Friday, December 30, 2011

A weeks's prgoress

Hello Everyone! This will be my last post for 2011 so I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and stay safe. It's been a pretty good year. It's had it's down moments but over all a good year. We had 4 baby boys born into our family, early January, Wyatt, early Feb. Connor, then end of June Nolan was born and 5 days later Chase was born. Now we find out Connor and big brother Scott are going to have a baby brother or sister in Sept. (Although Amanda tends to go early so probably Aug. or even July given how early Connor was.) Amanda and Luke and the boys are getting ready to move from VA from AL where Luke will be working with the Coast Guard.

We are getting more seasonable weather now. It has snowed a little and melted but next week we are suppose to get substantial snow and winter will really be here then.

Later this morning my parents, nephew, Andrew, and I are going to my niece's. My sister and brother in law are there now, along with another niece and her family from CO and a nephew and his family will be in from IL. We will be meeting Wyatt and Chase for the first time so we are excited. We also will see Addie, Nicholas and Nolan again. It'll be an interesting couple of hours 5 little ones 3 and under! Think it will be noisy enough! Plus they have a big dog, who is the nicest and most gentle dog you'll ever meet. She's a very old dog but so sweet and gentle she's a beautiful brown labador retriever.

I made quite a bit of progress on Cocker Spaniel this week. His left foot has to go in plus the shoe.

Thank you for all the comments you have made this past year and thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it.

Until next time....Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another quick Christmas finish

Hello everyone! This year I seem to be doing small Christmas pieces with the exception of finishing up Three Kings which is on it's way to my brother's now. That piece and Bethlehem went out there as my sister-in-law liked them. I wasn't going to do anything with them anyway so I was happy to send them out there.

I loved doing this quick Merry Christmas piece. It was a lot of fun to do. By doing these small pieces it gets me to the 50 challenge. Yes I had to start over, but now have about 7 or 8 pieces toward it so it's a good start. Maybe by doing these smaller peices I'll actually make it to 50 without buying anything. I've been trying for 5 years now and closest I came was 22.

It doesn't look like we will have a white Christmas! It doesn't seem like Christmas without snow. We got a little bit during the night but not much and they say it will be gone by Monday. Oh well....maybe we'll have a very mild winter, that would be nice.

I have found it best to add pieces at the bottom of the post. When I do it on top they don't seem to post.

Well....I'm going to go get my mail, do dishes and then pick another piece to start tomorrow. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Three Kings Finished

Hi again. Hopefully this time I can post Three Kings. It is completely done now. I've started a small Christmas piano piece. Not as small as the tiny candle but it's small by my standards.

Christmas on the Lakeshore was very successful. The singers and drama players did great. We also had about twice as many people come as we've had in the past. It's starting to take off now. Plans are already being made for next year.

We celebrated Johnny's birthday yesterday. He is so cute, of course he was all excited.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tiny Christmas Candle

This was a tiny quick finish, but not the easiest. I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet.

I got to asked to work at Christmas on the Lakeshore yesterday afternoon. So I went last night and it was really good. It's going to be fun seeing all three performances.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another new start

I thought this would be a pretty piece to do.  I know it's definitely spring like but I really like it.  I'm not sure what I will do it,  It may possibly go to Love Quilts for a future religious quilt for a girl.
I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoys all the food.   I'm going to my brother's for Thanksgiving dinner.   It'll be fairly quiet as the little ones will be at their other grandparents so we'll miss them.   But we'll see Kevin and Beth, and I think Jeremy and Christina and their other halves will be there so that will be nice.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 18, 2011

And Yet Another Finish! Two in one week 4 in 3 weeks.

November seems to be my month of finishes!   I don't think I've ever done 4 in a month let alone in the first 3 weeks of the month.
The Little Mermaid nearly didn't get finished.   Yesterday I was working on her in the Food Pantry as it was quiet and she went flying across the table and unto the floor, with my help.   The hair and face were so frustrating!   They took 4 days to finally finish.  That was this morning!  The rest of it was done in about 3 hours.   I still say if I decide to do a Disney Princess again I may go to a Psychiatrist first to see how sane I am!  The piece I'm doing now is fairly easy too.   It's a flower and butterfly by Imagination with Ps. 17:8.

Well....until next time---Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And a third finish in November!

I am on a row.  Three finishes in November.  I haven't finished 3  within the first two weeks of a month in I don't know how long if ever.   I received this as a RAK from Sue V about 3 years ago and finally had time to do it.  I had to leave the bottom part off as I miscalculated and left too much on top.  I am not only finish deprived but center challenged as well!  Now to get out Arielle and hopefully finish that within a week.  Than that and the rooster can go get framed and be mailed out to Missouri for Christmas.

Well--until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rooster is finished

Hi Everyone.    Two finishes in two weeks!  That's rare for me.   I finished this this morning and really enjoyed doing it.   Now to select my next project!

We had our first snow fall yesterday.  It snowed hard for a while and I really thought we would be covered, but fortunately the ground was too warm and it didn't last long.   Reality is though it will be here soon enough like it or not.  Oh don't get me wrong, winter is a pretty season, and when we were young I loved sledding and figure skagting etc.   Now I'm older, the older I get the more I dislike winter.  Oh well...this is Michigan and we do get the best of all 4 seasons so we are lucky.   About a month ago on ABC News they were saying the 5 safest weather places to live in USA and Michigan was one of them.   It surprised me that Alaska  and Hawaii were in the top 5 but they were.

We are making plans for Thanksgiving.   We are going to my brother's house.   So it'll be nice.  I don't know if all the kids will be there or not, probably 2 of them, but the one that's married may be with his family.  Nuts, I want to see Johnny and Katelyn.   But I will shortly afterwards as we'll get together for Johnny's  5th birthday in Dec.   Can't believe he's turning 5 already!  He is still a loveable character.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 07, 2011

A New Start well under way

This is from the same book the Pig and Bunny I did a  year ago were from.   Stoney Creek's Farm Babies.   I love doing the animals in this book and I'm sure I'll do more.   This rooster will go to my brother who collects roosters.   I love doing this piece.   The rooster is so much fun to do I decided to do the grass and sun before I finish him off.  
Well....until nexst time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Soccer Players Finished

Hello Everyone!   How was your Halloween Night.   Mine was a lot of fun.  We had Trunk or Treat at church and we had a lot of children show up.   They were so cute.   The highlight for me was my niece, Tabbi came with her 9 year old son , Ashton.   Unfortunately we were really busy when she came so I didn't get to talk to her much.  I really felt bad as  I didn't mean to ignore them.   Also my niece Melissa and her husband John, brought their two little ones over to the apartments to see her Grandmother and me.  Johnny was Captain America and Katelyn was a bunny.  They were so cute.   So it was a great night.

I finished the Scocer players about an hour ago.   I'm not sure why the different skin tones one leg one tone, the other another or the arm different too.   But that was the pattern.   It was a fun stitch but I'm glad to have it done. I have started a Rooster for my brother.   My next few pieces will be animals I think.  The rooster is from Stoney Creek's Barnyard Babies.  So far it's going well.

We are enjoying some nice weather but it is suppose to get colder.  It is that time of the year.

Well....Until next time  Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Soccer Players

Once again it's been over 2 weeks since I've bloogged.  Truth is I almost lost my stitching mojo and for about a week just didn't even stitch.  I got so frustrated with that wedding piece I laid it down for a while.  Maybe after the first.   Blending filament is absolutely awful to stitch with.   I have the second bell almost done but just couldn't take it any longer.

   So I got this piece out to do for a girl at Love Quilts.   She likes the colors of lime and blue.   And also likes Soccer along with other things.   So I got this piece to do.  It is  going quickly.  It got me back into stitching.  I even have my next piece picked out.

   This past week our Landlords who live in another state and owe several Apartment Complexes decided to have all our hot water turned way down and would only have thenm turned up if everyone in each section would sign a waiver saying we would not sue if we got burned by hot water.   Totally ridiculous!  Our manager had all the water tanks turned down without telling us ahead.  Didn't even tell us we had to sign a waiver to get it turned back on until we called the office to complain!  We are so upset.  Long story short, all 4 of us in our unit did sign the waiver yesterday  I came right out and told them off and told them they should have warned us first and told us about signing the waiver ahead of time.  I never complain I have lived here a long time and never caused any trouble but I was angry.  I told them the least they could do is send out notes telling people about the waiver.  But they won't I know that.  I said I know you don't care about us and left.
Okay I spouted out they saw a side of me they never saw before.   I called today and apologized for my behavior they accepted it and told me I wasn't the only one upset. 

   My last post I mentioned I was going Apple Picking.   Well I went and it was fun.   We even got a hayride without the hay!   There was about 35 of us on that.   We were going to a couple's house for potluck dinner but there  were too many of us so we had the potluck at church.  It was so good  we had the best Barbeques.   I made my 7 layer bars  they liked those too.  I didn't take any home.  It was a beautiful day and it was fun.

     Monday we are having Trunk or Treat at church.  I'm doing the Apple Cider and donuts again.  Last year we didn't do it and people missed it so we are doing them again this year.   I'm looking forward to seeing the kids all dressed up. 

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Still stitching on Wedding Bells

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted.   Mostly because I really hadn't had time to stitch that much on this plus working with metallic threads really slow you down.   The bells are completely done using blending filament with 1 strand of floss.  Not my favorite thing to do  Metallic thread is not easy to stitch with.  I have found using shorter threads does help. 
Tomorrow my sister is coming in to town for a couple of days.   Wed. we'll go do some shopping.  I'm hoping to go to Jo Anne's and get some floss  and also some 4 braid thread for my next project.   I'm doing a Halloween piece   a cat sitting on some pumpkins.  Also by Stoney Creek.   I must like Stoney Creek as I've done well over 50 of their patterns.

Saturday I'm going Apple picking with our SS class.   I've never done that before so am looking forward to it    Only it's suppose to be done in the 50's Sat.  Brrrr....after having 70's for a few days.

I don't get into sports too much but I really am happy the Detroit teams are tunrning things around.   After loosing so much the last few years, this year so far has been great.   Especially the Tigers and Lions.   So I'm rooting for them.

Well....untill next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Plugging Away

Thank you for the comments to my last post.  It's coming slow but sure.   I did take a few days off to work on a baby elephant for Bryan and Chrissy's 8 month ol;d son, but I made a bad error in the beginning and didn't notice it until it was over half done so it went into the garbage.   I am completely convinced that I cannot do baby pieces.   I've made so many attempts and they've ended in the garbage.  It must be a mental block or something.   Out of 16 great nieces and nephews 2 of them have pieces and a 3rd one will get one when her grandma makes it into a pillow.  I've decided maybe by the time the kids are teenagers they'll have a piece maybe, just not a baby piece.  The picture doesn't show it well but the bells are done with metallic threads and also the blue ribbon has metalic thread with the pink in it.     I am still enjoying this piece..   It's over half done now.

We had our second week of KIA Club last night  (Kids in Action).   We had 15 the first week 14 last night.  Down one but had several new ones and those that weren't there last night we knew they were out of town at least most of them.   We use to have 70-100 kids in Adventure Club several years ago but  when we changed leaders although the format was the same the kids stopped coming then we tried a new program for a couple of years that failed miserably.   So now we have something really good again and it's just going to take time to build

We are starting to get our fall colors.  I thought it was a little early but the middle of October is jsut a couple of weeks away and that's when they are suppose to peak.   I love seeing the fall colors.   I just don't like the season that follows.  I use to love winter but the older I get the less I like it.

Well, until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress on Wedding Bells

Hello everyone!    Hope you had a great week.
I did get quite a bit done on Wedding Bells.   I'm glad I started it all over as it looks like it will come out right now.   I think I am going to take out Christiana's and Bryan's names and move it over a notch.   I didn't think I would have enough room to get booth their names on it but I had more room than I thought.  Do the letters B and C look alright.   I had to sort of wing it as I couldn't find those two letters anywhere in the book.   And of course they didn't have an alphabet guide.

It's been sort of a busy week.  I haven't been home much and today Whiskers is soaking up all the attention he can get.  I try to do something and he meows wants me to sit down  in the chair so he can get on my lap.   Right now he just jumped onto the computer desk and is rubbing me to get me off.  At almost 19 he pretty much gets what he wants.   He's been so good about letting me brush him lately.  It use to be he wouldn't let me and he got a few mats.   Slowly but surely they are coming out.

Earlier this week we went to Ludington State Park where my sister and brother in law were camping.   I can't believe the fall colors were really starting to show on our way up there and back.   It was a nice day cold but nice. 

I am going to be honest here.   I can't decide to keep blogging or not.  I enjoy it.   People do seem to read it but I get so few comments I'm thinking no one likes my pieces.   Only problem with that is if you will notice, the pieces I do always go to other people or to Love Quilts so I go with their tasttes and wants, not always what I would choose to do if I were stitching for myself.     I know I don't have a way with words like a lot of you do. Some of you are so gifted in writing.   I don't know, I'm just started to get discouraged.  The main thing is the receivers seem to like my pieces.

Our Food Pantry is growing in staff.   We now have 7 people working in it and another one started training today and another person may start training soon.   Plus a couple of people take me shopping and like being involved in the food pantry that way as they can't commit to one day a week.   We also like so many other food pantries are getting more people needing food and  having a hard time keeping the stock for it.   Fortunately next month we are having a food drive and the church usually comes through in a big way on them.  We've only had 2 other ones in the whole time we've been open which is about 4 years now.

Well.....until next time Happy Stitching and thanks for reading my blogs.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Twin Towers

Shortly after 9-11 my brother asked me to do a Twin Towers piece.   I found this one by Mystic Stitch and really did ennjoy stitching it.   Today it hangs on his walls.

Like everyone else I remember where I was and what I was doing the moment I found out.   Tim had called me and said a plane hit the Twin Towers.  So I turned on the news and shortly after saw the second plane hit.  I knew it was an act of terrorism that second plane didn't even try to miss the tower it headed right for it.   Like everyone I was almost glued to the TV.   I called our church office told the secretary so she turned on her radio.     After the other two planes sturck I wondered  what would become of us.

A few days later we found out a man in his 30's that had gone to our church mostly in the summer and was on the softball team was  working in Windows in the Twin Towers.   He did not get out.   I had seen him and his wife and daughter a few times but did not know them personally

My nephew was shot in Kuwait training for Iraq.   He lost complete use of his left hand.   He saw the bullet coming and ducked, putting his hand above his head.   At least it hit his hand not his head.  

Anyone alive that day will never forget and it changed America forever.  

Well until next time Happy Stitching.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Started all Over

I made a serious error on the original piece so I had to start this all over.  I was so mad!  But it was easier to start over than to frog it.   It's going good now.   A lot of what I had done on the first piece is done here only I took a little different approach for the right side as it's so much easier to work down then up.  I see the picture is a little crooked and I think I'll use my other scanner as it shows the piece clearer as the colors in this piece are so light.   It is a pretty piece.  I hope Bryan and Chrissy like it.

I have a dumb question   Can you make Meatloaf with eggs.   I ate my last two eggs this morning and I should have saved them for the meatloaf I had planned to make tonight.  I have to do something with the   hamburg I unthawed and I had wanted meat loaf.  

I won Last DMC Standing game at ESC a couple of weeks ago and received my package today.   A lot of floss!   It was nice.  I love that game but this was the first time I won it.

Well until next time Happy Stitching.   Have to figure out what I'm going to do with the Hamburg. 

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Wedding Bells Started

Hello!   I hope everyone is having a good and safe Labor Day Weekend.   I can't believe the summer is over!   Usually I am looking forward to fall but not this year I so enjoyed the summer I hate to see it end.  Although I do like the fall colors and we can already see the trees starting to turn.  A large group from our church went up to Center Lake (our church camp) for Family Retreat.   Friday was nice but not sure about yesterday.   We had some big storms in our area then it cooled doown a lot and tomorrow is suppose to be cooler.   Hopefully the storms didn't hit them up there.   And as far as tomorrow, they probably won't swim anyway as they go home that day.

I promised my nephew and his wife a Wedding piece 3 years ago.   They were married in Feb. 09 and now have an 8 month old son so it's about time I got this done for them.   I started one for them three years ago but it just didn't take off, I kept making mistakes, didn't like the material I chose and the pattern just didn't click with me.   This is much different.  Though very detailed and tedious it is clicking with me and going okay.  But I love Stoney Creek patterns.  It isn't a large piece though so hopefully I can have it done by the end of the month get it to the framers and then hopefully give it to them at Christmas.   They live out of state and I'm hoping we'll see them at Christmas.   If not I'll give it to my sister and she can give it to them when she sees them.

Well until next time  Happy Stitching and have a Safe Weekend!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lighthouse Finish

This was a real quick finish.   It's actually from a book called Lighthouse Sampler by By the Bay Needlework.   I did have a problem in that I didn't have a couple of colors and I misread one of the symbols by the time I discovered it I had too much done to take out plus I didn't have the correct colors.   I'm sure I'll do more from this book and the colors I was missing will be replaced by the time next spring or summer comes.  Living on the shores of Lake Michigan I love Lighthouses.   We use to go down to the Lake a lot and watch the lighthouse and go to the channel see the big boats come in.  Those days are over the big ships don't come through like they use to but smaller boats do.  

I had thought about doing another summer piece,  or doing the soccer piece.   But instead I have kitted up a Wedding piece I promised my nephew and his wife I would do for them.   They've been married 2 1/2 years now so about time I did one.   They also have the cutest baby boy who is almost 7 months.   I really need to start doing pieces for my family too.  The great nieces and nephews have very little if anything I've stitched.  Problem is I'm not big on baby or young child pieces and most are 3 or under!   All in time since there are 12 of the 16 that don't have anything stitched from me it will take time maybe by the time some get them they won't be so young.

I just heard I'm average as far as Americans drinking Pop go.   I drink about 4 cans of Pepsi a day which is average.   I need to cut down thouogh.

Well.....I hope everyone has a Good and Safe Labor Day Weekend.  Until next time Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lighthouse Start

Hello everyone!  Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope all of you on the east coast made it through the hurricane, flooding and earthquake with limited damage, well as limited as they can be.  I have never been in any of them so have no idea what it is to go through them.   Well I do know know what high winds are like as we do get those sometimes.

 I had hoped to finish this tomorrow but it's not going to happen so I decided to post this today get one last post in in Aug.   I really hate to see August end.   It was such a good month this year.   Usually August and December are the two months I hate the most.   But not this year at least not Aug.   Maybe December will be almost as good.   It sort of sounds like Friday will be the last warm summer day for the year after that it drops to 70 which really isn't all that bad.   Still a little cool for those who want to camp one last time though.  Yes cool even by MI standards.

This summer you may have noticed I'm on the kick of doing summer projects.   Who knows I may be in such denial that the summer is ending I may sneak in one more summer project before doing the soccer players.

Well---enough whining about the end of summer.   Until next time Happy Stitching!. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Black Bear finish

I loved stitching on this piece.   It was so much fun!   I hope we do another Camping Quilt and I can do another piece from the book.  Think I better buy the book though.  

To those of you on the East Coast I hope and pray you stay safe the next few days and that the hurricane will break down and not be quite so strong.   But stay safe!

Tomorrow we are having our KIA (Kids in Action) Kickoff Carnival.   We are having games and a petting zoo.   I can't wait.   I'm working the Prize Table.   Hopefully it will go smoothly.   We are hoping for no rain.  Right now scattered showers are in forecast but in certain areas and I think later than what our fun will be.   We are even having a Dunk Tank.  Three of our Pastors are going in it at different times.  I'm  looking forward to the fall season's programs to begin.

Oh I'm having a problem with making comments on some of your blogs this message comes up saying I don't have permission to view the page.   What do they mean, I've seen the blog, read the page yet I don't have permission.   I'm wondering if people are having problems comment on mine since lately I have been a little dissappointed by how few comments I'm getting.  I don't know if people just don't like it or if they can't comment.  I know I don't comment on everything I see either, but right now on some of you I'm having problems with the comment page, others no problem. 

Well, until next time......Happy Stitching!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of Progress on Black Bear

I know I am speinding entirely too much time on this piece but I love doing it and it's hard to lay down something I enjoy so much.   Only problem is I don't see any eyes on this poor bear.   But the pattern doesn't call for them so he must have hidden eyes.

Earlier this week tragedy nearly struck at church.  A teen-age boy from a family our church just loves was hit by a hit and run driver while running with his cross country team.   They were crossing the business disstrict of the expressway had the green light and a driver from another state trying to get past the semi's and run the red light hit James.  Worse part is it happened right in front of his younger sister Abigail who also was running with the team.  Fortunately James thought enough while flying through the air to put his arms in front of his head so he would hurt his arms before head when he landed.  He was able to get back up.  A couple of teammates  flagged down a driver had her take him to the hospital while other team members took care of Abigail who was very shook up.   Why do drivers hit people and drive off as if it never happened.  One of the semi drivers did take off after the driver and came back with a partial license number unfortunately the hit and run driver was from another state.  Police told James parents they may not be able to track him down but did contact all Police posts between MI and the state the driver was from plus contatacted that state.  No way of knowing if he lives here or in the other state.   Fortunately James didn't have to have surgery and was hoping to be able to run with the team today if he felt up to it.  They had their first meet today.

Sunday is our annual church picnic down at Lake Michigan.  Hope it is a nice day.  I'm going to make Pizza Casserole.  That usually goes over big.    One of my friends  said she was making her Macaroni and Cheese, which is always a favorite.   This time I hope I get some.   We are having a Pig roast but I really don't like Pork.   I like barbeque spare ribs if they are tender and fall off the bone.   Speaking of spare ribs that's what I had Sunday when we went out for my birthday.  I loved the red skin potatoes.   The spare ribs tasted better the next day.  Funny how some foods are like that.   I made Spanish Rice last night and had some left overs today and it tasted better than it did last night.

I just noitice we can change the font size if we want.  LOL!   Last Sautrday my brother posted on my Face Book Wall:  "Friends of Barb....starting tomorrow you will need to use a larger font so she can see it.  As she will be at that age.  This has been a public service announcement from her much younger brother....Kenn"   He's only 3 years younger than me!   I felt like replaying and saying Kenn?  Kenn who?   I didn't know I had a brother Kenn.   But I was good I didn't.

Well...better close this book and do some more stitching....well read some blogs first.   Thank you for reading my blog.   I notice I get very few comments but people do keep coming back and that encourages me.   Until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bear for Camping Quilt

We are doing a camping quilt at CSA for Love Quilts.   I love doing this piece even if the bear has a lot of black in it.   I really wish I would have joined in on an earlier quilt but hopefully we'll do more.   All that floss I have , I didn't have 3 of the colors so I ordered them from 123stitch.  I'll have the floss by the end of the week.   I was so proud of myself, I only ordered floss, aida cloth and floss robbins.  I didn't order any patterns!  

Thank you for reading my blog.   I hope you enjoy it.  I enjoy reading others and do leave comments sometimes.   Well....I better go downstairs and put the clothes in the washer into the dryer.  Until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Butterfly finish

This was a quick Butterfly finish we are doing at CSA for a teenage girl.  The quilt will be this butterfly only in 3 different colors and 2 different angles.   This is the one sent to me to do.   At first I was disappointed because of the colors I really wanted blue, but I really liked this.   It was a quick finish.   I'll kit up the camping quilt square and start it tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a nice but busy day.   We went out to eat where I got a free meal and ate the left overs today.   The left overs were actually better than yesterday.  Some left overs are like that.  I got talked into barbecue spare ribs and I like spare ribs as long as they are not dry.   These were so moist and tender.  And I loved the red skin potatoes.  Yummmmmm.

Well  until next time.....Happy Stitching.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Seashell is finished

I finally finished this earlier this afternoon.  I really wanted to do a seashell.  Why I don't know and I really don't know why I picked this one except it was in a book I hadn't stitched from and I'm wanting to stitch from books I haven't stitched from yet.   It's ridiculous over 1,000 books and only stitched from almost 300.  Although there may be books I stitched from I didn't record.

Tomorrow I will start a butterfly piece I'm doing for CSA.   We are doing a butterfly quilt for a teen age girl.  It looks like it will be quick.   I also received the material for the camping quilt we will be doing for a boy.   I am looking forward to that one.   The butterfly looks like it will be fun too.

This weekend Unity Festival is going on  down by the Lakeshore.  I went last year enough for the next 5 years.  It was good but soooooo many people.   This year Michael W Smith will be closing it tomorrow night.   I forgot who the other one was.  

I got my new Bible earlier this week.  I got New King James Study Bible and I like it.   My sister sent me a lot of  money for my birthday so that was the first thing I got.   My birthday is Sunday and oh no I'm hitting the big 60!  I remmber as a child that was so old.   In fact I remember Grandma Cooper who I just adored (she was not my real grandma but I called her grandma her family and I were so close.)   Anyway she seemed so frail and old when I first met her, and I think she was 59 or 60.  I don't feel frail and I don't feel old.   Although I got notice this week that my Disability will continue.  We sweated that one out.  

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 08, 2011

A New Start

   Hello everyone.   It's been a really busy week so I didn't get a whole lot of stitching done.   I thought this would be an easy quick piece but it hasn't proven to be easy.  I think if I had to do it over I would pick blue material, the colors would show better and it would be easier to do.   I am outlining the whole outside so it does show better on the scan.

  My mom just called asking where I wanted to go out for my birthday on Sunday, then told me where Dad wanted to go as I would get a free meal.  I said fine as it is a place I wanted to try I had never been there but heard it was good.   As long as they have something other than steak I'm fine.   I don't like steak.    Also she said my oldest brother and sister were sending them money so we could go pick out my Bible next week.   I need a new one really bad.  I'm ashamed at how so many pages tore out of my Bible.   Any book after the book of Hebrews is basically out it's there but loose and falls out easily. 

Bible School went great last week.   We had 75 children which is more than we have had in years.   Eight of them accepted the Lord!     A lot of neighborhood children did come which is what we were aiming for.

Saturday was our first annual Pig Out .   We held it on our lot next door to the church.  The day started out rainy so the men put up tents for everyone to eat in and tents for the different ministry booths.   By the time the Pig Out started the rain had cleared out we were so happy.  We were happy with the turn out too.   I definiately think this will be an annal event.   Now Aug. 27 we will have the first carnival to kick off our Kids and Youth Programs for fall.  We are having a petting zoo, dunk tank and a few other things.   It will be fun.  I can't wait for this and can't wait for the fall program to start.   I think it will be much better than it has been in a few years.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching and Thank you for reading my blog.  

Monday, August 01, 2011

Dolphin Splash is finished

I finished Dolphin Splash earlier this afternoon.   I really enjoyed doing him.   He was so much fun.   Now I'm just going to do a quick Seashell piece.

Saturday we met baby Nolan for the first time.   He looks just like his big sister Addie did when she was his age.    He is so cute.   Addie just adores him.   We had a good time with Heather, Brian, Addie, Nolan and yes their dog, Triscuit who made sure she got lots of attention.   Triscuit is the best natured dog you will ever meet, she is great with little Addie, very gentle.   And believe me Addie does poke at her, etc, anything a 3 year old would do.  And Triscuit who is 10 years older than Addie tolerates it all.  

Addie of course was the star of the day, she was so sweet and cute.  It's amazing how much a child learns and picks up at this age.   And they pick up everything and copy everything.

Bible School started at church last night.   We had a good start.   Our goal is to have 90 kids by the end of the week, we'll see.   It's going from Sunday-Thursday.   Sat. we are having our first annual Pig Out.   We are having a Pig Roast plus others from the community will compete in a Pork Competition and we'll have other food.   Plus the different ministries of the church will have tables out.   The Food Pantry will be represented.   I'm looking forward to the day.   Actually August will be a busy month, there isn'at a weekend we don't have something going.  

    I had a PT evaluation today, and she doesn't think I will need it.  The ENG showed a weekness on the right side of the brain so Dr. thought PT would help.   I had a Cat Scan last Thurs.  don't know the results of that yet, maybe I'll find out Wed.  

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have I made Progress or Have I Made Progress

Oh Yes!  I've made progress!   Hopefully the niece post will have the finished picture.  It is moving really fast now and I am still loving doing it!

 I have signed up for a couple of quilts we are doing at CSA but am waiting for the information to come out.   One is a camping quilt I'll do the bear for that and the other is a butterfly quilts.   By looking at the pictures I don't like the butterflies they selected but they say they are real easy so we'll see.

Is everyone staying cool?  I'm staying inside with the air conditioning.  Yesterday was a cool 80 plus degrees.   Who ever thought in Michigan we would call 80's cool usually that's hot, but compared to what it's been it's cool.  We can't complain we don't have it as bad as parts of the country.   I do wish I could just get down to Lake Michigan or any lake around here and cool off but since I don't drive.  Besides probably better off staying inside with the air conditioner turned on.  Fortunately we have not lost our power here. 
We did a couple of weeks ago for about 30 hours due to a tree landing on the power lines.  Would have driven me crazy except I went to my parents house for that time.  With astma I need air conditioning.  I used my dad's computer a little too.

   Thank you for reading my blog.   I know I'm boring compared to a lot of you, I just have a quiet life, but I do appreciate those who read, and follow my blog and also the comments I have received.  Well I'm going to read a few blogs.  Until next time Happy Stitching.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress on Dolphin Splash

Maybe I'm not as far as I had hoped to be but it is finally about half done. I really do enjoy this piece. I just loose my spot a lot. So that can be a real pain. But you can see the big splash this fun loving guy is making. And he is having fun.

Like most of the country we are in a heat wave. It isn't so bad when I stay inside with the airconditioning. But step outside and oh.hhhhhhhh boy it hits you. And the rest of the week is going to be just as bad. At least we just have it in the low 90's at the highest, but I do want to dip into a lake and just enjoy it. But oh well.

The teens from our church are in Missouri this week on a missions trip at Child Evangelism Training Camp. It's hot out there. I can remember several years ago the Training camp while just a few miles east of us at Wolf Lake. The then Director and several of the campers were come to our church.

We are having Bible School at our church I think next week. Oh man next week is going to be busy then. I have other things going on then too. This morning a friend of mine went over to the church to help Pastor Dale string and hang the paper fish. It was hot in there but we got them all hung.

Now if anyone dares to take them down we are telling them they can put them back up. We can see the teens especially trying to pull them down. The children won't be able to reach them. They are hung a little too high for them.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another quick finish

I decided once a week I would take a break from Dolphin Splash to do an easy quick piece (1-3 days piece).  This one caught my eye and I liked it.  Reminding me God was only a Prayer Away.  We adults forget how easy it is to approach God how He wants in on every detail of our lives.    One of our Pastors said he loves it when young children pray as it's so simple yet genuine and they have the right idea, they tell God everything.  Our little Addie was at a family dinner with her dad's family and Heather (Addie's mom and my niece) said Addie had to pray, and she named every member of the family in her prayer (unfortunately about 20-25 members.  They kept trying to say "Thank You Addie, but Addie kept on praying for each person telling God a little something about them."    She was only 2 at the time, now she's 3.  But we adults like to complicate things handle things ourselves and forget God unless we are really in a mess.  God likes the child like faith, the child like prayer in telling Him everything.

Tomorrow I am have an eng to see if the can get to the bottom of my vertigo and the lightheaded problems I've been having.  It wasn't suppose to be until late Aug. but they called yesterday and said they had a cancellation so I could come in tomorrow.  Fine I'll get it over with.  It's been cancelled twice on their end so we're finally doing it.

Anyone ever do this?  Dump expired milk down the drain only to discover their garbage disposal isn't working and everything backs up?  Ugh!!!!  And I hate milk  So I call the office of course, it's Wed.l no one is there!  So I leave a message, then track down a maintenance guy and told him.   He told me what to do which is what I had already done, left a message on the voice mail and they'd get it in the maitenance office.  I had hoped they would come today but it's almost 5 and they are not here yet!

I keep finding more and more blogs to read and like.  I so enjoy reading the blogs,  I'll go to reading some more in a few minutes.

I'll go back to stitching Dolphin Splash for a few days tomorrow.  Until then Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Another week of Progress

I so enjoy this piece.   I think with it being so warm out it cools me down to do it too.   But this guy is just having too much fun!   I made a mistake somewhere.  I'm hoping a minor one to take out but if not well improvise is the name of the game!   And hope in end no one notices. He's not quite half done yet either.
He will go to Cross Stitching for Charity and isn't due until Feb.  So I have plenty of time.

It's been a hot week around here.  I'm thankful for airconditioning!  I've also been working in the Food Pantry a lot.   There's a lot of work to the food pantry I never knew existed.   I think we do have someone that will direct it for a while anyway until we get someone trained for it.   There is one lady who would love to do it she tries to do it now but I think everyone would quit if she was in charge she'd bulldoze over all of us.  But things are going better between her and I and I'd like to keep it that way.   Just wish I had a stronger personality is all.

Well, I will close for now.  Not a lot has happened around here I have a boring life.   Until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Very Quick Finish

I took a brief break from Dolphin Splash to do this quick piece.   It only took a total of 8 hours.   This will go to my niece Tabi, who loves anything to do with Live, Laugh, Love.    I ask her mother to finish it into a wall hanging and then give it to her at Christmas time.   In mean time I'll try to find a race car pattern for her Tabi's son, Ashton who though only 8 can tear a car apart and put it back together and tell you what he is doing and why.

Tomorrow I'll go back to Dolphin's Splash and post progress on it in a day or two.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Some progress and a big announcement

  Happy 4th of July weekend!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and says safe!  W@e dib;t have any special plans so it'll just be quiet.

I havn't had a whole lot of time this week but I did make some progress on Dolphin Splash.   You can at least see the dolphin better and see he's having fun.   I love doing this piece. 

 Last week I was waiting for the birth of my niece or nephew.   Two hours after I posted Nolan Donald was born.   His big sister, Addie, loves him!   Then Wed. June 29  the second baby was born,  Chase Michael.   Remember I said that Michelle and Heather were in a race to see who would have their baby first.   Heather was 5 days over on both chilodren, Michelle delivered 3 weeks early on both children.   Michelle has a little 21 month old son, Nicholas.   She says Nick loves to hug the baby.  

Today has not been a good day and I'm glad it's evening.   Not much went right today.   Started with a phone call from someone working in the food pantry.   Then I thought I fried my phone as lightning struck while I was talking to someone looking for a ride to make an emergency run to the store for the food pantry, never did find a ride.   Then the Director of the food pantry e mailed me and said he had to resign as he didn't have time to do it.  He's working 60 hours a week.   Finally I called the phone company from someone's apartment and they were able to restart my modem.   Also I think I finally have hot water, I did dishes and it stayed hot.   I haven't had much hot water all week, finally got to tell the office and ask them they said they'd turn the water tank up, they did turn everyone's down, but the little they turned it up helps.   Now to see if I can take a hot shower!

Well----until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A nice new start

I spent over a week working on the PM R and it went into the garbage!  I couldn't get the rabbit right if my life depended on it.   So I got out Dolphin Splash by Pegasus.   I had been eyeing it for a long time and finally decided to do it and am enjoying it.

I got bad this week.  I bought 2 new pattern books, both by By the Bay.   But I bought them to do for Love Quilts also.   It is summer and I want to do summer scenes .   I'll just have to hold the 3 pieces until themes open up at Love Quilts or at Cole's Quilts.   I haven't done anything for Cole's Quilts for a few years.   We'll see.   I also ordered a lot of floss.  Since I don't drive it's hard to get out to Jo Anne's so sometimes I have to order on line.  Wellll......I can't just get floss when I order on line so of course I have to order patterns.   Makes perfect sense doesn't it.   Okay......Okay....any excuse.

Also this has been a bad week!   Sunday started out great!   A couple had their 50th Anniversary Open House and gave the money to the Food Pantry.  (They had requested money for food pantry in leu of gifts.)  We thought we would get maybe a couple hundred dollars $300 if we were really lucky.  We got a lot more than that.   I had spent about $500.00 on food and miscellaneous things for the Pantry, well that money was recooped plus some.   Then came of the ladies called me to say she was quitting the Food Pantry because she felt she was a trouble maker.   But she wasn't.   I have to admit I read the signs and so did our Director and why she called me and not him I don't know.   After crying for awhile as she was a good friend and now she may stop going to our church I don't know when I'll see her again, in heaven...but I was upset for her for the way she was feeling.   I know she had problems with the politics of our church and the way we did things but still.  Plus she is a lot more emotional and sensitive than any of us ever thought I think.   Then Tuesday came and something else happend, Wed. brought more bad news pertaining to my aunt she is on Hospice Care now.   She is my mom's last surviving relative. (well she has cousins but her parents and other sister are gone.) 

Tomorrow we were going to go to a picnic a couple from church have every year but I guess we aren't now.   For one thing I forgot to buy ingrediants to make anything for us to bring.  Plus mom isn't feeling up toe it anyway.

Last Sat. we went to 2 open houses.   One for the couple who had their 50th and the other for my cousins son who graduated from HS.   Since she came to everything we had, we thought we'd better go to hers.   It was nice seeing my dad's side of the family again.   I don't know why we don't try to get together more often we all get along real well and it's so much fun!

We are still waiting for my niece, Heather, to have her baby.  It was due this past Monday.  We thought we were kidding when we said Michelle and Heather would have a race as on their first child Heather delivered 5 days late and Michelle had her's 3 weeks early so we joked they would be born the same day.

Well....this has turned into a book, so until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gardener Penguin is finished

I finally finished this earlier this afternoon.   It took longer than I expected but it was cute and fun to see her come to life.   It is for a Character Animals Quilt at Love Quilts.   That's the thing about Love quilts you do pieces you would otherwise never do and this is one of them.     Now I'm just doing a couple of small Precious Moments pieces from their Alphabet book.  The letter R for Ryan and the letter C for Cole.  It is a quilt some of us at 123 stitch are stitching for a family who lost two little boys in the tornadoes in Oklahoma a few week ago.

There isn't a whole lot going on just a lot of Open Houses and a picnic coming up in a couple of weeks so until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 10, 2011

More Progress on Penguin

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch on this this past week but when I did I got a lot of progress.   I had really hoped to have it done by  now.   Maybe early next week.  

This past week I spent a lot of time with the Food Pantry.   Note to self  don't order from Feeding America, Love Inc. and go shopping for food all the same week.   There's a lot of food to be put away.   There's only certain things we can get from Love Inc and Feeding America so we go shopping at Walmarts and Dollar Store.  We find the best deals at those two places.  It's good I go shopping with Sue as she prevents me from buying the more expensive stuff she knows how to look for the deals.  (Sue is the newest member of the Pantry Staff).   Although we are adding more.   They want two of us on each day which we really were suppose to be doing all along, plus add some men for Security and helping to stock shelves etc.   I did put a dent in what we had in our fund this week.   Hopefully some of it will come back in a couple from our church is having the 50th anniversary and in leu of gifts they requested people give money to the Food Pantry. Nice....we'll see how much comes in.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to another Jewelery Party.  The lady booked the party from me and my niece is the  one selling the jewelery so we felt we better go.   June is always a busy month.  There isn't a Saturday that we don't have something to go to this year.  

I had planned on doing laundry, mopping floors etc today.  But I'm so drained and it's so rainy and dreary outside I just feel like stitching!    Well until next time happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 05, 2011


It drove me crzy that my last post posted the way it did so I'm retrying.  I'm just curious to see how this one will post.   Until next time Happy Stitching.

Monday, May 30, 2011

For Those Who Serve

Sine today is Memoirial Day I thought I would post this picture..   I did this for my nephew shortly after he was shot in Iraq when the war first began.     This was a kit by Jannlynn .  I did this and the Liberty Bell for him and he loved them.  Let's not forgwet the sacrifices of our Service People on this Memorial Day.

Have a Happy and safe Memorial Day.     Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Fun start

I said my next piece would be a fun and funny piece.   It's called Gardener Penguin.  I'm doing it for a Character Animals Quilt being doing at Love Quilts.   Now that the head is in on the penguin I think the rest of the piece will go quickly.    

I think the sun is finally trying to sneak through the clouds.   I thought today was going to be a nicer day out than it was.   But the rest of the weekend is suppose to be great.  At least there was no rain today so those camping this weekend are having a good weekend.  Tomorrow our Sunday School Class is going to have their class outside to be different, so hopefully it won't rain, it's not suppose to.  

I haven't mentioned my cat , Whiskers in a while.   He's still doing really good for his old age.   He loves to get on my lap and curl up especially in the afternoons.  I love it as at 18 1/2 I really don't know how much longer I'll have him.

Today is my niece's husband birthday.   So if you read this , Michelle, say happy birthday to Scott.   They are camping for the weekend.   She was wondering how she would do sleeping on the ground in a tent being 34 weeks pregnant.  That will be interesting.   They live in CO.   They also have a 20 month old little boy.  They have already had him skiing which he loves, and canoeing which he tolerates.  He's following in his parents footsteps being an outdoor person. 

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finallty Finished

I finally finished this piece today.  Of all the Precious Moments pieces I've done this was the most boring and tedious.   It took me forever.   I can't wait to start my next piece tomorrow.  It is a funny piece and going to be fun to do.  It's a whimsical penguin.
    I am determined to start doing pieces from books I have here rather than buy new books this year.   I think I did buy a couple of new projects and did the one (The Birds and Flowers).  But now I don't even want to buy any for Love Quilts or to do as gifts, I'll chose from my stash.  
    I hope all of you that are in the areas of the storms are safe.  You are in my prayers.   My brother is getting delarious from all the storms, he could swear a cow went flying by his house and he wanted it to land in his yard so he could have steak.   Of course he was being funny.   He said all the years he's been in St. Louis area this is first year he's seen tornadoes, and none like this year.
    It's been a rainy few days here but we are north of the storm so we didn't get them just the rain.  Nuts, I love a thunderstorm at night.   It's been cool too, but tomorrow is suppose to  warm up and even hit 80's this Sunday.  It'll be a nice weekend.
   Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, May 20, 2011

So Why am I Stitching This?

I knew those hearts would give me fits.   I knew there would be some improvising so why did I choose the most tedius and boring PM piece I've ever done.   Because it seemed perfect for the little girl.  Her story touched me.   That's not easy to do.  I think the rest of the way will be smooth sailing and I really think I'll have it done middle of next week.  I have my next 2 projects all picked out.  I'm getting anxious to start something new I've never had a PM take so long.
 I think our cooling spell is over (it lasted over a week), we are now enjoying some warmer weather   It may be rainy at times but oh well....I love good storms at night.

Tomorrow my sister will be in town for a few hours.  So we'll probably play our favorite games, Mexican Train Dominoes and Push Rummey.   I doubt we'll do any shopping.   She's basically on this side of the state to see her daughter and family so she's spending most of the time with them but tomorrow they had made plans not knowing she was coming so she's coming here.   After all when you promise your 3 year old daughter you are taking her to a dance recital you take her!   We think Addie will be in all her glory and be dancing the rest of day tomorrow.   She gets to take Dance Lessons in the fall as she's old enough now.

Well until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Progress on Precious Moments piece.

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch this past week.  It's just been one of those weeks.  

Last Sat. I was doing my laundry at my brother's when we got a call saying my second dad, , died a few hours earlier.   He was in an accident with his wife Friday afternoon but it was a minor accident and so he went home.   That night he started bleeding in the head so he took him to the hospital where he died.   They are not sure if the accident caused his death or a pre existing condition.   He was 84 and had a bad heart.  .  His first wife Katherine, is the one I was close to.   She died of Alzheimres and a blood clot a few years ago.  Katherine and Bill became my second parents years and years ago when I was a young child and they were home on furlough from India.   After his current wife's first husband died I started praying Bill and Ruth would get together and they did.  For a few years Bill lived right across the parking lot from me, but after Bill and Ruth married, he moved to Ruth's house.   I saw him a few times after that.   The last time I saw hime was at the funeral of another long time friend.  He gave me the biggest hug he  had in years.    I wonder if he knew back then he would die so soon.   They say he had a preomonition so maybe, but like I said he was 84.   I have missed Katherine and will miss Bill.   I will always be greatful for the role they had in my life and for the  example they set to so many of us.

Because Bill's funeral was Wed. I didn't make it to our last BSF session this year.   It''s a sharing session anyway but is usually good.   Next fall we will be studying from the book of Acts.   That will be interesting.
Wonder if a lot of the history of the church will come with that.

Well.....until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My "second dad"

I met Katherine and Bill in 1961.   I was a young girl and they were missionaries to India home on furlough.   We struck a great friendship that lasted  for many years.   They were my 2nd mom and dad.     Katherine and I were expecially close.   Katherine died in 2004 of Alzheimers and a blood clot.   Bill  lived across the parking lot from me so we kept that bound although had drifted apart.   The last time I saw Bill was at a funeral of another life long friend and he had given me the biggest hug.  One I hadn't had from him in years.  
Through all the years we knew Katherine and Bill they were great examples for us to follow.   Always putting the Lord first and they never quit serving the Lord.
I could go on and on so many good times, so many pranks, so much laughter.   I'm sure Katherine and Bill are sourounded by children  in heaven as they were on earth.   Katherine and Bill loved children but were never able to have any.   I also wonder if Bill is being allowed to pull some of his pranks up in heaven.   He loved to pull them on earth.   I'll always grin when I think of that mischievious grin he would get when he was about to pull a prank or successfully pulled one or his hearty laughter at things.   He will be missed.   But it's not Goodbye to Katherine and Bill or so many in Katherine's family but it's See you in heaven!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Precious Moments Start

Not sure why the shaddow happened, maybe the scanner is getting old.   Anyway this  is called "You Have Touched so many Hearts."   I had to do this for little Lola.   Her story really touched me and it was sort of sad how her parents had to leave the Mission Field because of her illness.   Hopefully she and they will be able to return some day.   It will be sort of a tedious and borning stitch but PM's are really cute.   I think I've done about 25 of them down through the years.   And I signed up for a PM Princess one to do after this one.

Busy day lies ahead.   A friend and I are going shopping for the Food Pantry.   We want to get some things that are hard to get from Feeding America and Love Inc.   At one time it looked like we had an overflowing pantry now it's emptying out and we have the money so there's no reason we can't build the stock back up.   We are amazed at how God has come through for us.  He seems to make sure we can replenish the food once we start getting really low.     Sue is really good at finding the good deals to make the money stretch even further.   Me?  I'm one who.  unfortunately grabs what catches my eye and worry about the price later.   I shouldn't be that way.  We akso have discovered evidence of unwanted guests in the pantry so we are going to get some tubs to put the sugar, flower, and anything else that draws those little critters to food in.

I went to the dentist yesterday, got my teeth cleaned and only have one cavity.  I was surprised the problem I'm having with my jaw is not a dental problem.  Here I convinced myself I had lock jaw, or at least a bad infection in my gums, but nope.   I also was blaming it on to the vertigo problem.   Oh well....I go to the ENT Monday and then Thurs. have an asthma check with my regular dr and say something about the jaw then I guess.   Man!   It's no fun to grow old.   My mom says I have arthritis in the jaw.   Well....why not, I have it in the shoulder, hip and ankle so why not shoulder too?

Later today I'll go to see my brother.   Actually do my washing there and spend time with their dog, Autumn.   Autumn is my special pal.  Makes my cat a little jealous but oh well..

Well....I better go until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Dance It is Finished!

I finally finished this piece!   I enjoyed doing it but it is really not a piece I would normally select.  That's the thing about Love Quilts though, You find yourself doing pieces you would never do otherwise!   Anyway I am happy to have it done!   Now unto the flowers for a coule of days anyway.  Well maybe I'll finish the Wildflowers.   I mislaid the book!  Grrrr    Hate it when I do that!

Tomorrow our little Addie turns 3!   She's growing too fast and is now a sweet little girl.  Still insistent she is having a brother in June.   We;'ll see.  For her sake we hope so.

Until next time!   Happy Stitching!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's almost done

Hopefully I will have this done on Sat.   Then I'll go back to the Wild Flowers at least for a dady or two.  There is a child at Love Quilts having Precious Moments or Angels as theme of their quilt, so I want to do a square for that one. I just have to look and see what type of angels people are stitching as I have a couple of cute cherub books I'ld love to do a piece from.  Otherwise I have lost of PM books.  While I do enjoy stitching this piece.  It is sort of a fun one, it just isn't one I would normally pick out to do.  It will go on a Western Quilt at Love Quilts..  I made a lot of progress on this this past week.

    It's been a fairly quiet week so not much to say.  We had  a birthday get together for our mom's birthday last Sat.   It was a fun and noisy morning.  Johnny, Addie, and Katelyn can make a lot of noise!   But they are so cute.   Addie will be 3 this Sunday so I better get her card in the mail!  I met to mail it out today and forgot to!

Until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A week's Progress

Hello everyone!  Happy Good Friday!   It was on Good Friday 27 years ago my nephew Jake was born only that day was Apr. 1.    It's a little rainy today but it will clear out, and I think Spring will finally be coming to stay!   It's about time as it is getting to the end of Apr.
     The next few days will be busy.   My sister will be in town today and tomorrow.   Today we'll do some shopping and play Mexican Dominoes and Push Rummy later.   We love those two games and whenever my sister is in town we have to play them.   Tomorrow my brother and sister in law is having us over for brunch to celebrate mom's birthday.  She will be 78 on Tues.   So two of my nieces  and maybe a nephew will join us for that.  Can't wait to see Johnny, Katelyn, and Addie again!   Addie will be 3 May 1.  Can't believe it.  She is still very ademant that her mother will have a baby brother for her in June.   We're not quite sure how she'll respond if Heather has a girl.   But like I said to Kay when she was expecting Bryan Michelle and Heather then 6 and 8 were determined to have a sister.   When Kay wasn't looking they would put their doll clothes on Bryan to make people think he was a girl!   Fortunately they didn't harm Bryan he turned out to be pure boy and today is happily married with a 3 month old son who looks an awful lot like he did.
   I have gotten quite a bit of work done on this piece.   It goes fast when I work on it.   Now you can see what it looks like.   I think it will go to a Western Quilt later.   I seer it more Western then Music and Dance.   Another lady said she would fill my second spot on Taylor's quilt.   I already had the Treble Clef on it that I did last August.
     This week really has been a rough week with my Vertigo.   In fact I really have been nausiated a lot.  I finally got my ENT appointment moved up, and then did end up going to the Dr. on Tues. as I was trying to work in the Food Pantry at church and it was awful.   I ended up leaving early and seeing the Dr. later, he gave me a different prescription that helps a little bit.   Still not gone but at least I can function.  l  just have to be careful and lay down a lot is all.

Last weekend we had our first Easter Egg Roll at church.  Because of rain and my vertigo acting up so bad I didn't get to go, but I heard a lot of good reports and they were very happy with the success of it.  It'll be something they'll do every year.   I also think just on Trunk or Treat the nieghbors are going to be asking the church to do it.     Have a great Easter Weekend!   I love this time of year.   Easter really is my favorite Holiday as we celebrate the death and ressurection of Christ and have hope and peace in Him!  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Need Opinions Please and be Honest

Okay here is my dilema.   I said I would fill in for Love Quilts to do a Music Square.   Had the pattern all picked out and laid it aside and can't find it.  In my search for my music pattern books (which I only found 2 or 3 of the 6 or 7 I have) I found this piece and thought "it's easy, cute" I'[ll do it for Taylor."  So away I went stitching.   It's going fast as you can see as I started it 24 hours ago.  So this is only about 5 hours of stitching.   Anyway, the further I get the more convinced I am that this is not Taylor.  No I don't know her but it just doesn't seem Taylor to me, and it says more for a Western quilt square.  I have 3 options 1) to go to another piece Stoney Creek which is all I have outside the one I want to find.  Which will take a while, and I am struggling with Vertigo so hard to stitch long periods of time.  2) just keep stitching this one and hope it's okay  3) there is someone who might be willing to stitch a second square, I might just ask her to do one.   It'll be her 2nd square for Taylor but this is my second square for her to.  Treble Clef I did last summer is going on her quilt.   What would you do?  I love doing this piece, and will keep at it.  Then I'll go back to the flowers maybe, or find another music piece.
     Like I said I am really struggling with Vertigo.  It's so frustrating.  In fact it's been so obvious that people at church really notice it bad and have helped me out a lot.   I had hoped to wortk at the Easter Egg Roll tomorrow but doesn't look like I can now.   Maybe next year.   Someone did give my dad a suggestion that worked for their mother in law, the dr. had told her to do taking Vitams B, C, & E for 10 days, taking less every 3 days.   Anyone ever try this?  Anyone with Vertigo have any suggestions.   It is the lightheadedness I'm having problems with not the dizziness.

   Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Finish

I just finished this piece not too long ago.   I loved doing this piece and it provided a nice break from Wild Flowers which I will go back to doing tomorrow.  This will probably go to a young girl at Love Quilts who chose Christian as theme of her quilt.

I rhink I passed the instpection today for my yearly rent.  This is the first time they have done an instpection for this.   It's to see if there are any damages, and if there is then I'll have to pay for them .   Hopefully they didn't find anything.  I did tell them this is first time this particular inspection was ever done and they said they realized that I wasn't the first person to tell them.   We'll see.  They have a major nspection being done by the city and the state coming up so they want to take care of what they can ahead of time.   Thji is there first year of going through this and last year we had all different people in the office so this team is very nervous.  Good as that may work for them.  This place is pretty good about keeping up on reapirs though so I don't think they have much to worry about.

This Sauturday we are having an Easter Egg Roll for the neighborhood children at church.   It should be fun.   The children will hunt for eggs and then come inside to hear the True Easter Story.  

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

A New Start

I laid the Wild Flowers to do this piece.  With Easter coming around the corner and we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ I wanted to do this piece, and I may try to find another Easter piece too.   I love the Easter Season.   It's my favorite.  I love the colors in this piece.   It's not quite half done, but I started it only yesterday so you can see it's going really fast.  

 Today is a beautiful day outside, in the 60';s and we're loving it!   Tomorrow is suppose to be 80 in land, us a little cooler but severe storms are coming in too.   Of course they will be at night.  I love night storms.  When we were young my sister and I would shriek with delight at the thunder and just giglle as we lay in our bed.  Awww the memories.
 Tomorrow after church we are having lunch with my brother and his wife.  They said they just felt like having mom dad and I over.   I work at the Resource Center after church tomrrow but that only takes a few minutes. 

Well --until next time   Happy Stitching!