Friday, October 12, 2018

Cardinal and Dogwoods Underway

Good afternoon! I know it's been over a month since I've blogged. It's just between the headaches, and my eyes I just haven't stitched the way I use to and I really think this Cardinal looks very sloppy which doesn't help.

It's been a month and a lot has happened during the month. My brother-in-law took a sudden turn for the worse, Sept. 25 and died Sept. 27. (Five years exactly after Dad's funeral as his funeral was Sept. 27, 2013). So it was a sad time for our family, especially my sister and her children and their families. His Memorial Service was this past Monday. Our brother did the service and our nephew-in-law sang Amazing Grace (the modern version). I noticed that our brother was going to talk about Ken being Faithful so I mentioned to Kay I wish I had known as I had a Steve Green tape with the song "Find Us Faithful on it and it would have been perfect. Little did I know our brother, Kenn, mentioned the song at end of service and read the words then played a tape with a group singing the song. Funny how we thought of the same song. Anyway it was good to see everyone in spite of the circumstances. Kay only wanted a small family memorial service for Ken. More showed up then she thought but they were all either related or close to Ken. We had a really nice lunch at their daughter, Heather's house. And their oldest two grandchildren were so cute offering soft drinks to everyone. The next day, Kenn and Denise came into Muskegon and took us out for lunch which was nice. I told them not to wait so long to return to MI. They live in Texas. They said they wouldn't. We'll see.

The fall colors are coming out so the trip to Rockford was pretty. I love the fall colors and this year they will be beautiful. Only problem is I have come down with a cold or is it allergies, this cough is lasting forever. I'm ready to name it. I use to get this every spring and fall, but for so many years I didn't....well, this spring and fall it came back. The frost is coming in this weekend so hopefully that will help get rid of it.

We are continuing to get cats and kittens adopted out. We have been averaging over 1 a day the last few months. Right now a lot of the cats have colds so we are not taking in any more. Plus we are full to the max anyway. On the sad note, the kitten I fostered for a few days in July, I loved. But because he got sick our shelter manager took him home. At that time it was just teething and his gums were infected. That cleared up. But then after that it was one thing after another with him and he went into liver failure so the Vet said enough was enough, they put him down. He was such a sweet cat, we think he may have been born with a problem and no one knew. It could be why he was just dumped off outside our complex to begin with. Anyway he died being loved and had a good short life.

Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Finally a finish!

It took close to two months to finish this but it is finished. Between problems with my eyes and the headaches this small piece took a while. I'm hoping Cardinal and Dogwood goes faster. Looks like it will be easier the print is bigger and not as much back stitching.

August 14 was my birthday. My niece took me out for breakfast and then I spent the day with her and her 4 children. It really was nice. Since my brother totaled his car and won't be getting a new one soon she has taken us grocery shopping a couple of times. Which is nice. Also Tim's son has helped us out.

We've had a lot of hot days this summer and the streak continues. Although it is suppose to cool down Thur and Fri then get hot again. I'll take this over winter though. Why do summers go so fast and winters go so slow?

August was a slower month for the cat shelter which we knew that, but we still adopted out 6 cats and I don't know how many kittens were adopted from Petco or us. I think they said there were 24 adoptions. We were happy as we've had more adoptions so far this year then we had all last year put together. Last weekend I think we broke records for us. I was a "Doubting Thomas" thinking "It's Labor Day Weekend no cats or kittens will get adopted." Boy was I wrong! Five cats adopted from the shelter plus 2 put on hold and at least 10 kittens adopted from Petco. WOW! Of course last week we took in a mom and 4 kittens, then a mom with 8 kittens (which floored us. When the lady down the hall from me told me about them, she thought there were only 4) But when Mel went to pick them up from Marlene's brother's there were 8. Then later in week another mom and 4 kittens came in. It's kitten season! We had some new volunteers come in from another agency who told them they were no longer needed because they had paid staff so they came to us last year. That Shelters lost was our gain, they really got things moving for us knew how to market us, brought in the Shelter Manager and really were able to promote us more then we had been able to in the past.

BSF starts next Wed. I can't wait. This year's study will be Children of the Promise Land (I think is title of it) Part 1, Judges-Song of Solomon I think they said, that's a lot of books. Some may contain more then others will though. Probably next year will be Part 2 Lamentations-Malachi). Since we did New Testament 3 years in a row I imangine we'll do Old Testament 2 years in row anyway.

Well, I'm going to read a few blogs and start my new project. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Mayflower (MA State Flower)

Good afternoon! I thought it was about time I posted on my blog. This is a piece I've been working on for about a month. My kind of piece small but detailed. I think I need to get more ink for my printer though as it says I'm out and I see each scan I do is lighter then the one before.

It's been an eventful month. My brother totaled his car and he was the one that took me everyone. He's not getting another one. His son is taking us some places and a friend of Tim's is taking him other places or he's taking the bus. So far I've been able to get rides when I need them. Like to the Church, Food Pantry and Cat Shelter. Tomorrow Heaven Can Wait and us are having a booth at a craft fair in Fruitport. I'll be working at it noon to 4. They say it's a big fund raiser for us.

Speaking of the Cat Shelter as expected August has proven to be a fairly slow month. People are taking last minute vacations, going camping one last time getting kids ready for school so they don't think about getting cats. Although our kittens are getting adopted. I fostered a kitten for 5 days in July. He showed up at a lady's down the hall and she couldn't keep it asked me for help. So I called our Director and she said we could take him if I fostered him. So I did and I named him Smog. He's a real cute gray kitten. Anyways Smog quit eating on me and I totally went bonkers. Finally someone at the shelter told me to get ahold of Janie (our director). Janie came and got him Sunday and he wouldn't eat for her so she got him in to the Vet on Tues. He was teething, had swollen gums, diarhea and a fever. So they took care of eat, and by the weekend he was eating and very happily playing with the other kittens she was fostering and the cats. She's keeping him until he's ready to be neutered or until we can get him in. It should be fairly soon.

My niece and her husband made a huge announcement. They are adopting a 15 year old from South America. He was one of those that came up illegally and got sent back to the orphanage. He spent a couple nights with them but he stayed with friends of theirs and they did things together. My niece and her husband took in over 60 children . Most were reunited with their families after a week or two, a couple others stayed longer. Right now they are taking a break from it and just enjoying their own 4 children. It's a long process but probably next summer they will be going to South America, living there 4 to 6 weeks then bring the boy home.

I don't know if I mentioned it earlier but my brother in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness earlier this year then had a heart attack a week later. So it's been a roller coaster ride as sometimes it looked good for him to get a new liver (especially since he never smoked, or drank or did drugs), and other times it didn't. This past Monday he was finally strong enough for them to put a stent in his heart and they found a second blockage so put another one in today. After that if all goes well, they will be able to evaluate him in 6 months for a liver transplant. Let's pray it all goes well. He is in end stage of the disease but he can live a while yet. They can now proceed with tests on his liver. It was a circle they couldn't do anything with his heart because of his liver, they couldn't do anything with his liver because of his heart. Finally they said it's now or never, while the disease had progressed, Ken is feeling stronger. So hopefully it will be an uphill climb from here on out.

Well, until next time, Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Our Flag was still there

Good evening. I said I was just doing small pieces for a while and this is another one. I wanted to do something Patriotic and dug this out. I think this is one of the designs that came out right after 9-11 about 9-11.

My niece is home now and seems to be doing well. Monday she gets her hemoglobin checked again just to be sure. She is so creative, she loves to sew and she made herself some colostomy bags to put over the bag itself.

How was everyone's fouth mine was quiet. I had the chance to go to a pool party but it was so hot that day I passed on it. I stayed inside with my air conditioner.

Well.....until next time....Happy stitching!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Remember The Alamo!

Good afternoon! It is so hot out there I'm staying inside with the air conditioning on! We are in middle of a heat wave that goes through next week although at least after Monday it'll be down to the upper 80's. This is Michigan we do not tolerate warm weather like this! I get out earlier to water my plants, they seem to be doing well. Most of them like the sun.

Sorry if this picture shows up twice. I don't think it worked the first time so I did it again. Anyway this is second kit my brother sent me to do for him and his wife or their grand daughter. One for them, one for Chelsea. I loved doing these pieces. They were small but detailed. I've now started another small piece. With the 4th of July next week I am doing a patriotic piece called " Our Flag was still there"

This past week has been a rollar coaster ride but it looks like it's better now. My youngest niece was told her colon had to be removed. She wasn't responding to those expensive infusions she was getting every month, wasn't responding to steroids and it got to point where she couldn't keep anything down and was in constant pain. Wed. the colon was removed, Thursday she was doing great, but then Friday she blacked out and ended up in ICU, she was bleeding internally but didn't know where. This morning at 6 it showed her hemoglobin dropped during the night and they were going to do a cat scan on her stomach to see if they could find where she was bleeding from but at 9 am her hemoglobin was fine so they cancelled the cat scan. She is hoping to go home Monday. Her father-in-law is with the family for a few days to help them, and her mother (my sister-in-law) is flying out there the end of week to be with them for two weeks. Their church has really been helping them out with their 3 and 4 year old boys while Jared works. Christina is very anxious to go home to her babies. Through all she went through the past two years never did she complain or whine. In fact early this morning she posted she has troubles for now but she had a big bat and soon her troubles would have a huge problem. She never lost her faith never asked "Why God" or anything she just knew God would get her through this. She really is an inspiration and encouragement to people and someone to look up to.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Small Finish

Good afternoon. Between the headaches and now an eye infection I've done very little stitching. I finally am getting back into it but may be small pieces for a while. My brother sent me two kits. One to do for him and his wife and the other for their Grand Daughter Chelsea. Chelsea really liked The Alamo when she was down their visiting them This piece is the smaller of the two kits. I like this designer but man her kits are expensive. I do love the needle she has with them. Like other designers doesn't really include enough material to frame the piece. Fortunately I had some material here that's a very close match to hers so I did it on that.

I love the warmer weather and seeing the flowers start to bloom in my small garden. (I live in an apartment so they don't have large gardens.) I can't wait for the hydrangias to bloom they are so pretty.

We had a kitten shower a couple of weeks ago and were really happy with the results. A lot of people came through so the kittens got a lot of food, toys, etc. And 4 kittens were adopted out. Plus we got $100.00 in donations. It was a rainy day that day so we were really afraid no one would come out, maybe just the volunteers but we were pleasantly surprised.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching. I'm off to read some blogs.