Tuesday, August 22, 2017

He Gives Us Peace is done

Good Afternoon! It's a cloudy cool day here, possibly more rain coming. August is usually a hot month but this year has been rather cool. I even turned off my air conditioning and opened the sliding door to get fresh air in. Later this afternoon my sister will arrive. This will be her last visit until Oct. now but that's not that far away.

I just got home from Physical Therapy. One more session in mid Sept. and to get exercises to do at home. I could do more but the out of pocket cost is just too much to continue on. It's doing some good so as long as I keep doing the things at home I should be okay. The headaches and neck pain has subsided and even the light headedness is getting better.

I finished this piece the other day. It was fun and I enjoyed stitching it but was so intricate. It will go to a teenage girl at Love Quilts who chose Religious as theme of her quilt. The piece I'm working on now is from the same book but not as difficult to stitch. It's called Live Today also by Stoney Creek. My last 4 pieces have been by Stoney Creek. You think I like their designs? I think I'm done close to 100 SC pieces.

When my sister gets here we're going to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday (it was last Monday the 14th). I'm trying to decide where I want to go....I'm so picky.

Well until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Update on He Gives Us Peace

Good afternoon! I thought I would give an update on this piece. I'm enjoying this piece but I think I will retire the pattern when it's done. It's a cute piece but not the easiest to do. The next piece I am doing is also from this book called Cherish Yesterday.... I love this book I've done several pieces from it and will do at least 3 more.

Next weekend I'm going to try my hand at painting. The cat shelter is having Painting for Paws and usually I don't do it but this year I am. I figure if I have to spend all this money to get a tooth pulled, and for Physical Therapy then I'm spending money on something fun or will it be stressful. And since my birthday is in about 9 days I plan to order some CS patterns! I know I'm being naughty and will probably regret it when I get the credit card bill. I know I'll regret it I should say.

My niece and her 2 boys are here from NC for a couple of weeks. Imagine driving up here by yourself with a 2 year old and 3 year old! She's braver then most of us. But she's young too. She said the first day was rough but the second day was much better. I got to see them earlier this week and will see them sometime this coming up week. Next weekend they are all going to Unity Festival. I stay away from it. It's a Christian Music Festival we've had in town a few years now. I went one day one year and did not like it. The music was too loud and too many people. But most of my friends and the family here in town are going.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!