Friday, February 29, 2008

Didn't quite get it done

Hopefully it will be done tomorrow. I've been spending entirely too much time on this piece. I'm a little disappointed it didn't get done but oh well, that's life. I'm blogging on Feb. 29 so that's my compromise.

I'm sort of glad to see Feb. gone. I'm not shedding any tears over it. It was our snowiest Feb. ever only about 2 days did we have no snow. Today's not one of them. It snowed really good. Unfortundately we are suppose to get more snow in the coming days. So maybe mid March it will be nice a little more often. We'll see. This winter has made me think those who go south for the winter are smart, not chicken. Wish I could have joined them.` The older I get the less I like winter.
I'm with the little girl at church who decided to wear Spring clothes hoping to push Spring in quicker. Our Adventure Club kids are getting cabin fever we can tell as they are so restless at Adventure Club. I even changed my template so it was lighter not so dark, make it more spring like.

Tomorrow we have Common Grounds, we are changing it to every 3 months now instead of every month as we are going to start a Contemporary Service the end of March on Sundays. Hopefully that will go over good and our church will grow.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Ruth said...

Hi Barb -- your cubs are coming along beautifully.... May Spring come along just as nicely for you! Poor dear, stuck under mounds of that cold stuff!!!

Barbara said...

It might not be done, but it sure is cute!

Marita said...

You are making amazing progress and they are adorable.