Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Brand New Start

Hello again! I know this looks funny right now. It is a Hummel piece called Girl kissing doll. Now I hope when it's finished the doll actually looks like a doll and not another girl. It will go to Sandy Hook project. There are a couple of other Hummel pieces I'd like to do for it too. I just started this piece this morning and it's going fast. I have a lot more done on it than I thought I would. So hope the rest of the piece goes just as fast. To be honest, I have about 5 other projects (3 for Sandy Hook) I am anxious to do plus finish up the golfer I started. Well, until next time Happy Stitching! Happy Easter tomorrow!

Friday, March 29, 2013

So Much Chocolate/Four Basic Food Groups

I finished this piece this afternoon. It was a fun stitch but I'm glad to have it done. Now I have kitted up a Hummel pattern of a little girl kissing her doll. I hope everyone has a good Easter Weekend. I'm going to my parents house for dinner on Sunday. Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Basic Food Groups

Hello everyone! My last post I was debating on rather to add the phrase "so little time" to this piece as the child only lived to be 6. I posted the question on the face book page for the Sandy Hook Project and they all said not to add it. So instead I decided to add The Four Main Food Groups only will leave off the wording. It goes with So much chocolate. I received a message from my cousin Toni that she received her quilt and really likes it. Before I go any further I better tell you Saturn is on my desk being my little "helper" actually he's playing with a pen that has him entertained for now until he decides to help me. My brother bought me two new winter coats and I received them today and much to my dismay they were too small! So he said to donate them to charity. First I'll take them to my mom tomorrow and see if they fit her, the one I'm sure will but the other I don't think so. Just because a coat says a certain size doesn't mean it is it. I looked at the price tag and wow winter coats are expensive. He said he did not pay what the tag said. Good! Our snow is S-L-O-W-L-Y melting. We are finally hitting the 40's and the sun is out. Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Progress on Chocolate!

Good afternoon! I have made progress on this piece, actually I am a little further than this as I have the word Chocolate all in now. Those letters drove me nuts, I'm happy to have them done. I just have to put in the bear's hand and icecream cone. Then on bottom instead of having so little time I'm going to put in a small cake, pie, and candy on the bottom. Because the little boy died at age 6 so little time seemed cruel to put on the piece. Saturn had his Vet visit yesterday and got his rabies and distemper shots. He did really good. But I think it was more upsetting to him then I thought as he got sick 3 times last night, one on my stitching bag, the other on my coat which will be thrown away since it is about 15 years old and not washable. And he got the couch and carpet. Today he is sleeping a lot but he slept very little yesterday so I expected him to sleep a lot today. My brother called me this morning and this afternoon. Him and his wife went and bought me two coats. I should get them Wed. I hope I'm home when they get here! He said one was black and the other dark green. One is more for church he said. I hope they fitr me! It looks like Spring will come after all. The next few days calls for no snow and low 40's. A little cool but will melt the snow anyway. Besides we don't want it to melt too fast or we'd have floods. Well, I'm going to read some more blogs and drool over everyone else's stitching. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Much Chocolate-So Little Time

I started this piece about 3 days ago. I needed a break from the golf piece. I thought this piece was cute. I'm doing it for the Sandy Hook Project. One of the little boys shot and killed that day loved chocolate and the group was wondering if anyone could do at least one chocolate piece for his quilt so I am doing this for him. It is a fun easy piece by Linda Gillun of American School of Needleworks. Speaking of quilts I had requested a quilt for my cousin, Toni, who has stage 3 ovarian cancer. (Has had it for several years now). I requested it a few months ago, and we all stitched the flowers for her quilt. But the owner got sick and never mailed her quilt. Knowing the owner was doing better and mailing out other packages I point blank asked her about Toni's quilt, and said I wasn't stitching anymore squares until she got the quilt. She e mailed back saying she was still ill and her husband was out of town until Easter. Fine, I understood that. But today I got an email with the tracking number so I figure finally Toni's quilt is in the mail. I can't wait until she gets it. She was told she'd have it before Christmas, then shortly after the New Year. And now it looks like she will get it the end of March. Toni's had a rough year as her cancer returned, then her mother died, and then her step father who raised her as his own died very suddenly Thanksgiving Day. So I was anxious for Toni to get her quilt. Toni, herself, never complained or said anything to me so she is more patient then I am. Monday my niece, Michelle, and her baby, Chase, along with my sister came to town for a couple of hours before Michelle and Chase flew back to CO. We had a nice visit with them. Chase is so cute. He hung unto Michelle pretty much the whole time but he saw a lot of people he didn't know over the weekend. He's 20 months old. They will be back in August with the other half of their family (Scott, and 3 year old Nick). They are camping at a camp ground near here for a week in Aug. My mom is doing okay at home. We are all getting after her to be nice to dad. She tends to be mean to him. And he's 84 and his heart is not very good at all, in fact he was told to avoid stress and take it easy. Yea right with mom, yea right. Part of it is though we don't know if she completely comprehends the seriousness of dad's heart. She still gets confused and mixed up a little. It is the first day of spring but you would never know it by all the snow on the ground. It snowed some today and will tomorrow, then it's suppose to be dry and cool in the upper 30's low 40's for several days. Good enough to melt the snow gradually. We want to fire the ground hog for giving us false hope saying spring will come early. It's not they say mid April may get 60. We'll see when it gets here. Well...until next time....Happy Stitching

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Start on Golf

Hello! I started Golf the other day and it's going fairly well. It's really detailed and keeps me on my toes but it's a fun piece. It's about half done now. And yes it is another piece by Stoney Creek! I seem to like those patterns! I had problems with my scanner so had to scan in a different mold so hopefully it turns out clear. My niece and her youngest son are visiting my sister for about 4 days. They'll be coming in to town Monday for a few hours before flying back to CO. I could have gone to my sister's for 4 days. She was at our parents on Thurs. and asked me if I wanted to go to her house, but 5 days and 4 nights is an awful long time to leave my cat unattended. Had she asked ahead of time I could have made arrangements for my cat. That's okay....I'm not sure I could handle 3 small children for 3 days as another niece is there with her husband and children. I'll see all of them this summer. Kay is camping a few days, but Michelle, Heather, and their husbands and children will be there the whole week so I'll see them a couple of days then. We can't wait to see Michelle and Chase we haven't seen them since Christmas 2011 and Chase was 6 months old then. Tommorrow I'm going to my brother's for my niece's birthday. I can't believe Melissa will be 31 and has 2 children of her own now. The first piece I ever did was a birth sampler for Melissa. She still has it only it's been taken out of the frame and made as a center piece for a quilt her mom made along with other pieces her mom CS for her when she was really young. Next Saturday is the annual Easter Egg Roll at church. Usually we have it outside but there's too much snow on the ground and even if a lot of it melts it would be nothing but mud so it's being held inside the church this year. The next day we have a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for camp scholarships. We like to have as many kids go to camp as can and many can't afford it so we have a special fund to send them to camp. I remember going to camp every year as a child. A lot of great memories of Center Lake Bible Camp and it's an experience any child should have. Well....until next time Happy Stitching

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SMILE Finished

I finished this piece earlier today. It was a fun stitch. I had to improvise just a little bit. This piece will go to Love Quilts featuring Inspirational Words. I started a Golfer by Stoney Creek for a Sports quilt at Love Quilts. I thought it would be a different sport to do. So far it's going much better than the skier did and it's in the same book. I never posted progress on the skier because I figured it would end up in the garbage and it did. Tomorrow my mom is going home. Her and dad are so excited. We just hope things go well. Tomorrow my sister is coming in for overnight. They also have help coming in like they did before. So we are happy about that. Well--until next time.....Happy Stitching.

Friday, March 08, 2013


Hello! I hope everyone had a good week. Well...after several days of stitching on a skier I ended up throwing it away. It just was not coming together at all. So I got out this piece yesterday and started stitching it. It is for a quilt with Inspirational words for Love Quilts. We are seeing much more of the sun the snow is slowly melting. And I mean very S-L-O-W-L-Y but that's okay we had so much snow if it melted too fast we'd have floods. My mom is hoping to go home next week. She has improved so much she's pretty much back to herself and we didn't think that would ever happen. I am definitely getting anxious for spring. I don't know why as I'm already sneezing a lot so hope that isn't a bad omen that allergies will be bad this year. But I love spring. Everything is so fresh and new and the flowers are so pretty! I'm also in the mood to start some spring cleaning in the apartment. I'll start next week. Well.....until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Finish no. 40

Good Evening! I finished this piece earlier this afternoon. It was a fun piece to do. I am now only 10 away from the 50 mark! I think I am on a Stoney Creek kick as several of my last few have been their patterns and at least 2 in the next few I'm doing is also by them. My next piece is a skiing piece being done for Love Quilts. They are asking for boy pieces so I'm doing this one. It looks like there will be a warm up this week and we will have some of our snow melting. That will be nice. There isn't much to say. So until next time....Happy Stitching!