Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on The Lion

This piece is moving along quite fast. I am really pleased and hope to finish it up on Friday. Feb. 29 only comes once every 4 years, and I didn't have a finish last time, so maybe this year. If it goes as well as it is then I should get it done. Besides I have a lot of other pieces I am anxious to get going on.

I just went over towards my stitching chair and there was Whiskers starting to make himself comfortable in it. He was sitting on the back of it while I stitched. He was waiting to make his claim to the chair I guess and here I thought he wanted to be with me.

Today we made a trip out to JoAnne's to get some floss. I wanted to find a Noah's Ark pattern for a quilt we are doing in a Yahoo Group I'm in. But didn't find a pattern. Wendy (my brother's friend and my niece's mother long story) talked me into buying a coloring book and graph paper and do an animal that way. So I did. But I did find a Noah's Ark pattern to use in my own stash, and will use the pattern from the coloring book as my second piece for the quilt.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


stitching aussie style said...

It is coming along quite quickly and looking gorgeous!!

Meari said...

What an adorable WIP, Barb.

Lana said...

Wow! the little lions are really comming along! They are adorable!

Marie said...

those little lions are adorable !

Laura said...

The lion cubs are just too cute. I have this book, Endangered Young'uns also, bought years and years ago.