Friday, June 24, 2011

A nice new start

I spent over a week working on the PM R and it went into the garbage!  I couldn't get the rabbit right if my life depended on it.   So I got out Dolphin Splash by Pegasus.   I had been eyeing it for a long time and finally decided to do it and am enjoying it.

I got bad this week.  I bought 2 new pattern books, both by By the Bay.   But I bought them to do for Love Quilts also.   It is summer and I want to do summer scenes .   I'll just have to hold the 3 pieces until themes open up at Love Quilts or at Cole's Quilts.   I haven't done anything for Cole's Quilts for a few years.   We'll see.   I also ordered a lot of floss.  Since I don't drive it's hard to get out to Jo Anne's so sometimes I have to order on line.  Wellll......I can't just get floss when I order on line so of course I have to order patterns.   Makes perfect sense doesn't it.   Okay......Okay....any excuse.

Also this has been a bad week!   Sunday started out great!   A couple had their 50th Anniversary Open House and gave the money to the Food Pantry.  (They had requested money for food pantry in leu of gifts.)  We thought we would get maybe a couple hundred dollars $300 if we were really lucky.  We got a lot more than that.   I had spent about $500.00 on food and miscellaneous things for the Pantry, well that money was recooped plus some.   Then came of the ladies called me to say she was quitting the Food Pantry because she felt she was a trouble maker.   But she wasn't.   I have to admit I read the signs and so did our Director and why she called me and not him I don't know.   After crying for awhile as she was a good friend and now she may stop going to our church I don't know when I'll see her again, in heaven...but I was upset for her for the way she was feeling.   I know she had problems with the politics of our church and the way we did things but still.  Plus she is a lot more emotional and sensitive than any of us ever thought I think.   Then Tuesday came and something else happend, Wed. brought more bad news pertaining to my aunt she is on Hospice Care now.   She is my mom's last surviving relative. (well she has cousins but her parents and other sister are gone.) 

Tomorrow we were going to go to a picnic a couple from church have every year but I guess we aren't now.   For one thing I forgot to buy ingrediants to make anything for us to bring.  Plus mom isn't feeling up toe it anyway.

Last Sat. we went to 2 open houses.   One for the couple who had their 50th and the other for my cousins son who graduated from HS.   Since she came to everything we had, we thought we'd better go to hers.   It was nice seeing my dad's side of the family again.   I don't know why we don't try to get together more often we all get along real well and it's so much fun!

We are still waiting for my niece, Heather, to have her baby.  It was due this past Monday.  We thought we were kidding when we said Michelle and Heather would have a race as on their first child Heather delivered 5 days late and Michelle had her's 3 weeks early so we joked they would be born the same day.

Well....this has turned into a book, so until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardener Penguin is finished

I finally finished this earlier this afternoon.   It took longer than I expected but it was cute and fun to see her come to life.   It is for a Character Animals Quilt at Love Quilts.   That's the thing about Love quilts you do pieces you would otherwise never do and this is one of them.     Now I'm just doing a couple of small Precious Moments pieces from their Alphabet book.  The letter R for Ryan and the letter C for Cole.  It is a quilt some of us at 123 stitch are stitching for a family who lost two little boys in the tornadoes in Oklahoma a few week ago.

There isn't a whole lot going on just a lot of Open Houses and a picnic coming up in a couple of weeks so until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 10, 2011

More Progress on Penguin

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch on this this past week but when I did I got a lot of progress.   I had really hoped to have it done by  now.   Maybe early next week.  

This past week I spent a lot of time with the Food Pantry.   Note to self  don't order from Feeding America, Love Inc. and go shopping for food all the same week.   There's a lot of food to be put away.   There's only certain things we can get from Love Inc and Feeding America so we go shopping at Walmarts and Dollar Store.  We find the best deals at those two places.  It's good I go shopping with Sue as she prevents me from buying the more expensive stuff she knows how to look for the deals.  (Sue is the newest member of the Pantry Staff).   Although we are adding more.   They want two of us on each day which we really were suppose to be doing all along, plus add some men for Security and helping to stock shelves etc.   I did put a dent in what we had in our fund this week.   Hopefully some of it will come back in a couple from our church is having the 50th anniversary and in leu of gifts they requested people give money to the Food Pantry. Nice....we'll see how much comes in.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to another Jewelery Party.  The lady booked the party from me and my niece is the  one selling the jewelery so we felt we better go.   June is always a busy month.  There isn't a Saturday that we don't have something to go to this year.  

I had planned on doing laundry, mopping floors etc today.  But I'm so drained and it's so rainy and dreary outside I just feel like stitching!    Well until next time happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


It drove me crzy that my last post posted the way it did so I'm retrying.  I'm just curious to see how this one will post.   Until next time Happy Stitching.