Friday, August 10, 2012

And more Progress on Splish Splash

There is a method for my madness here. I don't know why designers do this but they fold the pattern in half and a row of the pattern is on the crease which fades over time which was happening so I decided to do the parts on the crease to make sure it was accurate. Also page 2 was stappled in the book and had to be very carefully taken out in order to read the creases. Why do designers do that. Fortunately the picture of the finished piece is very clear so I am using that as a guide too. Other than that this piece is going very well, is a lot of fun and obviously very hard to lay down. It is so cute I love stitching on it. Although I wonder if anyone else finds this as cute as I do.

Next week is going to be a fairly busy week as I have something going every day but Friday. My mom is having a stint put into the artery of her kidney on Tuesday. Hopefully this will solve the elevated blood pressusre problem, and her heart problem. Also Tuesday is my nieces bridal shower which mom is disappointed she won't be able to go to that. Tuesday is also my birthday. So mom isn't happy. But like I said to her she has to do it, each day it's not done she's at risk for a stroke or heart attack so do it. Christina will understand and I understand so don't even worry about it. Besides it's not like we are young children. We're mature adults.

Today a friend and I went to see a lady from our church and had a nice visit with her. We planned to see a second lady but she was not there when we got there. We also went out for lunch. So we may try again next week.

My sister will be in town Tuesday afternoon-Thursday so that will be nice.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Bernice said...

so cute

Beth Pearce said...

I think that splish splash is very cute I can'wait to see it done.14

Miss LindaLee said...

I love the piece myself Barb, and I bet it is fun to stitch with all those colors. Can't wait to see it completed and framed. Make sure you have it all ready to carry with you next week when your mom has her surgery. You'll have time as you wait to get some stitches stitched for sure.
Will keep your mom in prayer. I'm sure she'll do just fine.