Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hmmmm Not sure what happened yesterday

Good afternoon. I think I'm going to delete yesterday's post. I had posted this picture of progress on His Eye is On the Sparrow and a link about a drawing and neither one of them worked so I'll try again today.

This piece will be laid down as I made a mistake, and I don't have the floss to continue on the lettering. Hopefully it will come tomorrow. Getting more of the lettering in will help me find the mistake I hope plus make sure the borders are even with each other. One thing I am noticing, because it's been a few years since I started the piece, I think the floss dye changed a little bit as I notice a different shade on the right side, then what is used on the left and I know I used the right colors. So I'm blaming it on DMC changing their dyes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having a nice drawing for her birthday, (which is same day as mine). She'll have 10 winners. I am going to try to retry the link. It didn't work yesterday when I tried it. So I'm retrying today. Okay it's not working so I guess just go to her blog.
Well until next time....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dug Out an old UFO Piece

I got tired of working on the Mickey-Minnie Mouse piece so dug this out of my UFO drawer. It is one of my original Turtle Trot pieces so thought I would finally work on it. I started this years ago and if it wasn't for joining TT I probably wouldn't have thought of it again. Anyway I've been wanting to get this out for a couple of months now. The Walt Disney piece isn't due until Oct. so I can work on some TT pieces for now.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Now we're moving along

Good Afternoon.
How is everyone doing today?

After having to frog two days of work over the weekend, I have restitched Minnie's head. And believe me I pouted for a little while when I had discovered the mistake and how much would have to be ripped out. But it was the kind of mistake I couldn't let go or even think about improvising. I knew I'd be happy I ripped it out in the long run, and I was right. Now I'm sailing along on the piece.
Next week we are having Bible School at our church. I'm helping out with crafts. I'm not very good at crafts, other than cross stitching and that may be a matter of opinion. Anyway, I was reassured that the crafts were easy. I told them I had the ability of a 4 or 5 year old in crafts, they told me I'd fit right in with the kids then. (LOL)

Our Bible Study group has been meeting ever other Sunday and the study we are doing now on Prayer is great. It really has challenged us and convicted us to take Prayer more seriously and to start the day off reading the Bible and praying. It really makes a difference. I have enjoyed this study, and learned so much more than I did from some of our other studies. In fact Saturday we are handing out brochures about Bible School and our Pig Out in two weeks, and this time I'm going to help. Usually I don't but this time I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. Also in the next two weeks they are having prayer for our church as right now we are really hurting and going through one of the rougher patches I have seen it go through in all the years I went there. (Since I was 4 or 5, but I was in GR for 25 years, but came off and on then.) Anyway I committed myself to two times, both on Wednesday, tomorrow and a week from tomorrow. We expect to see answers to our prayers and for Bible School and the Pig Out to be successes. Hopefully we'll have a new pastor this fall but we'll see. We've been without one for over a year now.

Oh I have a question for you dog people out there. My brother has a Llapo who is almost 11 and loved by our whole family. Anyway lately she's been wetting on the floor and leaving messes, even if we walk her, we'll get her back home and she messes sometime later, especially when my mom, brother, or nephew leave the house. Someone said this is typical of a llapso when they get older. Is this true, or is she just loosing control (which is what we think). If that is the case they may have to put her down. Which that is a decision my mom and brother will have to make.

Oh yesterday, I finally decided I was going to have to downsize my cable because man it was just getting too expensive and I couldn't affford that every month. So I called them, and well long story short. I get to keep HGTV after all plus they added a few channels and knocked over $60.00 off my bill a month for a year anyway. I'm very happy about that.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Progress on both Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Ex. 20:15

Good Morning! It's finally starting to feel like summer again after a cool spell.

I have made some progress on Exodus 20!15 and progress on Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I'm waiting for some floss to come in to go further on Ex. 20!15. It's on it's way to me. I ordered it Monday and sometimes I'll get my order 2 days after they mailed it and other times it may be a week. I'm hoping to get it today. They mailed it out on Monday.

We went to my niece's house on Tuesday and had a great time. Of course Addie and Nolan and their dog Cheerio were the center of attention. Addie just turned 6 and will be entering 1st grade. She showed us a journal she is keeping. For being so young, she is good at reading and spelling things. She misspelled a few words but that's her age too. We told her to keep the journal through the years. She started it a year ago. We know 10 years from now she will not show us her journal. She just needs to work on getting her printing neater is all. She also showed us her gymnastic skills. She's taking swimming lessons and gymnastics this summer. Nolan just turned 3 and showed us his room, and his cars and trucks. Love those two kids. It should be illegal to be as cute as they are.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another new start and another win

Good morning!
I got anxious to start Ex. 2:20 piece by My Big Toe Designs. It was the one I won at 123 stitch. It's going well. I sort of wish I would have changed the colors but that's okay. This piece will be added to Turtle Trot.

I entered 3 drawings this past couple of months (first ones I had entered in years) 2 of them at 123 stitch. This is the one I won there. It'll be fun to do for a Patriotic Love Quilt Square. Isn't it cute?
I will probably do Miss Liberty for Love Quilts and possibly a portion of the Teddy Bear one. Then Mary Ann (Just Stitching) had a drawing on her site and I won that. I look forward to seeing it. Only problem, Mary Ann, I don't have your e mail address so if you don't see my reply here is my e mail address....Barb k 28 at yahoo dot com. I'll send you my address when I get your e mail. I look forward to getting it and will do it this summer. I love Patriotic pieces and summer is when I do them. So now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep entering drawings, or just lay low again. My mom won a lot last Friday at Life Circles, then over the weekend her winning streak continued she won my sister and I all but one time on Push Rummy and Mexican Dominoes. Our two favorite games to play when we're together.

My sister came to town on Friday and will return Wed. She was going to go back yesterday but because of a family emergency (I won't go into here) she's staying until tomorrow. She came because some lifelong friends were speaking at our church on Sunday. They are missionaries to Mexico and on furlough for 6 weeks. Anyway when we got to church Sunday it was a surprise! We not only saw Jann and Paul but we saw Paul's brothers and sister, plus 2 other couples and another friend all who had been friends of ours most of our lives. We had a reunion, I was so excited I was so hyper. It was great to see them all again. Most of them went out to eat afterwards but my sister and I chose not to go, as we felt it was more for the family but we didn't realize the others were going too, oh well. At least we had a good time seeing them and some pictures were taken of some of our old youth group at church.

Last night I got a call from my mom at about 9:30 pm asking me to see if a certain little 4 legged llapso was at my door. My brother's dog just loves me and she thought maybe she snuck out when my sister took me home. Kay drove around twice looking for Autumn. About 10 I called back and said, "Kay why don't you come get me, I'm sure she's in the apartment somewhere, if she is, she will come when she hears my voice." So Kay came got me, and sure enough I went into the bedroom talked to my mom and called Autumn and she came out from under the bed! We all laughed so hard, so of course my sister and I took her for a walk together since it was dark I wouldn't do it alone. So my sister took me home and called back later and said "After worrying about Autumn and searching for her, and even walking for her, what does she do leave a mess for Kay while she was taking me home. Kay goes, "That's the thanks I get." Autumn is an older dog and to be honest we are questioning how much longer she'll be with us as she is constantly wetting on the carpet and leaving messes. Of course if my brother and nephew would take her out more when she wants she wouldn't do that. You can believe my brother is going to hear about last night and he'll laugh too. She wouldn't respond to Kay or mom but boy did she respond to me. Kay says, "We should have thought about this 3 hours ago instead of all that worrying we did and the driving around I did. Next time Autumn disappears, they'll come get me.

Later today we're going to my niece's house. She recently moved to a house they had built for them. We'll get to see Addie and Nolan too.. Can't wait.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching. Thank you for reading my blog and for the comments you leave. I appreciate them.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Turtle Trot

Hello! My computer crashed last month so I couldn't show my Turtle Trot. And to be honest I only worked on one Turtle Trot piece since July 10,and I can't show the before because it's on the computer that crashed. Here is progress on Friends are Flowers in the garden of Life

I finished Sterns and Great Blue Heron pieces for Love Quilts but they weren't added to my Turtle Trot anyway. Mickey Mouse giving Minnie Flowers is added and here is progress from the other day. This piece is really moving fast and I am enjoying it.

Sorry I don't have more to show but I really needed to get these Love Quilts pieces done. Mickey and Minnie isn't due until Oct. so I will definitely get some more progress on other pieces in Aug. I'm sure...I hope.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Sneak Peak at WIP

Can you guess what it will be? I think it's obvious. Anyway this is after 6 hours of stitching.
I just wanted to give you a sneak piece and see if anyone can guess. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Great Blue Heron is finished

I finished this piece this afternoon. I really enjoyed doing him. Now I only have two more quilt squares to do I'm committed to. Then I can work more on some of the projects I have started and laid down. I also am anxious to start the piece I won. Oh and I won another drawing at 123 stitch for a Patriotic piece. I'm anxious to get that pattern too and start it this summer. I rarely enter drawings or contests, but the two that I entered I won. Maybe I should enter more. But I don't enter if I don't think I'll do the piece.

Anyway I have my next piece all kitted up and ready to start tomorrow afternoon. Not saying what it is except it's cute, I'm anxious to do it and is for a very young boy. Oh and from an old, old book.

Not much is happening right now so until next time....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A reminder of days gone by

The last two places I worked at in Grand Rapids had ponds. The one Assistant Care Center had ducks the Nursing Home had Ducks and Swans. There was on Great Blue Heron who visited both places. I use to love seeing him fly in his wing span was so awesome and I thought he was beautiful. I found this pattern and it made me think of him so I decided to have it be my contribution to another Sea Life piece. I love doing sea life pieces, but I'm almost running out of patterns for them. Time to buy some more?

Well....maybe next year or the following year. I have to pay my credit card down after having to charge the computer, printer and everything else that went with it. There went the gain I had been making on the credit card, set me back over a year!

Can't believe this is already July 1. Boy this year is going by fast. I guess it's true the older you get, the faster time goes.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!