Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finish #15

This was a quick stitch. I did it for a Charlotte's Kids quilt at Love Quilts. The theme was Inspirational Words. It's one I had my eyes on for a long time and was just waiting for the opportunity to do it. Like I said a few posts ago I am redoing the 10-25-50 challenge and chose to do 50. Why when I never made it to 25 in several attempts? Mostly because I'm more motivated. I have over 1,000 books and have done pieces from less then 300 of them, I need to stitch from what I have. Plus I really need to get my Credit Card balance down. That's a big motivator and so far this year I have been really good. I think I bought 7 books all to do pieces for Love Quilts, and that was early this year.

The weekend was fantastic! We had a great time together. Friday we decorated the church for the Open House, then later we went to my nieces house outside of Grand Rapids. The 4 little ones were as cute as ever. The older 3 had a great time playing on Addie's slide and Addie and Johnny enjoyed the pool too.

Saturday was our parents 60th Anniversary Open House. We had a very good turnout. We were surprised by how many relatives came in from out of town, not just our immediate family. Nick, Addie and Johnny, had a great time at the church trying to climb all the steps run up and down the wheel chair ramp etc. Sadly all together too soon the weekend was over and everyone had to return to their homes. It was so good to see Kenn, Denise, Caleb again, and so good to see Michelle and baby Nick. Nick will be a year old in a couple of weeks and just starting to walk really good. Nick, Johnny, and Addie all seem to have a good time together.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Farm Baby Pig is finished

I finished him earlier this morning.
This little pig is a happy pig because he will be able to live out his life on a special quilt made by Cross Stitching for Charity stitchers, featuring him and his other friends. Some lucky child will enjoy them on his/her quilt. This pig was so much fun to stitch.
Well, today is the last fairly quiet day for the next few, but they are going to be fun. We've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time now. In fact it's all dad has talked about the last two years, their 60'th anniversary.
Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Progress on pig

I have stitched some on the pig. He's an excited and happy guy. I'll tell you my version of why on the next post when this is done, (Wed. or Thurs. I think). I think that is realistic to expect to have it done.

Yesterday was our church picnic. It was a beautiful day for it. We had it at the same park we always do. The food was good as always.

This vertigo is no fun. I think I'm licking it and then I have a bad day. I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever end and if I'm going to be walking on air all the time. I'm okay if I sit still or am laying down, but try standing up and man I feel so weak and faint, I feel like I'm going to pass out. At least I'm not dizzy like I was but still.....anyone have any suggestions? People are teasing me by asking me what I've been drinking...nothing stronger than pepsi I promise. I recalled the dr. today asking for exercises they said they'd call back so far they haven't, so I'm assuming they did put some exercises in the mail for me to do. They usually call back.

This weekend is our big weekend. Our parents 60th anniversary is Sept. 2 but we are having an Open House for them at our church this Sat. Quite a few family members are coming in from out of state for it. It'll be a fun but busy time. Friday, my sister is coming to town, and her and our sister in law and I will decorate the church in the morning and get the tables ready. Then in the afternoon my sister and I will head to her daughter's in Rockford and get ready for the rest of the family to join us. At least those that can, a couple of the kids have to work. Then Sat. will be the open house. So much excitement so much planning, so much hoopla and Sunday everyone will be returning to their homes and some we won't see again for another year or so. It's great they are coming in for their grandparents.

Just out of curiosity is anyone else doing the 50 challenge? This time I am really being serious about it after several failied attempts over the past 2 or 3 years. That's another thing coming up my 3rd year anniversary of blogging or is it 4th? I don't know. Thank you. everyone for reading my blog and making comments. And special thank you to those that follow my blog, I appreciate everyone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Start

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and to those who have left comments. I have really appreciated them and they encourage me. I love reading everhyone's blogs and I know mine doesn't compare to a lot of them out there. There are some talented stitchers out there and talented writers Some people have the gift of gab.

I thought I would do the second barn baby I signed up for at Cross Stitching for Charity. It's a pig. I thought he was cute so signed up to do him

Unity Music Festival was great last Saturnday. It endended with Wayne West and then Jeremy Camp. There were a lot of people from our church that went but I sat with my brother and his family. It was so much fun. The first 2 or 3 hours were hot but had a nice breeze from the Lake so wasn't bad. Then later it cooled down considerably. I tried to convince my 3 year old great nephew, Johnny and his cousin, Maddy age 7 that it was my birthday party to myself I just invited a few friends but neither one of them bought that. It was my birthday but not my party.
Johnny was so cute and he really had fun, especially in the end.

Today I went to dentist and had a root canal done. It didn't go too badly. I'm just not a fan of going to the dentist. The thing is this tooth never gave me a tooth ache or anything. I only went to dentist to get my teeth cleaned and found out this tooth was really bad. I did know it needed filling as I could see that and had planned on having it filled. Oh well, just is going to cost me more than planned. I have another tooth that isn't bad yet but I think I'll have it filled before it goes bad.

I think I am finally getting out of this vertigo episode. Hope I don't have too many of them. Today is best day so far. I even managed to finally do my dishes first time in 3 days! And I swept my kitchen floor this morning. Hopefully tomorrow I can mop the floor and vaccuum the floors. For some reason if I don't do the housework it doesn't get done. Haven't trained Whiskers to do it. Whiskers is in his favorite spot laying in front of the window! I can't believe he will be 18 in Oct. It sort of makes me sad too as I know I don't have too many more years with him. Yet I'm happy to have him this long and consider myself very fortunate.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treble Clef is finished

I finished this a few minutes ago. It will go to Love Quilts for a future music quilt.

Does anyone have Vertigo? The past two weeks I have had a hard time with it. Especially this week, it's been almost continual since Sunday. The only relief I get is when I sleep, Although this afternoon I'm doing better than what I have. I was miserable this morning got home from the Food Pantry (which no one came today) and slept for a couple of hours so doing a little better now. But man I feel like I'm drunk or walking on air. My gait is so off and I am so off balanced it's not funny. It is no fun....woe is me!

We are in the midst of a heat wave right now. Tonight starts the Unity Festival (Contemparary Gospel Festival) This is 10 th year of it. I have never gone before but this Sat. is my birthday and my brother and sister in law are taking me as my birthday present. Under two conditions, the heat lessons and I can walk straight. I'm looking forward to it.

Well I have my next piece the pig for the CSFC quilt featuring Stoney Creek's Barn babies all kitted up. I did the bunny earlier for it.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Scott and update on Treble Cleff

I haven't had a lot of time to work on Treble Clef this past week, but I am pleased with the progress I made on it. It's so pretty and fun to stitch on. It's detailed but not overwhelming.

This past week my niece, Amanda, her husband, Luke, their baby, Scott and their dog Bella were all up here visiting. Later today they are heading for WI to visit his family. Scott is so cute and such a happy baby. I never heard him really cry much. We had a nice time with them. It was the first time in 4 or 5 years they had been here as they were stationed in England for 3 years years. It may be awhile before they come up again and I don't blame them as next year Scott will be a toddler and the new baby will be about 4 months (yes she's expecting again). It's too hard to travel with young children from AL to MI or WI. So we may have to go down there to see them.

We are finalizing plans for our parents 60th Anniversary Open House at the end of the month. It's actually Sept. 2 but for our family for as many as possible to come we had to do it the weekend before Labor Day. As it is Amanda and Luke came early as they couldn't come then and her two brothers and a couple of other of the grandkids can't make it up then either. Face it we will never have every member of our family together, we never did. It won't even happen for any of our funerals we're just too spread out and too many of us. Lol! Oh well....That's the American Family today!

I am certifiable. Our Pastor just says he unleashed a monster! We are having a Mystery Dinner at church in Oct. and I am a little too excited about it. I've come up with a few ideas for the "Who Done It? skit we are doing. And I'm one of the characters but what I'll be doing I don't know. I'll tell more as the time comes. Right now it's 78 days away and I feel like going to my Facebook and startubg the countdown but it's a little too soon, just to add mystery to the event. I am so bad but I love to have fun with mischieviousness and that's what I'm doing!

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!