Sunday, January 25, 2015

Page 5 of America finished-3 done 13 more to go

Good afternoon! I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted. Just not much has happened and this piece just didn't go too well on this page. It was very slow going. Lots of confetti stitching that drove me nuts. I swear half the time I spent on this piece was on horrible page 5 that's what I called it horrible page five. Well that working copy has been torn to pieces now. I'm doing page 6 and that seems to be a much easier page and going faster. I still may be laying this piece down for a couple of weeks soon though. Those colors just are not the most colorful.

My brother found an apartment. We are so happy. We were afraid he'd be homeless after Jan. 31. But he found an apartment he can afford. Now he just needs to keep his finances in line. He really hasn't lived alone until three months ago and does have mental disease.

I got to return to Faithful 2 felines yesterday. I missed my cats in rooms 6 and 7. My favorite cat, Jacy, got adopted which I was so happy. I missed her but happy she has a home. Now there are several other really nice cats that need to be adopted. Although they will live out their lives there if they don't get adopted. And they have it pretty goo there. This past week one of the volunteers came in and said there was a cat meowing to get in so the people in charge went to get it and found tape on it's back legs. Needless to say they were upset, got the tape off, fed the cat and gave it water then sent her to a foster home where she will be taken care of. Like they said even if she's chipped the people aren't going to admit to owning her. We sort of think she was dropped off there or near there.

My sister is coming in Tuesday. She's hoping to return Tim's cat to him. She took care of her while Tim was in the hospital. We're going to help Tim pack up for his move. I'm hoping to get out to Jo Ann's to get some floss. It's funny all that floss I have yet I always find numbers I don't have or low on!

Well, I'm going to go read some blogs. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Back to America by Mystic Stitch also Turtle Trot

Good Evening. I just also realized that this was Turtle Trot Day. Well----This is the only one I made progress on. I'm keeping the same TT pieces I had last year. Oh I decided not to do the America piece I said I was going to do.....It was more challenging than what I wanted to take on. So this is really the only TT piece I made progress on. My other TT pieces are. 2) the Pansies 3 Count Your Blessings 4 His Eye is On the Sparrow, 5) Strengthen me 6) was one by My Big Toe Designs I forgot the name of it. The remaining 4 I have to decide yet. So much has been happening I haven't given TT a thought.

Like much of the country we got hit hard by the winter storm. There was a huge pile up on I 94 down by Kalamazoo yesterday, involving now they say 200 cars. Conditions the last 2 or 3 days were hazardous, many times you couldn't see in front of you, the white outs were frequent. I don't drive but did have to go out in it 4 of the 5 days that were so bad. Yesterday stayed in. Compared to last winter though this winter has been good. It's suppose to clear up and warm up starting tomorrow and then we'll have a heat wave next week 20's and 30's.

I had problems with my scanner and computer a few days. Finally today I called Geek Squad and they solved the problem so I got to scan this piece.

Today would have been my dad's birthday. This year mom is in heaven with him too. We are sure they are playing golf together with some of their friends, old and new ones. So I've been thinking of him a lot today.

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

First finish of 2015

Happy New Year!It's the start of a whole new year. Hopefully a better one than the last two. While there were highs the last two years there were the lows.

I finished the snowman ornament. For as small of a piece it was it was very detailed and took long enough. But it was a fun stitch.

I am going to do Turtle Trot again this year. Some of the pieces will be carry overs from last year. But I am going to have the Ornaments be 1 major project as my goal is at least 1 ornament a month. Also pieces done for charity will be classified as 1 major piece too. I am thinking of adding Let Freedom Ring by Nancy Rossi (a kit by Sunset). It's going to be a major piece I can see that. I plan to start it tomorrow and see how it goes.

Well since I just posted yesterday I'll say Happy Stitching and Happy New Year!