Friday, November 11, 2011

Rooster is finished

Hi Everyone.    Two finishes in two weeks!  That's rare for me.   I finished this this morning and really enjoyed doing it.   Now to select my next project!

We had our first snow fall yesterday.  It snowed hard for a while and I really thought we would be covered, but fortunately the ground was too warm and it didn't last long.   Reality is though it will be here soon enough like it or not.  Oh don't get me wrong, winter is a pretty season, and when we were young I loved sledding and figure skagting etc.   Now I'm older, the older I get the more I dislike winter.  Oh well...this is Michigan and we do get the best of all 4 seasons so we are lucky.   About a month ago on ABC News they were saying the 5 safest weather places to live in USA and Michigan was one of them.   It surprised me that Alaska  and Hawaii were in the top 5 but they were.

We are making plans for Thanksgiving.   We are going to my brother's house.   So it'll be nice.  I don't know if all the kids will be there or not, probably 2 of them, but the one that's married may be with his family.  Nuts, I want to see Johnny and Katelyn.   But I will shortly afterwards as we'll get together for Johnny's  5th birthday in Dec.   Can't believe he's turning 5 already!  He is still a loveable character.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Carol said...

What a great finish--I just love that happy sun peaking out over the hill!!

~ Sue ~ said...

I love it!!!