spring can be a long season. Right?

Anyway I dug out another piece for the MMMM challenge. I'm not sure the pieces I'm picking are pure mini's but as far as I'm concerned they are compared to most pieces I choose to stitch. It's Magnolia Blossom from an old Stoney Creek book a friend gave me. See I'm thinking spring already doing flowers. It seems like it's moving slower then what it actually is. But looking at the fact I've only stitched about 14 hours on it it's moving quicker then I think.

Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mini Finish

Hello again! Three posts in one week is rare for me. There may be a fourth one at the end of the week as I'll show my new start then. (Magnolias by Stoney Creek). I finished Giving Thanks earlier this morning. It took a while as there was about 2 weeks I got very little stitching in. I did enjoy this piece an awful lot of backstitching but back stitching really defines the piece adds a lot of detail.

Well winter is coming. Today we have snow flurries and between tomorrow and Friday we'll get 4 to 9 inches of snow. They say the western portion of the Lakeshore counties will get the most snow. We are on the eastern side of our county.

So with that, I'm already thinking spring and chose my next two mini pieces, but being flowers by Stoney Creek. I have the Magnolia started but want to be further before I show it.

Well.....until next time.....Happy Stitching!