Friday, April 27, 2012

Song Birds Update

Well...... I didn't get as much stitching done this week as I had planned but that's okay. I forgot how hard it was to stitch with a kitten around. They like to "help". LOL. But the last couple of days I did get some stitching in to see the progress. Hopefully it will be done early next week and I'll find something else to stitch then. Or may go back to the Wedding Bells.

Saturn has adjusted very nicely. He settled right down after the first 24 hours. He reminds me a lot of both of his predecessors. He likes to help me make my bed like Buffy did, he purrs a lot like Buffy did and gives hugs and kisses like she did Yet he will get on my lap like Whiskers did, and jumps like Whiskers did. He is definiately more people friendly then either Buffy or Whiskers. He likes to greet anyone who comes through the door and make them his friend where is Whiskers hid, and Buffy if she liked you she greeted you, if she didn't she attacked you or hid. I'll never forget when I lived in GR the city inspector came by for their annual inspection with the housemanager. I was at work....Buffy was alone. They went out on to the deck and Buffy would not let them come back in. They had to flag down another tenant from the building who was going to their car, throw him the keys and have him unlock my door to distract Buffy. The manager was laughing when she told me about it. She said the Inspector laughed so hard about it and had never had a cat do that before. He said I was safe anyway from burglers or anyone breaking in. He is a bigger eater than Whiskers was. We are getting along just fine. Like on Whiskers he lets me know when it's time to get off the computer, only he pushes me out of my chair, whereas Whiskers rubbed across my feet. Saturn seems to have a nicer personality, my family just loves him. He is about the size of Buffy and while Buffy was obviously a gray tiger, Saturn is orange and probly some tiger in him by some of his markings. Well enough on my 3 cats.

Tuesday Addie turns 4 years old. They are having a birthday party for her next Sat. At her request it is a pajama party. My mom and I are going, my dad passed. They also just got their new puppy last Saturday. Heather says Addie and Cheerio immediately became best friends. However, Cheerio seems to think 10 month old Nolan is a toy for him, so she has to watch them constantly or Cheerio is grabbing onto Nolan's shirt, or pants and trying to drag him off. Nolan is needless to say afraid of the puppy. Give him a couple of months, he'll fight back.

Well....until next time. Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finally an update

Good morning! It's been a while since I have posted. A few things have happened since I last posted to my blog. Plus Untill two or three days ago I didn't stitch a whole lot. Here is a picture of Song Birds and what is done on it. It's progressing quite a bit now.

I had to put my precious Whiskers to sleep on Monday. After about a week of eating very litttle and just not being himself I took him to the Vet prepared to have to put him down. While he still was fairly active and used his kitty litter a little he just wasn't himself. The Vet said it was kidney failure. He could have done a couple of tests to make sure and some IV's but how long would that have lasted and I did not want him to suffer. But it broke my heart.

I had to get another cat right away so we went to Pet Smart and this cute little orange and white kitten was making himself known even when I at first chose another cat that was 2 years old but when we got her out she really didn't respond to me. Saturn responded right away rubbing himself against me, playing and wanting my attention so I applied for him and got him on Wed. He is orange and white, short hair, looks like by his tail and other markings he may have some tiger cat in him and is 9 or 10 months old. The Humane Society (where Pet Smart got him from) said he was a stray and brought in to them last Oct. They put his birthday down as July 8 but neutered him in Feb saying he was 8 months at the time so I'm thinking he's 10 months old. He is adjusting very well and has definitely made this his home. He's already discovered if he wants me off the computer he jumps unto the back of the chair and slowly gets in my chair and nudges me off which he is doing right now. He also is a bigger eater than what Whiskers was, I feed him twice a day and both times his dish was empty. He weighs 9 lbs 7 oz. Whiskers at max weighed 7 1/2 lbs so he is a bigger cat. He is definitely creating his own spot in my heart.

Well....until next time. Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Start of Song Birds

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. We did. We went to my niece Christina's house. They have such a cute house. We thought it was just us and my brother and sister in law, but they invited Jared's family and some friends who were not from around here and had no family around here. The friends had the cutest and sweetest baby. I don't think we heard him cry at all the whole time we were there. We had a nice time, a little noisy but fun.

I don't know if I told you but my niece, Heather, and her husband had to put their 13 year old Lab down a couple of weeks. She just got so she wouldn't eat and had a hard time moving. As hard as it was for them as Triscuit was a beautiful and nice dog. Their two children could pull her tail and she would just walk away. They went looking for another Golden Lab right away, and found one. Addie (their almost 4 year old daughter) named her Cheerio. They get to bring her home April 21.

I started this piece the other day. It's called Song Birds by Diane Arthurs. I love working on this piece. The first bird is almost done. I hit a snag so I'll lay it down for tonight and tomorrow correct the error or improvise. I have to figure out where the error is. So far I haven't figured it out.

This is a hard to believe story but it's true and it will be a happy life for the animals involved. After talking to some people off and on about their dogs Humane Society and Animal Control decided to take what they thought would be 60 dogs from these people. They were originally dog breeders but things got out of control somehow. Anyway all the dogs plus 12 cats and 2 birds and the couple lived in a small 2 bedroom house. Animal control got there took what they thought were all the animals, the owners said there were more in this room, then more in that room. Anyway there turned out to be 350 dogs. (Pomarainians and Shit Zhus for the most part). All the animals were well fed, almost all of them were healthy, only one needs on going treatment but will be fine. Needless to say though the dogs were filthy and matted, and were filthy. They got volunteers together and all dogs were given baths and brushed, given hair cuts. They are all expected to be up for adoption in a few days. People are already calling about them. The cats and birds will also be adopted. So it will be a happy life for them all. As far as charges being brought against the couple, they are deciding. The couple loved the animals, fed them and did try to take care of them. They may just be charged with having too many animals I don't know.

Two or 3 weeks ago our church found out Jim had cancer. Jim was a janitor at our church and a real character. No matter where he went there was laughter plus you were on your toes as you never knew what Jim would say or pull next. Last Thurs. Last week Jim and Jackie went to the Dr. to see about his options. They were told in 3 weeks he could start chemo and radiation. Thursday at our Board meeting Pastor told us Hospice was called, not because it was the end but just for comfort measures and to give Jackie some help. Sunday Pastor told the church Jim had 24-48 hours to live and he was at a Hospice House. About two hours ago Jim died. We feel so bad for Jackie, Jim was her rock. Jim and Jackie lost their only son to cancer about 10 years ago, plus several of Jackie's sisters died one right after the other 3 or 4 years ago. Jackie isn't in the best of health herself, Jim was the healthy one. So our prayers are going out to Jackie and her daughter and son-in-law, and children and their daughter-in-law and her two sons. Everything happened so fast for them.

Today it actually snowed outside! I thought we were done with that. But it didn't last. Freeze warnings are out through tomorrow morning. Too bad as it's been so nice the trees, and flowers are budding. The tulips in Holland are already out. They stored some away so they might be able to save a few of the tulips.

Thank you for reading my blog and the comments. I really appreciate everyone. I love reading all your blogs and their are so many great stitchers out there.

Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Poppy Pair is Finished

I finished them earlier this afternoon. They will go out in the mail next week to my friend and she'll frame them for her daughter. I hope they like them. The flowers are the colors they asked for but the greens are not bright. I really don't think there is bright green floss out there. I'm sure Karin will make the flowers out though. She is legally blind.

I started my next piece, Song Birds by Imaginating. I'm also wanting to start a Thonmas Kinkaid piece. I have a few of his patterns. I was sad to hear on the news he died a day or two ago. He was a good painter. I loved his paintings.

Anyone have plans for Easter. We are going to my niece, Christina's house. It'll be the first time we've been there.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Almost to the Finish Line

This week I haven't stitched quite as much as usual as I've been majoring on getting the apartment clean. A room a day but some rooms will take more than one morning. My asthsma and vertigo don't let me spend much more than 2 hours a day cleaning but it's enough to see the difference. Plus I have a cat who when he decides I need to get in my chair and hold him, really lets me know. I'll use any excuse to get out of cleaning won't I? But Whiskers is 19 1/2 and I know the reality is I won't have him that much longer so he gets whatever he wants while I have him.

The Easter Egg Hunt was a success. We had so many kids turn out the eggs were all gathered in 10 minutes I think.

My niece and her husband had to put their sweet dog Triscuit down last week. Brian got her before he even met Heather so it was especially hard for him. She was the sweetest dog, they have a 3 year old girl and a 9 month old baby boy and she never even growled at them, if they got too rough, she just walked away and try to go to the garage or basement to get away from the kids. They are looking for a new Golden Lab puppy who Addie has already named Kerrio. Where she came up with that name we don't know, but we like the name. (That name is better than some of the names she came up with for her baby brother.)

Our weather has cooled down quite abit, more seasonal for this time of year, but at least no snow!

Well----until next time Happy Stitching!