Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cute, quick finish

I bought this pattern a couple of years ago. I thought it was cute and funny. I did this on the side of The Caretaker. It really went quick. Besides it was a quick piece to get me toward the 50 mark. This is #9, still have a long ways to go. Now to find another easy piece to do on side of The Caretaker. Sometimes the Caretaker is so intense, you feel like stitching but not something that difficult, especailly late afternoon, early evening, these small easy pieces are great to do then!Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back to The Caretaker

I picked this piece back up Sunday and started stitching on it again. Today didn't go to well with it but tomorrow will be a better day. This is progress after 220 hours of stitching on it.

I have a small piece out to do along side of this. It's sort of a funny but cute piece. It won't take long to stitch up.

Our weather has been so cold and snowy. Last night alone we received 10 inches plus whatever fell today. It's suppose to snow off and on through tomorrow. My sister was going to come to town today but because of the weather isn't. None of the schools were open today either. I knocked the icicles off my deck this morning and less then 2 hours later they were back again. What was the use. My mom says their dog doesn't mind the snow but hates the cold, and this snow she sinks down into it instead of staying on top so she doesn't like that too well. It's low teens now but this weekend we are suppose to get to 30's. The snow is pretty to look at especially fresh but I'm ready for Spring. But we have about 3 more months of snow to deal with yet.

Thank you for reading my blog and for the comments you have left on it. I really appreciate them.

Well....until next time...Happy Stitching!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

They are Finished!

Thank you for all the comments to my blog lately. I really appreciate them.

I loved doing this piece. They really went fairly quick for as detailed they are. I will be doing more animals from this book believe me! The only reason this piece took as long as I did is because I did railroad all the way through it. It takes longer but makes the stitches lay flatter and look neater. I love the look and worth the extra time it takes. This is no 7 toward the 50 challenge. I'm not flying through it but that's okay. I have over 860 books and kits, not counting the magazines and have only stitched from a little over 220 of them. I need to stitch more from what I have! Now they are done I will be going back to The Caretaker.

It is not nice out there. Yesterday we had temps sub zero and snow and this is to continue through tomorrow. I'm ready for spring! Oh well....this is the first real winter we've had in a couple of years.

It's too bad as today we are having a potluck at church and our Annual Business Meeting and the turnout will be poor because of the weather.

Well I want to get a little stitching done and I have to make my dish to pass so guess I better go. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Golden Lion Tamrin

This is moving right along. I really hope to finish this over the weekend or Monday. I'll have quite a bit of time today and tomorrow to stitch it and don't really have that much to do. This is progress after 72 hours of stitching. I think I'm going to be using my digital camera for the finished piece my scanner isn't quite wide enough to get all of it in.

Is everyone keeping warm? It's cold out then and going to get colder. I'm ready for winter to end. This year we are really getting winter. Although I wouldn't call it a hard winter. We've just had consistant snow only a couple days of it being really nasty.

Today is my sister's birthday. So Happy Birthday Kay. I don't think she even knows about this blog so probably won't see it. She's not much for computers except to get in touch with her 3 children.

Sunday we are having our Annual Business Meeting and potluck at church. I'm with Pastor have the meeting first then eat. It'll be a quick meeting then as everyone will want to eat. But we'll eat first. We're having our election of officers. I'm going off Equip Board and on to the Evangelism Board. If you're nominated you're voted in.

Until next time Happy Stitching

Friday, January 11, 2008

Golden Lion Tamarin Updated

I've gotten quite a bit of progress done on this the past few days. It really is a fun stitch.

I have a question I want to add Feedjit to my Template to see where visitors come from but can't figure out where to add it. Could someone instruct me on it?

It's been a wierd weather week here. Earlier this week we had severe storms and tornado warnings out. Now we have snow! Of course snow is more typical in January.

I have a busy weekend ahead so probably won't get much stitching in now until Monday. Tomorrow I have to go to a workshop at church. They want the Elders, those and those going to the board and Evangelism Board Members and those going to the Board to go to it. I am going to be going on the Evangelism Board in Feb. so have to go to the meeting. Then Sunday after church we are going to my brother's house to celebrate my dad's birthday. His birthday was yesterday.

Well until next time Happy Stitching.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Golden Lion Tamarin (Monkey

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a good and safe New Year weekend.

They say these are monkey's and I guess they look like them except for the fur around their face. I really love stitching this piece. It's coming along fairly fast and easy. I'm railroading on it so it slows me down some but I want to make railroading a habit as the stitching is so much neater that way. This piece will be going to our Youth Pastor's baby boy. His wife asked me to do either a zebra, monkey, or elephant and I chose to do these monkey's. I love the animals in this book and will be doing 3 more sometime between now and May.

Last week was fairly quiet, this week will be somewhat busier. I half expect my sister to come into town Tues. & Wed. but not sure.

Last night we had our Contemporary Worship service but the attendance really was down. I think it's because of the Holidays, everyone just wanted a relaxing night home. I only had 3 kids in the children's program so that was nice expecially since I was alone the two that usually work with me were not there either. But the kids are pretty good and we behaved.

Well for some reason I'm tired I'm going to lay down a little. My cat likes to wake me up early and this morning he was successful in getting me up at 6 am. So if I lay down a half hour I'll make it through rest of day. Until next time Happy Stitching!