Friday, February 19, 2010

Trying out new camera

I got my income tax back so I got a new camera digital today and of course the first picture I had to take was of my cat sleeping in my stitching chair. Best way to get a picture of him as usually if he sees a camera he is gone. He doesn't like his picture taken. Now I have my new camera I suppose the one I lost will show up. Isn't that the way it always works?
Sorry this isn't the best picture of the piece. I have to get use to my camera, but you have the idea of the progress I have made on it anyway. I really am enjoying it and will be done in a couple of weeks I think.
How many of you are ennjoying the Olympics? I sure am. I really enjoyed the speed and figure skating and skiing events! I can't believe how much pressure is on these athletes. Why can't they just have fun with the sport instead of feeling like they have to medal. I suppose the top athletes are the ones that feel it the most and the others probably do have more fun. Too bad the media just doesn't leave the athletes alone until after the performance and not spotlight certain athletes and follow them through their systems so much.
Well enough for my soapbox. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to those who make comments. I really appreciate the encouragement and remarks. Until next time Happy stitching!

Monday, February 15, 2010

This piece is Flying!

I can't believe how fast this is moving in such little time. I've only stitched on it about 20 hours and it's 1/4 of way done already. Outside of the bird, I am enjoying the place. I may just keep stitching on it until it's finished. We'll see.
Our Speghetti Dinner was a success. We played Deal or No Deal. My name was drawn to play. Having never seen the TV show I didn't know from adam what I was doing but I listened to the audience and ended up winning a box of chocolates. I'm not a big chocolate eater so it will last a while.
We are planning my parents 60th Anniversary celebration the end of the summer. Yesterday I asked the caterer if he would do it and how much he would charge. He said he would do it for free. I couldn't beleive it. We are going to negotiate with him so he gets paid for the food at least.
Anyone else enjoying the Olympics? I sure am. I loved the skiing and figure skating last night and look forward to seeing a lot more in the coming days.
Oh...before I forget....Happy Birthday to my brother Kevin! Hope he has a great day. I don't think he even knows about this blog so doubt he reads it.
Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A New Start

Yes I'm slowly working on the Tiger but I kept saying I was anxious to start "His Eye is on the Sparrow." So I finally did. I really am enjoying it. I can see it is going to take quite awhile and will be laid down 2 or 3 times before it's done I'm sure.
Tonight the Olympics begin! I'm looking forward to them. I'm not a big fan of Opening and Closing Ceremonies but I'll watch some of it anyway. I really like the Figure Skating, Sledding, Ludging, Tobagooning, Skiing events. The man carrying the USA flag for the Olympians is from our town so he's been in the news a lot. He's a 5 time Olympian I think they said and has won a bronze medal and gold medal with his team partner in Ludging. He trained on the Luudge run here. It really is a nice set up they have down by the Lake. We use to go skating and sledding there a lot when growing up. His name is Mark Grimmack.
Tomorrow we are having our Speghetti dinner at church sponsored by our Department. It's going to be a busy year for us. We have several outreach events planned this year. I think this will be my last year on the Board then I have to take a year off. I'm presenting a new situation for the church, I was on another board for 3 years but it got dissolved and so transfered over to Evangelism. The terms are 3 years, and you can run again for the Board for another 3 years after that a year off then you can go back on if nominated. So yes I will have been on a Board for 6 years but not the same board so where does that put me. My dad is Elder Chairman and I asked him, he didn't know, but more than likely I'll have to take a year off. Not sure I want to as I love being on this board. We'll see. It gets a lot done.Two of the things I wanted to see happen on this board did happen and the 3rd thing I'm still negotiating for, and might happen this year.
An update on my mom. Well...she twisted her knee and iced it the whole weekend before finally going to the Dr. on Monday. He x rayed it and she never heard anything and finally on Wed I said you call DR or I will, dad called the dr. and then today there is another problem with the knee so she's waiting for him to call back. She did call and tell what was going on. She was told several years ago she would need another knee replacement and last fall was told her bones were so brittle twisting the wrong way would break them. So we'll see what happens. Probably will have a knee replacement sooner than later.
Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Very Quick Finish

This only took about 8 hours overall. It is so me. I love Chocolate Chip Cookies! There is one cookie missing....I must have ate it LOL. It'll show up and I'll add it on later. This afternoon I'll probably go back to the tiger. Actually I didn't lay it down. I did this in the afternoon when I wanted to stitch but was too tired to work anymore on the tiger.
We did get hit by the winter storm this time. Not so much yesterday but overnight. Several schools around our area are closed though none in our town. We actually were lucky we only got 6.5 inches of snow.
Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Back to the Tiger

I have gone back to the Tiger and made quite a bit of progress for how detail it is. It is a fun piece to do my kind of piece, small but detailed. But I'm also really anxious to get going on "His Eye is on the Sparrow" so I may be laying it down again in a few days if it's not finished.
We are getting ready for a winter storm that is suppose to come in tomorrow and last through Wed. They already have the warnings out. Our area is to get 6 to 10 inches so that isn't too bad I guess. Further south it goes up. We'll see what happens when it gets here. Unfortunately this system is heading on east where they don't need it.
Wonder if we'll have BSF Wed. I so enjoy it and really am getting a lot out of it I never caught before. We are going through the book of John. Even Mary's sincere love in oinointing Christ verses the acts of Judas struck me how Judas rebuked her and Christ said "leave her alone she's preparing me for my burial" never struckk me before. I never noticed that before I guess. You grow up learning the stories and taking them for granted and go Yea Yea Yea I know that story and not see the little or behind scene things.
I'm waiting to hear what is going on with my mom's knee. She twisted it in going to bed the other night and waited until Monday to see the Dr. She was told quite some time back she needed a knee replacement and may have to do it now rather she wants to or not. She also was told her bones are so brittle that if she twists wrong she could break a bone. So we'll see what happened. She kept it iced over the weekend.
Well....until next time Happy Stitching

Friday, February 05, 2010

Cowboy Dreams is finished

Hot off the iron! I just finished this about an hour ago. I am so happy the Pepsi stains came out so well. I don't think you can tell pepsi spilled on it. Clumsy me!
My sister was here for a couple of days. We had a nice time, playing games and on Wed. we went shopping. It was nice for mom to get out she doesn't get out much these days. I bought a skirt and sweater outfit to wear to church on Sundays and a really pretty slack outfit for spring. I debated and debated on that one and starred at it for a while, talked myself into it as I was afraid if I waited it would be gone as it was so soft and pretty and springy.
This Sunday we are having a chili cookoff at church, just before our annual business meeting. I'm hoping they have labels on the spicy chilli. I don't do spicy foods too well.
I hope those of you on the east coast stay safe and warm. I heard a major storm was hitting you. We've been lucky this year (knock on wood) as we really have had it pretty mild. We have had snow and do have snow but not nearly as bad as last year and not nearly as bad as other areas have been hit.
Now this piece is done I'll go back to the Tiger. I also am dying to start
"His Eye is on the Sparrow" in Best Loved Hymns book 3 by Leisure Arts. So I may start that very soon.
Well...until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 01, 2010

More progress on Cowboy Dreams

I didn't get this finished today like I had hoped. Now it will probably be Thursday unless I'm really lucky and get it done tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday I won't be stitching at all and will some Thursday morning but not a whole lot. I'n giubg ti be naughty Wed. night and skip kids club because of family plans.
My sister is coming into town Wednesday so after BSF I'll go to my parents and spend rest of day there and Thursday will be there too except for the two hours I'm at the food pantry handing out food.
Today I went shopping for the Food pantry, didn't spend as much as I thought I had. We were getting low on some stuff. We've really been picking up business the last few weeks. Not just from Love Inc. but from the people in our church too.
It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining so bright. This winter really hasn't been a bad winter for us knock on wood. The south is getting it worse than what we are. Oh we have snow but not like last year and not like the south is. Our pastor is getting a thrill out of the fact his friends in VA got more snow than us so far this year. Don't know that's true but they are getting hit.
Friday was my great niece, Chelsea's first birthday. They poor baby was sick Sat. okay Sunday so they still had her party now her and her mommy are sick. I got to see the pictures on facebook my brother and nephew posted. Cute. Chelsea looked like she enjoyed her cake. It was first time she had ever had it.
Well.....until next time Happy Stitching..