Friday, January 11, 2008

Golden Lion Tamarin Updated

I've gotten quite a bit of progress done on this the past few days. It really is a fun stitch.

I have a question I want to add Feedjit to my Template to see where visitors come from but can't figure out where to add it. Could someone instruct me on it?

It's been a wierd weather week here. Earlier this week we had severe storms and tornado warnings out. Now we have snow! Of course snow is more typical in January.

I have a busy weekend ahead so probably won't get much stitching in now until Monday. Tomorrow I have to go to a workshop at church. They want the Elders, those and those going to the board and Evangelism Board Members and those going to the Board to go to it. I am going to be going on the Evangelism Board in Feb. so have to go to the meeting. Then Sunday after church we are going to my brother's house to celebrate my dad's birthday. His birthday was yesterday.

Well until next time Happy Stitching.


Pumpkin said...

They are so cute :o)

Sorry I can't help you with that Barb. I have no idea :o(

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Johanna said...

Oh, those little fellas are so cute!! Keep up the great work :)

Oh dear, what weather!! Cold here, but nothing more severe than rain, can't complain!

stitcherw said...

They are looking great, you're making wonderful progress. The baby animals you do are so cute. Also, Happy Belated Birthday to your dad.

Marita said...

Great progress. Such cheeky monkeys.

I first added my blog counter straight after my blog roll in the template. Seemed to work just fine.