Friday, April 20, 2018

Just a quick post

My brother framed the Cardinal piece and will be sending it to his Grand Daughter with a note telling how her Great Grandma loved Cardinals and a little about her. She only saw our mom once when she was 3 years old and she's 9 now. I hope Chelsea will like it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

One flower down, 1/2 bird down Two leaves down and a lot more to go

Oh and a finish!
I finished this a couple of weeks ago and never posted it. It probably will go to Faithful to Felines to sell. I love these cats but they are tricky. If you don't concentrate you make mistakes, I ended up frogging a whole lot of it but was glad I did. Speaking of the cat shelter, we had 55 cats and kittens adopted out in March! We are thrilled, people are finally finding out we are there.

My new stitching obsession are designs by Crossed Wing Collection I love them. I ordered a couple of them with some other patterns last month or was it Feb. as I ordered the one I finished a couple weeks ago at the same time. I was bad one night and ordered 8 patterns then a 9th one a few days later and I don't regret it.

Slowly but surely I am getting my books and patterns in order according to subject. I had them that way but over time messed them up. I must have over 1,000 books plus the patterns!

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was very quiet. I just had my brother come over and he wasn't feeling well so left soon afterwards. We had a real exciting meal....Lee's Chicken! With the headaches I've been having I didn't feel up to cooking. Last Wed.-Sun. were horrible. Finally feeling like I'm on planet earth at least. But I've had it with these headaches.

Tomorrow my sister and brother-in-law are coming in with their two grandchildren for a few hours anyway. It's Spring Break and both Kay and Ken have just retired so they thought they would go to their daughter's a couple of nights. Heather and Bryan are putting a couple of bedrooms in their basement so Kay and Ken can stay there when in town, and any other member of Heather's family that comes in from out of town or state. Kay and Ken had planned on moving to this side of state but Ken was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and for now has to stay on that side of state. Maybe in a couple years they can move over here if things go well.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching! I'm going to go catch up on blogs. I've not only been bad about blogging but bad about coming here and reading posts.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Mickey Mouse Finished

Good Morning. I love this weather we are having. Not quite spring but at least no snow! I'm not naive enough to think we won't get any more snow for rest of season, we're not in clear until mid April or a little later.

I finished Mickey Mouse piece and have given it to a friend who likes Disney things. Now I'm doing another easy piece by Brittercup Designs called Lucky Cat. That too is very easy

In Feb we adopted out 43 cats which has to be a record for us. Last year was a really good year from us as far as cat adoptions and this year so far is even better. Petco is having an adoption event this year and gives so much money per a cat adopted as long as we do 5 adoptions so Barb (not me another Barb) took a bunch of kittens out there plus some cats. We should get at least 5 adopted out over the weekend. Although another organization was taking about 60 kittens out there so we'll see. Right now we don't have 60 kittens and not all the kittens are ready to be adopted. But kitten season is coming right around the corner. Last year we took in over 300 kittens and their mothers, most of the kittens were adopted some of the mothers.
This year they said we would not take in that many, they are going to put a limit this time. May be easier said then done.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching

Monday, February 19, 2018

Cardinal finished

Good morning. It is finally warming up around here but now we are due to get a lot of rain and with all the snow we've had there are fears of flooding. Not so much in my area I don't think but closer to the Lake, River and other lakes. I'll be glad when winter is over it's been a harsh winter.

I finished this Cardinal in memory of my mom last week and have mailed it to my brother who wanted it for his grand daughter to have a link to her great grandma. It'll be a link to him to as the HS we went to had nickname of Cardinals. Now I'm doing a Mickey Mouse piece I've done once or twice before for a friend who likes Disney Designs. I may even do Lady and the Tramp for her too.

About 3 weeks ago my brother-in-law got diagnosed with a terminal illness which shocked his family. Then last week he had a heart attack. Fortunately it was a mild one. For the last 5 years Kay and Ken said they were going to retire. Ken in Feb. 2018 and Kay in March 2018, sell their house, move to this side of state. (Grand Rapids area near their youngest daughter and family. Then travel to see their older daughter in CO and son in Chicago area (in Toronto area for next year in a half). They still plan on retiring both of their companies have their notices. Ken is hoping to work half days to end of this month once he gets clearance from the Dr. And they do plan on moving, in fact when the kids were all there last week they took a lot of their parents furniture to Good Will. We're hoping their house sells fast. As far as traveling well....we'll have to see on that. My sister is just mentally exhausted by the events of the last 3 weeks and she isn't too willing to talk about any of it at this point.

I also have some pictures of "My babies" from room 6, at the Cat Shelter. Room 6 is known as the "Shy room" and the "Cat Maffia" as these cats are so bonded and quite a few have been there 4 or 5 years because of their shyness. Anyways my very favorite cat, Cloud, who is the big gray one bumping heads with Neeson, and his best friend , Sunny, (the orange cat ) left the shelter for good. One of our fosters left room 6 and came in the hall and says to me "I just love Cloud I want him for my Valentines Day present so bad." I said take him, if he is one of the few he'll even let pet him, take him, take Sunny too, he'll do much better with Sunny. I talked hard to her and she wasn't sure yet said she'd be talking to our Director about Cloud anyway. I PM'd our Director (who fostered Sunny and Cloud and knew they had to be together to do well.) and asked her to talk Jordan into taking Sunny with Cloud. SUCCESS she took both Sunny and Cloud last Tuesday and said they were not coming back. And both are doing better then expected . It only took a couple of days for them to come out of hiding but they go up on a shelf not making it easy for Jordan to pet them, but they have let her. I will miss them so much especially Cloud who was my "special baby". He let so few people pet him but those he did he gave good head buts too, and even let us kiss him and even cuddled up to us. The picture of Cloud and Dax shows the bond the cats in that room have. Topper, Neeson, Dax and Barnetta along with some newer cats remain in that room and we so hope to get those 4 adopted out 2 by 2 as they would do best. Also Adso was adopted from that room last week, he was the newest cat in the room and wasn't with us long. I knew he wouldn't be he was so friendly and such a nice cat. So I go back to the shelter tonight and will go to room 6, swallow hard as my baby won't be there but happy for him. I do have Jordan on Facebook and she will give me updates on those two. Tonight Cowboy and Reese from room 3 will be leaving together. Cowboy is another my favorites but he deserves a home. He was found in the dumpster outside of the shelter, the people didn't even have the courtesy to bring him in. He was in rough shape but he's fine now and has a great personality. He lost a part of his ear from either abuse or ear mites. Reese is another very shy cat so we're glad she's going with one of her room mates even though it's not her sister. Well enough on the shelter.

Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 02, 2018

Getting my stitching mojo back

Good Morning. I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I started a couple of pieces and they ended up in the garbage. Finally got this piece out and it's going great. I love doing it. An online friend did a lot of pieces by Crossed Wing Collection that I loved. I'm not a bird lover at all but I loved the pieces she was showing so I ordered a couple of their patterns and I love them. This is only after about 8 hours of stitching. It's going quickly and I've had to do very little frogging. I do have to improvise just a tiny bit as I can't find the mistake I made but no one will ever know not even me as it doesn't take away from the final outcome of the piece.

It's been hard to get into stitching until now because of the headaches and neckaches I've been having. I have arthritis in the neck and that's also giving me some good headaches so I've only stitched a little at a time. Plus my eyes are changing I think so I am picking easier patterns for a while. I think in the Spring when the weather is warmer the arthritis pain will go away and so will the headaches. I hope anyway.

We've had our share of snow this winter. We did get the Jan. thaw which was great. Now we are in the deep freeze and lots of snow again. At least there are only 28 days to Feb and then it's March. I know Mar. and Apr. bring good storms but at least there are nice days in between and we know the snow is coming to an end.

Well....until next time......Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Start and a UFO I dug out

Good afternoon! I just got home from visiting my niece's church and seeing their children singing with other children. They did a good job.

Stitching for me has been a struggle this month. I struggled through a Mickey Mouse-Minnie Mouse piece and ended up throwing it away. It was a mess and I was in no mood to frog all that had to be taken out. So I got out this piece I did a few years ago and my sister asked me to do it for her daughter, she'll make it into an apron. I am really happy with this piece and I love working with Gentle Arts Threads, I love seeing the different shades. This piece only took about 3 days to do.

I dug out an old UFO piece I started about 6 or 7 years ago to finish up. It's a Christmas piece that I think is so pretty when done. It's so pretty, I hope to finish it this year. My mom loved Cardinals so I'm thinking of her as I do it.

Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Happy Happy Dance! Live Today is Finished

Good evening! I finally have completed Live Today! There were many times I wondered if it would ever get done and even thought about just putting it away, but I'm glad I stuck to it. It will go out in the mail Sat. to a friend.

I have kitted up a much easier Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse piece for a friend who likes Walt Disney Characters. I'll start it tomorrow.

If the weather is descent and my sister doesn't get mandated to work Sat. morning then she will be coming to town. So guess I better get some housework done. It really doesn't take that much to clean an one bedroom apartment.

Anyone have plans for Thanksgiving? We're going to my nieces house.

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. Until next time Happy Stitching!