Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Brown Bear

Here is my progress on The Brown Bear. They are a little over half way done. They are sure cute, although I do find all the brown boring after awhile. I'm doing it for an Endangered Young'uns Quilt we are doing at CSFC. I've wanted to do these bears for awhile as they are so cute.

Anyone have plans for the 4th of July? I don't think we are doing anything. I just think I'll stitch. I love the 4th of July Holiday though. It's just something in it that I love. I really like the music and the festivals going on. Our city is having it's annual Summer Festival. I think this weekend will be the craft fair but not sure I will get down there.

The Food Pantry drive for June is over now and I am very happy with the results. Granted we didn't get as much as before but I didn't want to we did get a lot of money donated to the fund that we didn't get last time. Plus we really got a good variety of food. Later this week we are moving the Food Pantry out of the SS office to a room a little more out of the mainstream and doesn't get as much activity. Hopefully no food will "walk away."

I'm so bad. I keep finding more and more patterns I want to stitch up and it's hard to concentrate just on the bears but they need to be done by end of July so I'm sticking to these cute little guys. I do have my next 10 -12 projects lined up. How far in advance do you line up your pieces? Usually for me it's just 2 or 3 but because of babies, weddings etc., I know what my next 10 to 12 pieces. Although I may throw an odd one in here and there.

I got some pictures of Addison the other day. She's 8 weeks old now and is growing. You can tell she's really developing her personality right now. I can't wait to see her maybe sometime this summer maybe Aug.

Oh....Did you notice my Blog Roll is growing! I've added several new ones. One in particular, Paula has done some beautiful stitching. She just started her blog earlier this month and has several entries. Just click on Paula's name on my Blog Roll and you'll see her beautiful stitching.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


stitcherw said...

Very cute. The Endangered Younguns are such a fun series, they'll look wonderful in the quilts. As for planning projects ahead, I'm only usually looking at one or two. Pretty much when I finish one I'll start whatever else calls the loudest and appeals the most. Or, if I just can't wait, startitis wins and I have another one up and in process. Since most of my stitching is for me, I don't have very many deadlines that I need to work a project or certain style of a piece around.

Shelleen said...

your bears are cute. can't wait to see more progress.

~Julie~ said...

Those bears are precious, Barb! I will look forward to seeing further pictures on those li'l darlings. =)

As for the fourth, we don't have any plans either. I'm sure we'll spend most of the evening covering our dogs' ears so they don't get too frightened (they don't like fireworks/firecrackers very much).

I'm glad the food drive went well and you have a good variety in there to share with people in need. And I *definitely* think it is a great idea that it is being moved to another location. I think the chances of food getting up and 'leaving'---will be lessened that way.

Again---beautiful li'l bears, Barb!


Dawn B. said...

They do look very cute indeed. Glad the food pantry got some much needed funds. I try to plan out my pices ahead of time but for some reason they may or may not get done the way I plan.

Dani said...

The bears are very cute ... I think they will fit well on a quilt :). As for planning out projects ... I kinda do but sometimes the best plans get waylaid. No plans for the fourth ... I have duty (so at least I'll be able to see the fireworks this year).

Elaine said...

Those bears are just adorable Barb!


Mistylynn said...

Those bears are adorable.

Mary Ann said...

I love the cute little bears!! And, I'm glad to hear the food pantry is doing well.

Meari said...

The bears look cute, Barb. I don't ever line up my projects because I have so little time to stitch by the time I'd get to a list, I'd probably change my mind. LOL