Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have I made Progress or Have I Made Progress

Oh Yes!  I've made progress!   Hopefully the niece post will have the finished picture.  It is moving really fast now and I am still loving doing it!

 I have signed up for a couple of quilts we are doing at CSA but am waiting for the information to come out.   One is a camping quilt I'll do the bear for that and the other is a butterfly quilts.   By looking at the pictures I don't like the butterflies they selected but they say they are real easy so we'll see.

Is everyone staying cool?  I'm staying inside with the air conditioning.  Yesterday was a cool 80 plus degrees.   Who ever thought in Michigan we would call 80's cool usually that's hot, but compared to what it's been it's cool.  We can't complain we don't have it as bad as parts of the country.   I do wish I could just get down to Lake Michigan or any lake around here and cool off but since I don't drive.  Besides probably better off staying inside with the air conditioner turned on.  Fortunately we have not lost our power here. 
We did a couple of weeks ago for about 30 hours due to a tree landing on the power lines.  Would have driven me crazy except I went to my parents house for that time.  With astma I need air conditioning.  I used my dad's computer a little too.

   Thank you for reading my blog.   I know I'm boring compared to a lot of you, I just have a quiet life, but I do appreciate those who read, and follow my blog and also the comments I have received.  Well I'm going to read a few blogs.  Until next time Happy Stitching.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress on Dolphin Splash

Maybe I'm not as far as I had hoped to be but it is finally about half done. I really do enjoy this piece. I just loose my spot a lot. So that can be a real pain. But you can see the big splash this fun loving guy is making. And he is having fun.

Like most of the country we are in a heat wave. It isn't so bad when I stay inside with the airconditioning. But step outside and oh.hhhhhhhh boy it hits you. And the rest of the week is going to be just as bad. At least we just have it in the low 90's at the highest, but I do want to dip into a lake and just enjoy it. But oh well.

The teens from our church are in Missouri this week on a missions trip at Child Evangelism Training Camp. It's hot out there. I can remember several years ago the Training camp while just a few miles east of us at Wolf Lake. The then Director and several of the campers were come to our church.

We are having Bible School at our church I think next week. Oh man next week is going to be busy then. I have other things going on then too. This morning a friend of mine went over to the church to help Pastor Dale string and hang the paper fish. It was hot in there but we got them all hung.

Now if anyone dares to take them down we are telling them they can put them back up. We can see the teens especially trying to pull them down. The children won't be able to reach them. They are hung a little too high for them.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another quick finish

I decided once a week I would take a break from Dolphin Splash to do an easy quick piece (1-3 days piece).  This one caught my eye and I liked it.  Reminding me God was only a Prayer Away.  We adults forget how easy it is to approach God how He wants in on every detail of our lives.    One of our Pastors said he loves it when young children pray as it's so simple yet genuine and they have the right idea, they tell God everything.  Our little Addie was at a family dinner with her dad's family and Heather (Addie's mom and my niece) said Addie had to pray, and she named every member of the family in her prayer (unfortunately about 20-25 members.  They kept trying to say "Thank You Addie, but Addie kept on praying for each person telling God a little something about them."    She was only 2 at the time, now she's 3.  But we adults like to complicate things handle things ourselves and forget God unless we are really in a mess.  God likes the child like faith, the child like prayer in telling Him everything.

Tomorrow I am have an eng to see if the can get to the bottom of my vertigo and the lightheaded problems I've been having.  It wasn't suppose to be until late Aug. but they called yesterday and said they had a cancellation so I could come in tomorrow.  Fine I'll get it over with.  It's been cancelled twice on their end so we're finally doing it.

Anyone ever do this?  Dump expired milk down the drain only to discover their garbage disposal isn't working and everything backs up?  Ugh!!!!  And I hate milk  So I call the office of course, it's Wed.l no one is there!  So I leave a message, then track down a maintenance guy and told him.   He told me what to do which is what I had already done, left a message on the voice mail and they'd get it in the maitenance office.  I had hoped they would come today but it's almost 5 and they are not here yet!

I keep finding more and more blogs to read and like.  I so enjoy reading the blogs,  I'll go to reading some more in a few minutes.

I'll go back to stitching Dolphin Splash for a few days tomorrow.  Until then Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another week of Progress

I so enjoy this piece.   I think with it being so warm out it cools me down to do it too.   But this guy is just having too much fun!   I made a mistake somewhere.  I'm hoping a minor one to take out but if not well improvise is the name of the game!   And hope in end no one notices. He's not quite half done yet either.
He will go to Cross Stitching for Charity and isn't due until Feb.  So I have plenty of time.

It's been a hot week around here.  I'm thankful for airconditioning!  I've also been working in the Food Pantry a lot.   There's a lot of work to the food pantry I never knew existed.   I think we do have someone that will direct it for a while anyway until we get someone trained for it.   There is one lady who would love to do it she tries to do it now but I think everyone would quit if she was in charge she'd bulldoze over all of us.  But things are going better between her and I and I'd like to keep it that way.   Just wish I had a stronger personality is all.

Well, I will close for now.  Not a lot has happened around here I have a boring life.   Until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Very Quick Finish

I took a brief break from Dolphin Splash to do this quick piece.   It only took a total of 8 hours.   This will go to my niece Tabi, who loves anything to do with Live, Laugh, Love.    I ask her mother to finish it into a wall hanging and then give it to her at Christmas time.   In mean time I'll try to find a race car pattern for her Tabi's son, Ashton who though only 8 can tear a car apart and put it back together and tell you what he is doing and why.

Tomorrow I'll go back to Dolphin's Splash and post progress on it in a day or two.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Some progress and a big announcement

  Happy 4th of July weekend!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and says safe!  W@e dib;t have any special plans so it'll just be quiet.

I havn't had a whole lot of time this week but I did make some progress on Dolphin Splash.   You can at least see the dolphin better and see he's having fun.   I love doing this piece. 

 Last week I was waiting for the birth of my niece or nephew.   Two hours after I posted Nolan Donald was born.   His big sister, Addie, loves him!   Then Wed. June 29  the second baby was born,  Chase Michael.   Remember I said that Michelle and Heather were in a race to see who would have their baby first.   Heather was 5 days over on both chilodren, Michelle delivered 3 weeks early on both children.   Michelle has a little 21 month old son, Nicholas.   She says Nick loves to hug the baby.  

Today has not been a good day and I'm glad it's evening.   Not much went right today.   Started with a phone call from someone working in the food pantry.   Then I thought I fried my phone as lightning struck while I was talking to someone looking for a ride to make an emergency run to the store for the food pantry, never did find a ride.   Then the Director of the food pantry e mailed me and said he had to resign as he didn't have time to do it.  He's working 60 hours a week.   Finally I called the phone company from someone's apartment and they were able to restart my modem.   Also I think I finally have hot water, I did dishes and it stayed hot.   I haven't had much hot water all week, finally got to tell the office and ask them they said they'd turn the water tank up, they did turn everyone's down, but the little they turned it up helps.   Now to see if I can take a hot shower!

Well----until next time Happy Stitching!