Friday, February 29, 2008

Didn't quite get it done

Hopefully it will be done tomorrow. I've been spending entirely too much time on this piece. I'm a little disappointed it didn't get done but oh well, that's life. I'm blogging on Feb. 29 so that's my compromise.

I'm sort of glad to see Feb. gone. I'm not shedding any tears over it. It was our snowiest Feb. ever only about 2 days did we have no snow. Today's not one of them. It snowed really good. Unfortundately we are suppose to get more snow in the coming days. So maybe mid March it will be nice a little more often. We'll see. This winter has made me think those who go south for the winter are smart, not chicken. Wish I could have joined them.` The older I get the less I like winter.
I'm with the little girl at church who decided to wear Spring clothes hoping to push Spring in quicker. Our Adventure Club kids are getting cabin fever we can tell as they are so restless at Adventure Club. I even changed my template so it was lighter not so dark, make it more spring like.

Tomorrow we have Common Grounds, we are changing it to every 3 months now instead of every month as we are going to start a Contemporary Service the end of March on Sundays. Hopefully that will go over good and our church will grow.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on The Lion

This piece is moving along quite fast. I am really pleased and hope to finish it up on Friday. Feb. 29 only comes once every 4 years, and I didn't have a finish last time, so maybe this year. If it goes as well as it is then I should get it done. Besides I have a lot of other pieces I am anxious to get going on.

I just went over towards my stitching chair and there was Whiskers starting to make himself comfortable in it. He was sitting on the back of it while I stitched. He was waiting to make his claim to the chair I guess and here I thought he wanted to be with me.

Today we made a trip out to JoAnne's to get some floss. I wanted to find a Noah's Ark pattern for a quilt we are doing in a Yahoo Group I'm in. But didn't find a pattern. Wendy (my brother's friend and my niece's mother long story) talked me into buying a coloring book and graph paper and do an animal that way. So I did. But I did find a Noah's Ark pattern to use in my own stash, and will use the pattern from the coloring book as my second piece for the quilt.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Anoth New Start and I've been tagged

I had to lay down the Owl as this square is actually due 2 weeks before the Owl besides I needed a break from the Owl. Maybe you can tell, this is another Endangered Young'uns, this is The Lion. It's going pretty good and I love doing it. It really is a nice break from The Owl. I have 2 more Endangered Young'uns to do maybe 3 or 4 more, depending on if we go with Noah's Ark theme for the quilt we are doing at Every Stitch Counts for Love Quilts. More on that when the time comes.
I got tagged by Teresa to say 7 wierd things about myself. So here it goes:
1) The older I get the pickier I am about food.
2) The older I get the more fearful I am of stupid things like crossing a busy highway even at the light, or getting on an elevator.
3) I do not drive.
4) I do not like Ice Cream
5) I do not like Steak
6) I love seeing the icicles melt away from the roof and deck.
7) I get excited to see the sun rise earlier each morning and go down later each night.

Well that's my seven things, I am certifiable I know. I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do your own list go ahead.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Okay so #7

Monday, February 18, 2008

Finish #10

I enjoyed doing this quick easy piece. As much as I love doing the Owl, which I will pick back up in a few minutes, this piece had more color in it.

Today is so nice out. Yesterday was icy and dreary, today the sun is melting the sun. The temps are suppose to drop all day, and the next couple of days cold then we'll hit the 20's and 30's at end of week. Alright!

We had 4 birthdays between Feb. 5, and 17, my niece, Tabi, on the 5th, nephew, Caleb on the 9th, brother Kevin, the 15th, and nephew Andrew on the 17th. We seem to have our birthday's in bunches. Although we do have a stray one in March, and a couple in April where there are at least 2 weeks between each of the 3. If my niece Heather doesn't have her baby on mom's birthday then I hope she has it May 1. We don't have any May birthdays.

Sat. our class sponsored a game afternoon at church. We had so much fun. Quite a few of us played Boulderdash. I had never played that game before. But it was so fun coming up with a definition to match the word you never heard of. Then you had to guess the right definition. I loved it!

Thank you for your comments to the Owl so far, I love seeing this piece come to life and is so much fun to stitch. It's actually going easier and quicker than I expected.

Well, guess I'll go and go to stitching on the Owl. Until next time Happy Stitching.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Start on Owl

I laid down The Caretaker for a couple of months. I need to get some pieces done for Love Quilts (all are animals). This one is for an Emergency Quilt. The boy will be 14 in April and has bone cancer. He had a couple of surgeries this past week and isn't doing very well. His quilt is Masculine Birds with a Scripture verse. He mostly wanted Eagles and Hawks, unfortunately I didn't have them but did find this Owl that was accepted for the quilt. I just need to find a scripture verse. The one I want to use I'm not sure goes with the owl.

Today is a beautiful day outside. It's so pretty to look out at all the snow, and it's not that cold, (upper 20's low 30's today). It snowed some earlier. We have well over a foot on the ground so a little snow is annoying even. Sunday a major storm is to come in. Figures so we'll see if there is church or not. We had it last Sunday.

The other day I took my parents dog for a walk, poor little girl, the snow was so far over her head we could only go where it was shoveled or a well worn path. She looks like a princes prancing through that snow. It's so cute.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One more Update

Before laying this piece down. I'm going to start an Emergency Quilt square for Love Quilts tomorrow. Then I'll need to do some other squares for them, so this piece is getting laid down for awhile. It was going well so it won't be hard to pick back up. The picture isn't the greatest as I didn't get it as flat on the table I thought I had.

It is snowing again today. We need to be careful, it won't be long and we'll need plows on our cars to even move around. Winter has hit us with a vengence this year. The cold temperatures aren't helping either as they can't salt the roads, it's too cold. And schools have been closed several days the last 3 weeks. Spring is coming some day. But right now it seems like a long time from now.

Friday, February 08, 2008

More Progress on The Caretaker

I have a total of 280 hours of stitching on this piece now and this is progress as of this morning. I have almost 5 pages done. Right now I plan to stitch on it another week to 10 days before laying it down to do another Endangered animal piece.

Our weather has been up and down these last few weeks. It may be nice one day and the next a winter storm blows in. The snow is beautfiul to look at as long as you are on inside looking out. I walked my parents dog the other day and she sort of galloped like a horse through the snow yet looked like a little Princes. The snow is actually deeper than what she is tall, but she seems to like to prance through the snow when it's nice out. When it's nasty, no, she does what she has to and is right back inside again.

Last night was our first meeting of the Evangelism Board at church. And oh boy, we have a lot of work to do, but it's going to be fun and exciting to see God at work. Pastor is in charge of it this year, and he sort of remapped the role of the Evangelism Board to include Outreach as well as Missions instead of just Missions. I'm excited to see what will happen in future. I was elected Secretary so I took good notes I hope.

I love my new bed. I've had very little trouble getting use to it. I sleep so much better on it. It also is much easier to make in the morning as it is higher up and makes my room look so much better!

Thank you for reading my blog and for your comments. I really appreciate them. Well until next time Happy Stitching.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Update on The Caretaker

First I want to thank you for your comments to my chocolate piece.
The Caretaker is moving along sort of slow right now. I think I'm going to have to frog a little at the bottom as I discovered I made a mistake. Hopefully not too much will have to come out. It'll be Monday before I really get back into stitching it seriously as between now and then I'll be gone a lot. Because of the business of the next 3 days, I'll just work on Winter Frost (which is appropriate for now), pick up The Caretaker on Monday.

My sister came into town yesterday. (The one "nice" day we had this week.) By saying nice, I mean at least you could drive without too many problems if you were careful. We've been hit by a few storms. The kids must be enjoying their No school days, but wait until they have to make them up in June, see how they enjoy them. Anyway we were lucky we didn't get hit by last night's storm, but areas south of us sure did. It is snowing some here, but not like other areas.

When my sister got to town yesterday, she took me to Sleep Doctor to get me a mattress, box spring and frame. Mine are 30 years old and is slanted a little so I really needed a new one. Her husband decided since I was the only one in our family outside of our parents who hadn't asked them for anything they should get me something I really need. Toss up between a new chair or mattress, my sister decided I needed the mattress more. So I picked a set out yesterday and it is coming today. They should call in about a half hour and let me know when they are coming. I hope it's early. I'm looking forward to crawling into bed tonight, not having to be careful or worry about the bed landing on my cat. I'm sure Whiskers will try the bed out first though. That salesman was so funny when he found out I had a cat he put on paper "Beware of Bobcat" I told him I was writing on it he was a 7 pounder but he said it was still going in his computer as a Bobcat! I hope he was joking!

After they come and set my bed up I'll take off to my parents house. We were going to go shopping today but the weather is not the best plus now I have to wait for my mattress to come, we'll probably just play games at my parents. My sister will clean their house this morning (something we planned to do tomorrow. Guess I got out of that LOL!) But I cleaned my own place this morning. I even have my laundry going.

Sunday I'm going to a birthday party for a cute little 1 year old at church. Usually you don't go all out for a first party. But the mother is from the Phillipines, and I wonder if it is custom in the Phillipines to have a 1st birthday. The baby is so cute though, outside of Johnny, he's my favorite baby. Of course Johnny is #1.

Well I've rambled enough. Have a safe warm weekend everyone. Until next time Happy Stitching.