Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mickey Mouse finish

Good morning. This piece is hot off the iron. It was a quick finish and will be made into a flat fold later this summer. Oh I have to find the instructions for the flat folds somewhere on the internet! Now I'm going to do smaller Daisy Duck and Donald Duck. Then I'm not sure which of 3 pieces I'll work on.

They say we are not going to have any more sub zero weather here this season. Not saying we won't have snow but we know better than to even wish or think that. They say this was the coldest Feb. on record and 4th coldest winter so far this winter. We may move it. Although we are heading for a heat wave, upper teens, twenties and even a couple of thirties in the forecast. Nice.

Well, I have to think about getting ready for my Uncle's funeral so until next time....Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Harpist is Finished

I'm happy with the way this turn out. It was so much fun to stitch I almost hated to be done with it. Now I'm doing a Mickey Mouse that will probably be made into a flat fold when we get together this summer.

This morning we learned our Uncle Kayle died yesterday. We weren't expecting that. He was the last Uncle on mom's side. So it was sort of ironic I finished this harpist today. I'm sure Mom, Dad, Aunt Gerri, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Jean and Uncle Kayle are hearing all kinds of harps in heaven, maybe even singing to some of them. His funeral is going to be Saturday.

Not much is happening. We are still enduring the deep freeze. Until Feb. I thought this winter was mild compared to last. Now I'm not so sure. They say it's been the coldest Feb. ever and I believe it. No wonder I'm getting so much stitching done! Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Progress on Harpist

Good afternoon! Is everyone staying warm and safe? Burrrrrrr it's cold outside. Around here all the schools are closed because of the temperatures being sub zero. The roads have been slippery all's too cold to put salt out, it won't do any good. Until Feb. I thought this winter was much milder than last, but then came Feb. and it's comparing to last winter! Even the snowfall is starting to catch up!

I got a lot of progress on the Harpist this week. I hope to finish it up Monday or Tuesday....depending on how much I get done on it this weekend.

Because of the weather not much has happened this week...We've all basically stayed in and hibernated it's too cold to want to go out and we've had a lot of snow. So until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. It is cold outside and nasty out there. I've been staying in and stitching! I am wondering if we will even have church tomorrow if this keeps up. The wind is really blowing the snow around! It's beautiful to look out at but dangerous to be out in.

I am doing this piece for a music quilt at Quilts for Older children and adults. It's going fast for it being a Stoney Creek piece. I've had to do a lot of frogging especially her face and hair but I finally got it right. I don't think the material was going to put up with much more frogging to be honest. Her face and hair looks like it gave me problems and it really did. I've ordered the thread for the harp strings so they'll be put in next week. Only I couldn't find Balger thread, but did find Krenik so hopefully that will work fine. I believe the quilt will be going to Love Quilts-Brzil.

Thank you for all your comments to my last post. I love getting comments and reading them. I really appreciated them.

Well I hope everyone has a good Valentines Day and those getting this storm stay safe. Until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb. Turtle Trot

Good Morning everyone! This is the 10th so it's Turtle Trot time. This month I can show progress on three pieces. First is the progress on America by Mystic Stitch. This one I plan to do some each month. I'm happy with it so far. I know this will be in TT for the next couple of years it's a huge piece.

I got out Swallow Tail by Stoney Creek. This piece is challenging but worth it.

And last of the 3 is Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life A kit by Jann Lynn. This one a friend actually started it but her eyes got so bad she couldn't stitch anymore so she gave me this and several other pieces.

This morning I kitted up a music piece and will start that after I run some errands this morning.

Thank you for reading my blog and your comments. I love reading them and I love reading your blogs. Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Small Cute Reindeer

Good afternoon! I finished this piece a couple of days ago but have been busy so am just now posting it. This will be another one for the ornament collection. I thought this reindeer was so cute and he was so easy to stitch. Now I have pulled out a UFO that is more complicated. Swallowtail Butterfly by Stoney Creek. I now know why I laid it down, but it's going pretty good for now. I am determined to get to some of these UFO's this year and either finish them out or make a great deal of progress. I am trying hard not to buy any new patterns this year. So far so good, but it's only Feb.

We got my brother all moved into his apartment yesterday. We even got a lot unpacked. He's going to have to donate a couple of pieces of furniture as he doesn't have room for them. After we got him moved, him and I went up to Pet Smart to get his cat a cat tree as he is on garden level so the cat could jump on it to see out the window. I have one for Saturn and when she stayed here a couple of days back in Dec. she was on his all the time and wouldn't let him on it. We got a good deal. The tag under it said it was on sale for $39.00. So Tim jumped at that, but I kept saying it also says original price $79.00 this one has $129.00 on it. Well come to find out someone put it in the wrong spot. However they did sell it to Tim for $59.00. What a good deal, because of the inconvenience. We were happy. His cat loves it. It's different from mine. As mine has three levels all the same, hers she can hide on the second level which is what attracted us to it as she loves to hide. (It has a covering over it. Anyway we just hope and pray Tim and the cat are safe, as the Apartment Complex doesn't have the best reputation in town. But a young lady from church and her daughter lived there a year and never had a problem. Tim doesn't go out at night or anything so he should be okay.

It was bittersweet as our sister and her husband came in to help Tim move and we know Kay won't be coming to town so often anymore. I figure maybe once every three months. Then Ken (her husband) totaled his car on Thursday. (Everyone is fine, just the car is totaled) so they are down to 1 car. So that limits them too.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another ornament finish

I really think by the time Christmas gets here this year, I will be tired of stitching Christmas projects. I'm trying to average 2 a month through this summer or early fall so we have plenty to work with when we have our craft day. My nieces and nieces in laws asked me to do ornaments for the children so I am working on them. So far I have 6 done, and there's possibly a total of 20 children involved. We'll see think I'm tempted to say wait a year! We'll see what happens. Anyway, this was a cute, quick piece to do. I have 2 others selected for this month a reindeer and a sleigh which are smaller yet. I half expect to have both of them done tomorrow, depending on how much time I have.

Friday my brother moves. It's kinda sad. As so many memories of mom and dad are at that apartment complex. But Tim doesn't need a 3 bedroom apartment since mom is gone and his son moved out. And he can't afford a 1 bedroom place there anyway. I can't believe how expensive those apartments are yet they get so little for their money. They washer and dryer and maitenance service is about it. Maitenance also does the yard work and snow plowing.

We have gotten quite a bit of snow the past few weeks and another storm is suppose to come in Sunday. I've heard it both ways so we'll see what Sunday brings. The snow is pretty but I'm looking forward to spring. Once I get the reindeer and sleigh stitched I'm going to try to finish a pansy piece that is cheery, bright and colorful.

Thank you for reading my blog and for leaving comments. I appreciate them.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching