Monday, September 18, 2006

50 challenge

I deleted my previous post not sure why I did. I accepted the 50 challenge not to buy CS books until you complete 50 projects. Oh boy! That will be a lot. I'm tempted to cheat and count the 20 in I did earlier this year and say I have 30 more or choose 50 one hour pieces! I need encouragement and acoountibility so someone please make comments and tell me I'm accountible to them! I may have a finish later today. The Precious Moments piece is getting there. Probably will be more like tomorrow morning unless I'm really stitching more than I should today and letting everything else go! Thank you for your comments to my picture of Whiskers. I really appreciate them and makes me know people are looking at this blog.


Stitch or no stitch said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Barb.
Oh my that's quite a challenge, one which I've seen it on a number of blogs these past few days. Well I certainly think that you are allowed to count the 20 you did earlier this year. Now five to go and you're halfway & you can start counting down. Think up some small projects such as cards & ornaments to speed you along. They always make great gifts.
Whiskers is adorable.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Barb, thank you for the comment, and I'm glad that I could help you in getting your blog set up--it looks great!! I love the picture of Whiskers, and I will be looking for the picture of your PM finish.

The 50 Challenge sounds like a challenge, all right!! I do think you can count the ones you have already stitched this year--you can do it!!!!!

Barbara said...

Barb, I'll do this with you (though I have to start after today, because my JCS ornament issue is in and I need to pay for it). I am so seriously in need of being on the wagon that it's just not funny. So do you think we can keep each other motivated enough to stay on the wagon for 50 (!!) project?? I think we can!!

Kali said...

*waves* Hello Barb in Michigan. Which side of the state are you? I'm on the West side ;)
50 projects.. EEKK!! That's alot. I am going to attempt this but I will have to list a few exceptions to the rule. *looks around innocently*

Lili said...

OK. If I were you, I would count every single cross as one project and get done with it! lol... This is pure masochism!
Whiskers is an absolute cutie! I'm a cat lady too...
Thank for your kind comment on my blog, now you're bookmarked and I hope to see your Precious moments project soon finished 'more than 50 crosses left!).

lyssophietje said...

Hi Barb!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Youre PM piece looks cute, can't wait to see it finished.

50, that's a lot! That would take me about 50 years!
I think what Lili said is a good idea, count every cross as a project;).

Whiskers looks also cute. I like cats!


Annemarie said...

I just read Barbara's cry for help, and a link to your blog, in which she mentioned the 50 Projects initiative, and I was thinking: if we all did it together, we could support each other! Love your blog, by the way!

Lelia said...

LOL. I visited my GF Melody earlier today & we were discussing 'patterns'. My idea was to have on hand 10 projects/year x 3 years [from my stash] to total 30 patterns.

Then, we decided 50 patterns would be better!!

The rest? Donate to our EGA Chapter/NANI or give them away!!