Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Mini Start for MMMM challenge

Good afternoon! It's a cold, snowy day outside. A good day to just stay inside and stitch. I have Potato-Corn Chowder in the crock pot and later I'll get into some hot chocolate. We bit the bullet yesterday and didn't get hit too bad, but can't say that for today. I still say since winter came so early Spring has to come in Feb and stay until June, then summer. Fall was a short season this year so spring can be a long season. Right?

Anyway I dug out another piece for the MMMM challenge. I'm not sure the pieces I'm picking are pure mini's but as far as I'm concerned they are compared to most pieces I choose to stitch. It's Magnolia Blossom from an old Stoney Creek book a friend gave me. See I'm thinking spring already doing flowers. It seems like it's moving slower then what it actually is. But looking at the fact I've only stitched about 14 hours on it it's moving quicker then I think.

Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mini Finish

Hello again! Three posts in one week is rare for me. There may be a fourth one at the end of the week as I'll show my new start then. (Magnolias by Stoney Creek). I finished Giving Thanks earlier this morning. It took a while as there was about 2 weeks I got very little stitching in. I did enjoy this piece an awful lot of backstitching but back stitching really defines the piece adds a lot of detail.

Well winter is coming. Today we have snow flurries and between tomorrow and Friday we'll get 4 to 9 inches of snow. They say the western portion of the Lakeshore counties will get the most snow. We are on the eastern side of our county.

So with that, I'm already thinking spring and chose my next two mini pieces, but being flowers by Stoney Creek. I have the Magnolia started but want to be further before I show it.

Well.....until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day and MMMM Challenge

Good Afternoon! And Happy Veterans Day to the Veterans out there. I know our family has several who have served. Thank you to all the Vets who have served to keep us free.

Rather then post tomorrow the MMMM Challenge I thought I would post today since it was a week ago I first posted. It's almost done. Since scanning it this morning I finished the girl pilgrim. So it may be done tomorrow even. Guess I'll have to find another mini design.

I can't decide if it's raining or snowing outside. Snow is in the forecast. The UP really got hit hard. Almost a foot of snow up in Marquette area. That's right on Lake Superior close to Canada. We will get snow but not bad this week. I guess next week we are due to get more. But that's in the 10 day forecast. Never trust the 10 day forecast anything can change. At least I hope it changes.

Well...anyway until tomorrow or Thursday when this piece is finished Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 10, 2014

November Turtle Trot

I didn't get as much done on Turtle Trot as I had hoped to this month. I haven't stitched any more on Count Your Blessings since my last post, so you can see that right below this post. This is progress on Strengthen Me.

I did finish those Bobcat Kittens and that was a big deal.

I have been working on mini pieces this month as I thought it would be a nice break and easier. Only problem is the first mini piece I have chosen is very detailed. I'll show a picture of that later this week.

Yesterday was our annual Harvest Dinner at church. As usual the food was great, and everyone had a nice time. We had Turkey, Ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, squash, and a wide variety of pies to choose from. I actually took Ham over the turkey, but did choose pumpkin pie even though I bought an apple pie for it. I cheated, I bought the pie from the store. There was plenty of food to go around.

Tomorrow night we are going to try to get our Bible Study Group back going after about a month of not meeting. Something always came up. This time we said if only 3 of us can go so be it we'll still have it.

Well, I'm going to finish reading blogs and maybe get a little more stitching in. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

YOTA Update (Year of the Acronymn)

It's Nov. 6 and time to post YOTA progress. I will work on it again for Dec. but next year I will choose a different piece, the piece my brother wants me to start working on again (America by Mystic Stitch) I had planned to work on it a little each month this year but that failed.

Well....things are getting back to normal. My sister came to town Tuesday and left a little while ago. We finished things up at our Mom's apartment for now. Our brother will be there until Dec. 31 so we'll do the final things then. Mostly the furniture and things she had on walls etc. My brother had an appointment this afternoon about an apartment so I'll call him a little later to see how it went.

This Sunday we are having our annual Harvest Dinner at church. Those are always so good. Last Sunday was the first Sunday our new Pastor spoke since we voted him in. Catch is he really won't be here permanently until end of Dec. as they want their children to finish off the semester where they are at. So he'll be in and out until then.

Until next time Happy Stitching

Monday, November 03, 2014


I decided to join the MMMM (Mega Monthly Many Mini SAL) I just started this piece this morning so there isn't much to show on it. It's Give Thanks a freebie by Jean Parish. When finished there will be two pilgrims and an Indian holding hands.

I did work on a couple of other pieces (Count Your Blessings and Strengthen Me) a little since I last blogged but I really have not stitched much.

I think I last posted on Oct. 25. Little did I realize the chain of events that would happen just 2 hours later and the next few days. I talked to my mom on the phone around 11 am and she sounded pretty good my brother and sister-in-law were there and we thought she'd be going home from the hospital in a day or two at most. We told each other we loved each other and I told her I'd be up that afternoon. I went to volunteer at Faithful2felines at noon and planned to go up to hospital after that. About a half hour after arriving there one of the other volunteers came up to me and said "I'll finish your two rooms your brother is here and said there's an emergency." I knew right away. So we got up to the hospital and were joined by Kevin and Beth and mom was unresponsive. My sister was on her way in from other side of state, and our other brother, Kenn was just waiting for further word as he lives in MO and could only take so much time from work. Sunday it seemed like mom was trying to respond but the Dr. said no it was just part of the dying process. Monday came and we could see she was weakening and we had to decide what to do. We wanted her to go to Harbor Hospice where dad was and a nurse did come to evaluate mom. But the Dr. at Hospice didn't want to risk the ambulance ride. Well long story short we all came to an agreement the mask that was keeping mom alive would be changed over to a canula and if she was with us on Tues. then everyone was willing to risk the ambulance ride and she could go to Harbor Hospice. Also my sister spent Sat., and Sun. nights with her and I was going to spend Monday night with her. About 4:30 Kay and Tim went down to get something to eat and Kevin and I started noticing her breathing becoming more shallow. Kevin was just about to call Kay and Tim up when they walked into the room saying they decided not to stay and felt they should come up. We think that was from God. Anyway they made it up to see mom take her last breaths. She joined dad in heaven Oct. 27 at 5:50 pm. So the next few days were hectic, so much more to do than there was with dad. We had her funeral on Sat. A long time family friend and my niece's husband sang the same songs they sang at dad's funeral. And Pastor Shane drove in and Pastor Al and my brother Kenn all spoke just like at dad's funeral. I really wanted the song I can Only Imagine by Mercy Me played so my brother found the tape and as they played the song my brothers, sister, nieces, nephews and two of our great nieces and I walked in carrying a picture of mom and dad each one of us chose and placed it on the steps then they brought her casket it. It was a nice funeral.
We all miss mom but happy she's in heaven with dad and rejoicing and praising God forever. We will see them again.

Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pulling out some Turtle Trot Pieces Disaster on Bobcat Kittens

Good afternoon! I said in my last post I was going to work on some TT pieces after being obsessed with the Bobcats for 2 months! I am happy with the progress I made the last two days on this piece which is also my YOTA piece. I needed to stitch on it in Oct. since the deal is to stitch a little each month and Oct. is coming to an end. I will start working on Strengthen me when I get off the computer here. ((Count Your Blessings is a piece I can only handle a couple of days at a time then have to do something else. Even though I do like the piece and am happy with the progress I am making.

Disaster hit my Bobcat Kittens. I am so upset. I washed and ironed them fine. Saw some creases from the hoop and decided to rewash them. Fatal mistake! I didn't realize there was spaghetti sauce in the sink and didn't even see it. I always clean the sink out. The next morning I went to retrieve the piece and to my horror there was spaghetti sauce marks all over the piece. So I soaked and soaked, and soaked, and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Made another big mistake in desperation decided to try to put it in the washing machine! It only faded the marks, but did little else. Not only that it frayed the piece! I may tomorrow retry the stain remover and take a tooth brush after it. I just can't today. I did let the lady at Love Quilts know what happened and if all else fails I'll mail it to her as is and she will see what she can do it. In over 30 years of stitching I never had that happen to me before! Those Bobcats took 2 months and over 120 hours. There is no time for me to redo them or ask anyone else to do it. So if they are not saveable then the quilt will be without them. I'm not a happy camper and have crucified myself mentally over and over again!

Last night my brother called me just before midnight saying the ambulance was taking our mom to the hospital. They thought she had a stroke. He found her slumped over in her chair and unresponsive. She's doing okay today, they are running tests on her to see what happened. She may go home in next day or two.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching! If anyone has an idea how to save those Bobcat Kittens please let me know!