Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Brown Bear

Here is my progress on The Brown Bear. They are a little over half way done. They are sure cute, although I do find all the brown boring after awhile. I'm doing it for an Endangered Young'uns Quilt we are doing at CSFC. I've wanted to do these bears for awhile as they are so cute.

Anyone have plans for the 4th of July? I don't think we are doing anything. I just think I'll stitch. I love the 4th of July Holiday though. It's just something in it that I love. I really like the music and the festivals going on. Our city is having it's annual Summer Festival. I think this weekend will be the craft fair but not sure I will get down there.

The Food Pantry drive for June is over now and I am very happy with the results. Granted we didn't get as much as before but I didn't want to we did get a lot of money donated to the fund that we didn't get last time. Plus we really got a good variety of food. Later this week we are moving the Food Pantry out of the SS office to a room a little more out of the mainstream and doesn't get as much activity. Hopefully no food will "walk away."

I'm so bad. I keep finding more and more patterns I want to stitch up and it's hard to concentrate just on the bears but they need to be done by end of July so I'm sticking to these cute little guys. I do have my next 10 -12 projects lined up. How far in advance do you line up your pieces? Usually for me it's just 2 or 3 but because of babies, weddings etc., I know what my next 10 to 12 pieces. Although I may throw an odd one in here and there.

I got some pictures of Addison the other day. She's 8 weeks old now and is growing. You can tell she's really developing her personality right now. I can't wait to see her maybe sometime this summer maybe Aug.

Oh....Did you notice my Blog Roll is growing! I've added several new ones. One in particular, Paula has done some beautiful stitching. She just started her blog earlier this month and has several entries. Just click on Paula's name on my Blog Roll and you'll see her beautiful stitching.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a quick finish

Thank you for all your comments to Monument Valley. I really appreciated them a lot.

I started The Brown Bear (Endangered Young'uns) and it's coming good. I'll post on them in a couple of days or so. I did take a break from all those browns to do this cute little Penguin. It will go to a Noah's Ark quilt we are doing at Every Stitch Counts for Love Quilts.

There isn't much happening around here right now. So until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am Happy Dancing! Monument Valley is done. I didn't think it would be done until next Monday or Tuesday but it flew this past week, but it flew this past week. After 124 hours it is done!. This will go to Joshua at Love Quilts who chose Western as theme of his quilt. I got permission to do the whole piece for him and it will be turned into his pillow for the quilt. I really hope he likes it. Now I'll get going on the Brown Bears (Endangered Younguns) for Cross Sitching for charity.

Until next time Happy Stitching.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grandpa's Little Helper and Monument Valley Progress

Last Saturday we had a family get together. My niece and her husband were here from OR so those that could be there were there. Of course Johnny, Ashton, and Addison were the 3 stars. Although Addison was only 5 weeks so she just was cute and had grown since I last saw her. The picture I am showing is of Johnny and his Grandpa, (my brother, Kevin). Johnny just loves his Grandpa so wherever Kevin was there was Johnny. In this picture Johnny is helping Kevin put the cooler away as we were closing up. By the way he had the cutest T shirt on that said "Ready or not Here I come. He was our social butterfly, going to all the pinicers at the park we were at especially if they had a child around his age. He kept us on our toes. We had a beautiful day. The storms did not come until after we left. Of course we saw by the clouds they were coming so we packed up in time.

Stitching wise I have made quite a bit of progress on Monument Valley. It's 3/4 of way done now and I really hope to have it done early next week. This is progress at 100 hours of stitching on it.

I also got RAK'd this past week Sue V from ESC sent me this off my wish list. I love it. She sent the pattern, the floss, and the material for it I can't wait to do it late fall or early winter.

It's been a busy week. I got to see Michelle again on Wed. Michelle and Kay came back to town on Wed. and stayed until Thurs. Then they went to Heather's and Friday Michelle flew back to OR to finish up her Internship. Later this summer her and Scott and their cat are moving to CO where both will work at Universities teaching Chemistry.

This past week we've had a lot of storms. We haven't had the floods in our county but all around us they did. Nothing compared to those in Iowa though. I was talking to a lady in church this morning who is visiting here from Iowa right where the floods are. She said where they are at they are okay but she can't try to go home before Thurs as she won't reach their home. My heart and prayers go out to those people it has to be devastating.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, June 06, 2008

More Progress on Monument Valley

Thank you for your comments to this piece I have appreciated them. I am barely over half way through it now. It's almost too big for my scanner so next week I'll probably be using my Digital Camera. It's going better than what it was for awhile but I still say if I get to do another John Clayton piece (and I hope I do) I will use evenweave the quarter stitches will be easier. I'm not real happy with the way this one is turning out only because I think it looks sloppy. Hopefully once it made into a pillow it'll look better.

My niece and her husband flew into Grand Rapids today (at least I think they are there). Michelle will be here a week and Scott has to go back to OR on Monday. Tonight they will spend at Michelle's sister's outside of GR and come to town tomorrow. Also my nephew and his fiancee are coming in from Chicago. We're having a family get together tomorrow down by Lake Michigan (weather cooperating)Otherwise we'll go to another niece's house. We're looking forward to seeing the kids again. For Michelle and Bryan it will be first time seeing their baby niece. Addison is 5 weeks old now. Can't wait to see her tomorrow and see how she's grown and changed. She's probably getting more personality to her now.

Our weather had been cool now it's getting into the 80's and muggy. Stormy too, yesterday we had storms off and on all day, and cleared out by evening. Today it looks like they will be coming soon.

Well until next time Happy Stitching.