Saturday, March 23, 2013

Progress on Chocolate!

Good afternoon! I have made progress on this piece, actually I am a little further than this as I have the word Chocolate all in now. Those letters drove me nuts, I'm happy to have them done. I just have to put in the bear's hand and icecream cone. Then on bottom instead of having so little time I'm going to put in a small cake, pie, and candy on the bottom. Because the little boy died at age 6 so little time seemed cruel to put on the piece. Saturn had his Vet visit yesterday and got his rabies and distemper shots. He did really good. But I think it was more upsetting to him then I thought as he got sick 3 times last night, one on my stitching bag, the other on my coat which will be thrown away since it is about 15 years old and not washable. And he got the couch and carpet. Today he is sleeping a lot but he slept very little yesterday so I expected him to sleep a lot today. My brother called me this morning and this afternoon. Him and his wife went and bought me two coats. I should get them Wed. I hope I'm home when they get here! He said one was black and the other dark green. One is more for church he said. I hope they fitr me! It looks like Spring will come after all. The next few days calls for no snow and low 40's. A little cool but will melt the snow anyway. Besides we don't want it to melt too fast or we'd have floods. Well, I'm going to read some more blogs and drool over everyone else's stitching. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Lizette Morales said...

I enjoy reading your blog!!!! All your stitching is pretty!!!! Thank you for sharing with me!!! your friend Lizette.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Oh dear I'm sorry to hear about poor Saturn hope he's feeling better soon! It is so generous of you to be donating your time stitching for charity, God bless you - Hugs, Amanda

Claire said...

This is looking sooo good.