Friday, January 29, 2010

More progress on Cowboy Dreams

I think I'm just going to finish this piece on out before going back to the tiger. At the rate I'm going I should finish it Monday to be honest. At least I hope. I love working with Crescent Colors. Yes they slow me down but I like the effect of them It's just like working with Gentle Arts Threats.

We are having a cold spell right now but suppose to start warming up Monday.

Today is my great niece, Chelsea's first birthday. Happy birthday Chelsea. I'm sure they are having a big party for her with her grandparents and two uncles. She rules them all I think. They live out of state so I told them to post pictures on their facebook page.

I can actually see out my windows now. They replaced my old ones with new ones as age had worn the sealer down and they steaming up.

Well- until next time Happy Stitching. Thank you to everyone who reads this blog and also to those who leave comments. I really appreciate them. They really encourage me to keep stitching when I feel like giving up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new start and progress on the tiger

I decided to do this Cowboy piece on the side as it is a very easy piece compared to the tiger. Although using the Specialty threads does slow it down some. It is a cute, enjoyable piece called Cowboy Dreams by a designer I had never heard of this desinger before. I like doing projects by new designers from time to time.

As you can see I have made quite a bit of progress on the tiger. My only problem is my hands are starting to bother me again. So I guess I will have to slow down on stitching again. Tendernitis is something that is going to reoccur from time to time and I might as well face the fact, I can't stitch as much as I use to.
I really am enjoying my new computer. It took a couple of days to straighten everything out and once that happened I took off with it. Works isn't nearly as hard to get use to as I was told it would be. Neither is Windows 7 hard. So I was lucky I guess. Now it's a matter of putting some things back on the computer. I wrote it all out and now I'll slowly type them into my computer.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A new piece, a new computer, a new printer

My old computer started acting up a couple of weeks ago. I could use it somewhat but couldn't go to some sites like here and a few others. Then a week ago it crashed completely. So I went to the store a few days later and bought a new computer. Finally got most of it set up Thursday and then today the rest of it. I'm a happy camper. Now it's a matter of getting to know this new computer. The person that came today showed me a lot of things so I should be okay now.It's been great catching up on all the blogs. I love seeing the other blogs and enjoy seeing their works

This Tiger will be going to a boy at Love Quilts that chose wild anmals as theme of his quilt. It is coming a little slow in that I haven't stitched on it much. But I will get to it more next week I think. At least the start of the week.

We have had some nice weather and got our January thaw. We got spoiled as they say winter is coming back Monday. cat wants me off the computer. He needs some attention So until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Finally a finish!

I finally have a finish! First one in almost 4 months. It's small and whimsical but a finish none the less. This will go to Bailey at Love Quilts who chose under the sea for her quilt theme. If it's too whimsical and cutesy they can give it to a younger child in the future. Now to decide on my next piece!
I want it know Winter is not my favorite season. Oh the snow is beautiful but it's soooooo cold. I am thankful we get all four seasons and we really don't get the worat of them. Well rarely we do I should say.
Thank you for reading my blog. I have appreciated the comments. Now I'm stitching more I plan to pay more attention to the different blogs and read and comment on them more. I've been slack on that myself so can't complain about getting few comments to mine.
Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 04, 2010

I may actually finish something

FInally! This star fish is well underway and hopefully late tomorrow or Wed. afternoon this will be finished! I hope. Then I'll go back to Treble Clef I think and try to finish that out.
I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year!
We had our family Christmas on Saturday. We had a calendar exchange which was differfent for us. It was fun seeing all the different calendars though. Johnny and Addie were as cute as always playing pretty well together. I got two calendars. The one I just love. I knew my mom was getting a calendar with all the Grand kids and Great Grandkids, each month features a grandchild and their family. I didn't know I was getting one. I love it. Something I will always cherish.
Has anyone had an exerience with Vertigo? I suspeceted I had it as there would be times I would be on a bridge and feel like the floor was coming out. Or I would feel dizzy but usually it passed. Friday night the dizziness went on for a long time. I tried to move and felt like I was going to faint. Finally called my sister-in-law and we called another brother asking what to do. My head was pounding and my chest was hurting though I knew it wasn't a heart attack. Finally decided to go to ER. They gave me some pills to take for when I have another attack. They said it can pass quickly or go on for days otherwise. I felt better Saturday though still had the headache it did not destroy my fun with the family!
Well, until next time. Happy Stitching!