Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So Much Chocolate-So Little Time

I started this piece about 3 days ago. I needed a break from the golf piece. I thought this piece was cute. I'm doing it for the Sandy Hook Project. One of the little boys shot and killed that day loved chocolate and the group was wondering if anyone could do at least one chocolate piece for his quilt so I am doing this for him. It is a fun easy piece by Linda Gillun of American School of Needleworks. Speaking of quilts I had requested a quilt for my cousin, Toni, who has stage 3 ovarian cancer. (Has had it for several years now). I requested it a few months ago, and we all stitched the flowers for her quilt. But the owner got sick and never mailed her quilt. Knowing the owner was doing better and mailing out other packages I point blank asked her about Toni's quilt, and said I wasn't stitching anymore squares until she got the quilt. She e mailed back saying she was still ill and her husband was out of town until Easter. Fine, I understood that. But today I got an email with the tracking number so I figure finally Toni's quilt is in the mail. I can't wait until she gets it. She was told she'd have it before Christmas, then shortly after the New Year. And now it looks like she will get it the end of March. Toni's had a rough year as her cancer returned, then her mother died, and then her step father who raised her as his own died very suddenly Thanksgiving Day. So I was anxious for Toni to get her quilt. Toni, herself, never complained or said anything to me so she is more patient then I am. Monday my niece, Michelle, and her baby, Chase, along with my sister came to town for a couple of hours before Michelle and Chase flew back to CO. We had a nice visit with them. Chase is so cute. He hung unto Michelle pretty much the whole time but he saw a lot of people he didn't know over the weekend. He's 20 months old. They will be back in August with the other half of their family (Scott, and 3 year old Nick). They are camping at a camp ground near here for a week in Aug. My mom is doing okay at home. We are all getting after her to be nice to dad. She tends to be mean to him. And he's 84 and his heart is not very good at all, in fact he was told to avoid stress and take it easy. Yea right with mom, yea right. Part of it is though we don't know if she completely comprehends the seriousness of dad's heart. She still gets confused and mixed up a little. It is the first day of spring but you would never know it by all the snow on the ground. It snowed some today and will tomorrow, then it's suppose to be dry and cool in the upper 30's low 40's for several days. Good enough to melt the snow gradually. We want to fire the ground hog for giving us false hope saying spring will come early. It's not they say mid April may get 60. We'll see when it gets here. Well...until next time....Happy Stitching

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Kaisievic said...

Cute start and such a good cause. I hope that your cousin goes into/stays in remission and gets better. Sorry to hear about your Mum and Dad - I am having similar problems with my parents (Mum has just been diagnosed with Chronic Heart Failure at 91) and my Dad (93) is her primary caregiver, they are very private and secretive and it is really hard for my sisters and I to find out how they are really coping at home. It is very stressful for us all and very worrying, so I know exactly how you feel.

hugs, Kaye