Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of 2009

Since it only has 6 hours and 45 minutes left.
Well....I started this piece as Baylie's Sealife is due middle of January and I can't find the You're a Keeper pattern. I probably threw it away by accident. I needed to find something fairly easy. I just hope it's not too young or whimsical for her. It is going to be a starfish with a pail over his head and a shovel in his hand. It's cute and easy enough to finish by the 15th.
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was really nice. As usual I made out like a bandit.
I'm not making any goals for 2010 as far as stitching goes as I never seem to reach them. I did get 7 pieces done for Love Quilts but that is only goal I made. I'm just going to see what happens. I had hope to have blogged a hundred times in 2009 too, fell short of that, this is 68. Oh well... Just things happened I had not planned on is all.
Saturday we are having our family Christmas. Hopefully the weather will be descent for those out of town it's not suppose to be though.
Thank you to everyone who has read my blog though 2009 and to those who made comments. I really appreciated them. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!
Until next year....Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Honest I am Stitching-Some

I've made some progress on this over the past 10 days. It is coming slowly but surely. Mostly bcause I just haven't had the time to stitch on it. But don't have much to show for my time either is the problem.

Christmas at the Lakeshore was a success. We had over 600 people come out for the 4 performances. We swetted that one out as our Board was told the failure or success of this lied within our board and we really didn't get that much time or money to pull it off but after the first night's performance we knew it was going to be a success. Hated the costume I had to wear, and I think I will have a burning ceremony for the cap anyway. I'll keep the skirt, blouse and cape for Halloween next year. LOL.

Last night we had a beautiful candlelight service at church. It was the end of the Advent Series Pastor was having. It was so pretty and really did put me more into the Christmas Spirit. I've been sort of Baa Humbug about Christmas this year. I do have all my cards done and my Christmas Presents are bought so I had some spirit. Just not much more.

My mom came home from the hospital today. We are a little upset with the hospital though as she fell Friday night and didn't tell anyone. An aide mentioned it the next day and my dad and brother were there. They didn't even tell the Dr. my dad told the Dr. this morning so she's having x rays next week when she's a little more mobile. Today my sister is coming in until Thursday to help out. Since mom didn't want to go to a Nursing Home dad is going to need more help from us. We didn't blame her at all who wants to be in a Nursing Home over the holidays and that is just what would have happened. There is a problem though my mnom's back bones are so fragile, if she just turns wrong she can break them. She has a back brace, which she hates to wear but admits that her back feels better with it.

Well-while typing this I see someone has stolen my stitching chair!
This year I haven't made any of my stitching goals except to stitch 7 pieces for Love Quilts. I had the goal of 100 posts this year too. That fell short. If I post one more time after this I'll have 68. I think I can.

Today is the shortest day of the year. Hooray the days get longer. I love seeing the days get longer. I make a game out of it through beginning Feb. Then I just settle back and enjoy the added sunlight!
I hope you all Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the day with your families. Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Progress anyway

I think I am finally getting my stitching mojo back. I'm also finally gettng thins piece going again. It took a while and was only a few stitches a day for awhile there. Then today I finally started taking off of it. This is a UFO from about 5 years ago.
Today Johnny is 3 years old. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday I posted we were waiting for his birth and then his birth. Melissa and John are having a party for him tonight. Guess I better wrap his present! I hate wrappying presents. Johnny is going to have a brother or sister in Feb. Things will change for him. He's so use to being center of attention, but he'll do fine he's all excited about the baby.
Today is also my sister-in-law's birthday, tomoorrow, Alanis, Sunday my brother-in-law's, next Thursday it'll be 17 years I got Whiskers (just two days after Buffy died), it's also my niece, Heather and Brian's anniversay, next Friday is my brother's birthday next Sunday his Anniversary, also anniversary of our grandfather's death, and anniversary of day I broke my ankle, and the 24th is my nephew Josh's birthday. Think we have enough, there would be 3 more in thee but they all died.
Like much of the country we got hit by the winter storm. All schools were closed Wed. and Thursday, a few opened today but not a whole lot. It does make it seem like Christmas.
This weekend is the last weekend of Christmas on the Lakeshore at our church. Wer were really pleased with the turn out last weekend. Plans are being made for another Christmas production next year.
Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Stitching

I will go back to Treble Clef after the Holidays maybe late winter early spring as there is some other stitching I need to get done. I'll give it to Shari next year.
I finally decided to get in the mood for Christmas and we know Christmas is about the birth of Christ. This is a piece I started 2 or 3 years ago and never finished so dug it out to finish it.
Friday we went to Rockford to see my niece and great nephew from CO. They were at another niece's house for 4 days. It was fun. Johnny and Addie were adorable. Johnny found a guitar of Addie's and played with it the whole time, Addie would dance as he played, sometimes they would sing. Johnny ran around the house singing "Santa Claus is coming to town" and other times singing "Jesus Loves Me" Addie just sang and danced. Nicholas isn't quite 3 months old and just took in his surroundings. He really liked the Christmas Tree lights.
Friday and Saturday was Christmas at the Lakeshore at our church. The church is all decorated up. Those of us greeting or in the program had to wear Victorian Costumes. My sister made my costume for the most part. We swetted that one out as I wasn't getting it until we saw my sister that day (she lives on opposite side of state), and the weather in Grand Rapids, Rockford area was awful. Ours wasn't bad. So we didn't even know if we'd make the trip until the last minute just decided to go. Fortunately the costume fit. Both performances went well and we received lots of compliments. We were happy with the attendance both nights too. Now we have two more performances next weekend and we're done.
By the way I have gotten my stitching mojo back somewhat. I quit playing the games at Facebook because bugs were getting into my computer. So be careful those of you who like to play those games there.
Well....until next time Happy Stitching!