Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Finish

Here is Teddy Bear and Pumpkins all finished up. I thought it was so cute. I know it's Halloween in nature but I thought I would send it to CSFC for Teddy Bear Quilt. I now have 3 down towards the 50 challenge.
Speaking of the 50 challenge I have since learned we can buy patterns if we plan to do it as a gift or for charity. Uh oh.......I better be careful as I will use that as an excuse to buy a pattern plan to do it and then don't. So I've decided I am not going to buy any patterns before March. As I do have the sign ups I'm going to do and have the patterns selected. Most of the pieces are fairly easy and will go quick so that will help.
Okay I give up Blogger wins. This picture went to the computer right side up and no matter how many times I have edited it Blogger insists on uploading sideways. I give up!
I am finally starting to feel somewhat better. I better I have a busy 4 days coming up. I did go to Adventure Club last night since I knew I wasn't contagious to the kids. Quite a few leaders were off sick and some of us that went were not feeling good. It was an interesting night to say the least.
Yesterday my nephew, Jeremy, turned 19. It's so hard to believe the kids have grown up. Between Sept. 23 and Oct. 1 we have 3 birthdays. But our big month is Dec. almost every day between Dec. 11 and 20 is a birthday or anniversary. And the 24the is my oldest nephew's birthday. Deal with that then.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teddy & Pumpkins

I think I am going to post a picture if the picture icon shows up. This is progress after almost 10 hours of stitching. I know it looks funny right now but it will make sense further down the road. It's stitching up quickly. I'm feeling so crummy that I haven't felt much like stitching.
I finally went to the Dr. and got some Prednizone. Not a direction we go too often but felt I needed to this time. This cough is driving me nuts. I love the fall season and it's colors but my asthma, & allergies go nuts! And it looks like it will be a long fall season for me. I was suppose to go out for breakfast with some friends from church but just didn't feel up to it. We go once a month so maybe next month.
This particular piece brings to 3 towards the 50 challenge I wonder if I will make it. I think I will be okay until after the first of the year, then I'll probably get the itch again. Of course if I do small projects like I'm doing.....may be able to buy quicker than I think. I do have a few UFO's I'll finish up too. Well until next time....Happy Stitching

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Storms hit last night

A tornado in West Michigan is rare let alone in late Sept. But last night Grand Rapids area had a weak tornado do some damage. Fortunately no one was injured or killed. I lived in GR for almost 25 years and never saw one. And here where I live we don't have them as Lake Michigan pretty much protects us. They form on the Lake and fly over us and go east. While we don't get the tornadoes like someone who visted our area said you do get the winds and they are scary. We don't think anything of the winds usually as we are use to them. Just if it's windy and stormy stay inside! That's common sense!
Thanks to our inconsistent weather and it is fall I have caught a cold and my sinuses are plugged it was a long night. I haven't decided if I'm going to church or not later this morning. Right now I probably will. I love the colors of fall but my asthma and allergies do not like the fall season at all!
Why is it that you like very few TV programs and what few you like some are on at the same time different stations. Amazing Race-Extreme Home Makeover, NCIS-Dancing with the Stars. My sister suggested taping but my VCR isn't working and I haven't replaced it yet. This year my VCR, Microwave, Scanner, Phone, and Printer all quit working. The Microwave and Phone were replaced fast, the Printer has been replaced. There is a scanner on it but haven't figured it out. My brother is coming tomorrow to help me with it. I miss my other scanner!
Well I've said enough I'm going to go do some stitching for a couple of hours before leaving for church. Well I went to church. Lasted through the Sunday School hour than asked my dad to take me home. It was a situation where I knew by going I would either feel better or I would feel worse, so I gambled and felt worse. Oh well...I'm spending the rest of day in my pajamas and may even try to sleep a little. Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Boo is finished

It took less than 12 hours to stitch up. I can't believe it stitched up so fast! I am not much for stitching halloween pieces but this was too cute and the next one I'm doing is also so cute!
Today my oldest niece turned 31! I can't believe it. She now lives in OR and has her Phd. in chemistry. The kids grew up too fast where did the time go!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Thank you for your comments to yesterday's post. I had not planned to make an entry today but this has progressed so much I thought I would. It probably will be done Sunday as tomorrow will be a busy day. I found this pattern in the fall 2006 issue of The Cross Stitcher.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm going to try to post a picture of the piece I started yesterday. For not working on it that much and for being done on black it is going very well. I have good lighting I guess.
Adventure club went great last night. We didn't have as many children as I would have liked to of seen but it will grow as the year progresses.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally a finish

I finally finished Always Room for one more! Hopefully the picture won't download sideways like it did earlier! This will go to a special quilt we are doing at Cross Stitchers for Charity. It is a girl's Precious Moments quilt with the squares stitched on Peach Aida. I'm not sure Peach is the best color for PM's but that is what was chosen. I do not know why this is insisting on going sideways. I am so frustrated with this this morning it is not funny! You don't know how many attemepts I made on this. If someone can advise me please do on how not to have it go sideways please do. Hope you can at least see how it looks right like maybe if you look at it from the side or something. I am sorry about that. I know next time I'll take a sideways picture, and one upside down, and one the right way one of those is bound to work! Excuse my sarcasm. I desparately want to buy a new scanner mine quit working on my birthday last month! I have a new one with my printer but can't figure it out so am using my digital camera which until this morning has been great! Oh well....Tomorrows a better day right?
Yesterday I got busy and didn't get to finish this piece until this morning. I went to a Bible Study which was great. I really enjoy these ladies.
Tonight is our first night of Adventure Club at our church. It is a program we run every year Sept. -Apr. It's a busy and noisy night but I love working with the children. And the year goes so fast.
I am going to add a link to my Picturetrail album. Hope that is allowed. You can see this picture there in my Precious Moments album and you can see my other work there. I hope it's okay to do this. Its in members name type in Stitchingaunt

Monday, September 18, 2006

50 challenge

I deleted my previous post not sure why I did. I accepted the 50 challenge not to buy CS books until you complete 50 projects. Oh boy! That will be a lot. I'm tempted to cheat and count the 20 in I did earlier this year and say I have 30 more or choose 50 one hour pieces! I need encouragement and acoountibility so someone please make comments and tell me I'm accountible to them! I may have a finish later today. The Precious Moments piece is getting there. Probably will be more like tomorrow morning unless I'm really stitching more than I should today and letting everything else go! Thank you for your comments to my picture of Whiskers. I really appreciate them and makes me know people are looking at this blog.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Meet my cat, Whiskers

His name is Whiskers Boots as he is black with white whiskers and white paws. This is a couple of pictures of my cat Whiskers who is going to be 14 next month/ He is my baby. This picture is when he stole my stitching chair as soon as I got up to get a can of Pepsi a minute later he curled up and went to sleep. He was quite proud of himself as you can tell. Barb

Friday, September 15, 2006

Always room for One More

This is my progress on this project as of this morning. Now the puppy is in I wonder why it was so hard to do. I found mhself backstitching a stitch and stitching a stitch just to make sure I was doing it right. Have you ever done that? This is my progress after 20 hours of stitching.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sept. 14

Hi Welcome to my stitching blogI had another blog but really like the blogs I have read here so decided to join here. I love to Cross Stitch and will talk about that a lot. My current project is Always room for one more. A Precious Moments piece I am as a SAL with Cross Stitchers for Charity. The picture is actually progress as of last night and is a test picture to see if I know how to post a picture. Not sure why it posted sideways though, it isn't sideways in my pictures.