Friday, August 31, 2012

More Progress

Hi everyone. I want to thank all of you for reading my blog. I love getting the comments and appreciate them. I do try to make comments on blogs there are so many great ones out there. Mine isn't half as interesting and good as there's. There are some good writers out there!

I had so hoped to have this piece done by today but it didn't happen. It'll be sometime next week before it's finished. As long as it's done before next Friday is all I care. Then I can give it to my sister and she'll have it framed for her two grandsons. Only thing is I probably won't be showing the finished piece for a couple of weeks as I can't find my camera charger and don't know how to piece it together. The person who usually pieces these larger pieces together will do it in a couple of weeks. I know part of it is cut off but you've seen that side of it. It's just a little too large for my scanner.

A week from tomorrow my youngest niece gets married! Why do they grow so fast! So we'll be having family come in from out of state and out of town. My one nephew and his wife and little girl are coming in from MO. We can't wait. Chelsea is now 3 almost 4 and we last saw her at 2 months. We are expecting, Chelsea, Addie and Katelyn to get along great as all 3 are little Princesses. All are girlie and all like just about the same things. Addie is 4, Chelsea 3, and Katelyn 2. Plus Johnny 5, and Nolan 1 will be there, maybe Ashton age 9, but the rest are all too far out of state to make it in. I doubt the ones from Chicago will come in, we'll see.

Last Saturday's Kia Kick Off Carnival was great. We had a pretty good turnout and everyone seemed to have fun. It was a long, fun day. We got there at 9 am to set up and everything. It was to close at 3 but about 2 the crowd was down to just basically the workers kids and a few from church and we were all getting tirred and crabby so by 2:30 we had closed up. Next Sunday night Kia Club begins. I'm working with the 2nd and 3rd graders this year.

I can't believe August is at it's end. Where did the summer go? I like fall though, it's not quite as hot.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Weekend!

Well.....until next time....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lots of Progress

I think the end of this piece is in site. My goal is to finish it up next Friday that way I'll have a finish in August. I think I can do it as it should go fairly fast from here on out. Knock on wood! I have enjoyed this piece but am ready to see it finished.

I deserve 10 lashes with a wet noodle. Can you believe I forgot to announce the birth of Emma Jane. She is Great Grandchild no. 17 for my parents. They named her in part after my mom, (Jane). She is so honored. We always told Amanda and Michelle if they had a 3rd child to head to the hospital before they go into labor or they won't break it. Both had 2 boys and they barely made it to the hospital and all 4 were born a month early. Emma followed suit born a month early and she was not born at the hospital. They got part of way there and Amanda told Luke to pull over and call for help this baby is coming. So Luke pulled over and called for help went to the back seat to help Amanda and Amanda already delivered. She says to Luke, "Here is our baby girl." Fortunately all is well and Emma is now at home with her parents and 2 older brothers, 2 1/2 year old Scott and 18 month old Connor. Think Amanda has her hands full?

This Saturday we are having our Kia Club Carnival to mark the start of Kia Club in Sept. Last Sat. the Pork Out was a success, it was a beautiful day for it and everyone had a good time. We look forward to the same this Sat. only it's suppose to be hot out there.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Progress on Splish Splash

Hello! How was your week this week? Mine was busy. I didn't get quite as much time to work on this past week. I've been gone almost all day this week and 3 evenings I was away. My poor cat hardly saw me at all and today he let me know it. He wanted my attention when he was awake and didn't let me stitch a lot. He kept trying to play with the threads and material.

My sister came to town Tuesday and stayed until Thurs. Tuesday was my birthday but it got lost in the day. In the morning my mom had her surgery. Then that afternoon my sister came in to town for our niece's bridal shower that night. Since she got in early afternoon she took me shoping for new shoes and a purse for the wedding. My sister insists I have to have brown purse if I'm going to have brown shoes. I can't take a black purse with brown shoes. I've asked around and verdict is I'm not buying black shoes to go with the black purse. Hey the shoes will match the outfit I wear to the wedding what more can they ask for. I am not a fashion queen and have no desires to be one.

Christina's shower was fun, my sister's 4 year old grand daughter came hoping to be able to play with another nieces 2 1/2 year old daughter, and 5 year old son, but they were camping with their other grandma so weren't at the shower. Once Addie got over her disappointment she was fine. She got to give Christina the shower gifts and pass out the prizes to the game winners. She seemed to have fun.

Wed. my sister and I stayed at our mom's and played Mexican Dominoes and Push Rummey with her. Then I went to a Premiere Jewlery Party my nieces was demonstrating and one of my friends house. Of course I ordered a necklace and bracelet.

Then last night a group of us from church went out for bagels. Well I just got a Pepsi. I mostly went because one of my friends from church doesn't get to do much and so I asked her if she wanted to go to this, and she did. She said she had a nice time. (She works 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, is mandated to for now but is on medical leave. Sometime in next two weeks she is hoping to get her gall bladder taken out.

Tomorrow we have our 2nd annual Pig Out at church. It's a community wide event where they have a contest who can make the best pork, they'll have 3 judges that are known in the community. Plus each class and ministry will have a booth set ut. Love Inc. will be there as well as Habitat for Humanity. I don't know if Pastor Nate got anyone to set up a Food Pantry Booth or not last year I did it but I took the summer off from the food pantry this year. I'll go back in Sept.

Also in Sept. BSF starts back up. I haven't heard from my new leader yet, hopefully next week. Also a friend got me into the Beth Moore Bible Studies. So I ordered 5 of her books. Two came last week and 3 came today. Some of us are going to do a Bible Study using her material.

Friday, August 10, 2012

And more Progress on Splish Splash

There is a method for my madness here. I don't know why designers do this but they fold the pattern in half and a row of the pattern is on the crease which fades over time which was happening so I decided to do the parts on the crease to make sure it was accurate. Also page 2 was stappled in the book and had to be very carefully taken out in order to read the creases. Why do designers do that. Fortunately the picture of the finished piece is very clear so I am using that as a guide too. Other than that this piece is going very well, is a lot of fun and obviously very hard to lay down. It is so cute I love stitching on it. Although I wonder if anyone else finds this as cute as I do.

Next week is going to be a fairly busy week as I have something going every day but Friday. My mom is having a stint put into the artery of her kidney on Tuesday. Hopefully this will solve the elevated blood pressusre problem, and her heart problem. Also Tuesday is my nieces bridal shower which mom is disappointed she won't be able to go to that. Tuesday is also my birthday. So mom isn't happy. But like I said to her she has to do it, each day it's not done she's at risk for a stroke or heart attack so do it. Christina will understand and I understand so don't even worry about it. Besides it's not like we are young children. We're mature adults.

Today a friend and I went to see a lady from our church and had a nice visit with her. We planned to see a second lady but she was not there when we got there. We also went out for lunch. So we may try again next week.

My sister will be in town Tuesday afternoon-Thursday so that will be nice.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 06, 2012

More Progress

Hello again! I have made more progress on Splish Splash. I really am enjoying this piece so much. I really think Nick will like it and Chase will when he gets a little older.

Chase has had a rough week. Michelle (my niece, his mother), was planning on bringing him up to Michigan this week and Scott and Nick were going to go camping. Chase got really sick and spent a few days in the hospital. They think his adenoids need to come out. They were taking him to a specialist today. Because he is only 13 months old Doctors hate to take out his tonsils and adenoids. He's home now on oxygen when he takes his naps and at night. He hates it so Michelle and Scott wait until he is sleeping good to put it on then they switch off as far as watching him during the night to make sure he doesn't wake up or strangle himself on the oxygen cord. Poor baby. Doctor told Michelle she couldn't travel with Chase so their trip to Michigan to see us got called off. She's going to try later in the fall.

Well the first week of the Olympics is over. The best of the two weeks, the track and field doesn't interest me completely. Some of it does but not all of it.

August seems to be a pretty busy month. Every Saturnday we have something going on, plus next week my sister will be here 2 1/2 days we have a bridal shower to go to next Tuesday, and Wed. hopefully we'll do some shopping. Sounds vain but I want to get some new shoes to go with the outfit I bought for Christina's wedding. Maybe even a purse. We'll see I hate spending money onb shoes and purses. My idea of shopping for shoes and purses is selecting the shoes and purse that my sister or mom have that they don't wear or use anymore. I'm not big on shopping anyway unless I have something specific in mind.

Wel.....until next time happy stitching!