Monday, August 06, 2012

More Progress

Hello again! I have made more progress on Splish Splash. I really am enjoying this piece so much. I really think Nick will like it and Chase will when he gets a little older.

Chase has had a rough week. Michelle (my niece, his mother), was planning on bringing him up to Michigan this week and Scott and Nick were going to go camping. Chase got really sick and spent a few days in the hospital. They think his adenoids need to come out. They were taking him to a specialist today. Because he is only 13 months old Doctors hate to take out his tonsils and adenoids. He's home now on oxygen when he takes his naps and at night. He hates it so Michelle and Scott wait until he is sleeping good to put it on then they switch off as far as watching him during the night to make sure he doesn't wake up or strangle himself on the oxygen cord. Poor baby. Doctor told Michelle she couldn't travel with Chase so their trip to Michigan to see us got called off. She's going to try later in the fall.

Well the first week of the Olympics is over. The best of the two weeks, the track and field doesn't interest me completely. Some of it does but not all of it.

August seems to be a pretty busy month. Every Saturnday we have something going on, plus next week my sister will be here 2 1/2 days we have a bridal shower to go to next Tuesday, and Wed. hopefully we'll do some shopping. Sounds vain but I want to get some new shoes to go with the outfit I bought for Christina's wedding. Maybe even a purse. We'll see I hate spending money onb shoes and purses. My idea of shopping for shoes and purses is selecting the shoes and purse that my sister or mom have that they don't wear or use anymore. I'm not big on shopping anyway unless I have something specific in mind.

Wel.....until next time happy stitching!

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Miss LindaLee said...

I love all the bright colors in "Splish Splash". You're doing a great job on it.
Poor little Chase. I do hope that if it's the adenoids, that they remove them soon. Your niece and her husband must be exhausted to have to watch him during the night like they are. Will keep this in prayer for sure.