Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Start No. 40

This adorable Sea Otter is being stitched for Cross Stitch Addicts for Love Quilts. The Quilt will feature Stoney Creek's Sea Babies. That is going to be one adorable quilt. I love stitching on this and it's about half done now. I may just have to buy this book! I am only 10 away from the 50 mark although I may add a few more as I bought some patters intending to do them for others and so far haven't. Most of them will be done eventurally but some of them were not what I expected them to be We have had so much snow in Feb. we broke the records for the amount of snow fall in month of Feb. That is not including the storm we are in middle of now, but it's not a bad storm. I know it's selfish but I am sort of hoping that BSF is cancelled tomorrow. We'll see. My mom is doing much better as far as her confusion. She's almost back to normal. Unfortunately she has to stay in Isolation until Tuesday because of her infection. Hopefully on Tues. the blood test will show it's clear and she can go back to a regular room. We think she'll be happier then. None of us would like being confined to that room we don't blame her for being unhappy there. Well until next time....Happy Stitching! st

Saturday, February 23, 2013

PM PIlot is finished

It is finished! I finished the pilot earlier this morning. It's a cute piece but I'm glad it's done. Now I'm doing the baby sea otter for Love Quilts. Its a quilt we are doing at CSA for Love Quilts. It's going pretty good and I'm so anxious to see it progress. I saw my mom today and she is slowly improving. She isn't nearly as confused as she was and she didn't choke on her food. So it was a nice visit. Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update on PM Pilot

I stitched quite a bit on this this past week and am happy with the progress. It gets a little tedius at times, especially the plane as there is so much 225 in it but I take a break from it from time to time to do other parts of the piece, that's why it looks a little funny. Typical of PM pieces once I get the hair and face done the rest goes failry easy. I went up to see my mom today not sure what to think. She has been moved to a private room because her bladder infection is back again! We think they need to keep her on the antibiotic longer than what they are. She's also still confused and has a hard time swallowing. She chokes on her food so she doesn't want to eat. My fear is since they don't watch her eat if she chokes when she's eating and no family menmber is there, she may aspirate. She really eats very little. My sister thinks she's being stubborn I really don't know, if I choked every time I ate, I may not want to eat either. I do feel she's sort of mean and I don't like that. But so much of the way she's acting is not her, she'd be so embarassed if she knew what all she was saying. She always was short tempered with dad and I and dad, he just takes it rolls off his sleeve, me, I'll get after her. I sort of did that today when she got mean to dad. Even though we were never close it's hard to see her like this. We never fought or anything but we were never close. We always knew one of these days winter would gang up on us and collect for being so nice to us for one winter and half of the other. We've had so many storms in Feb. We can't wait until winter is over. Is it spring yet? Well....Until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Splish Splash Pillow

A few months ago I made this piece for two of my great nephews, (Nick and Chase who live in CO). I had my sister make it into a pillow so she did and then sent it out to the boys. My niece says they really like it and like the fact their grandma made the pillow part. Well, 3 year old Nick does. Chase is a little too young yet but he likes the animals on it. Oh I almost forgot it was Valentines Day so Happy Valentines Day everyone. I had wanted to do a Valentines piece for got involved in other projects instead. In the next day or two I'll update the PM Pilot one. It's moving along fine now that the worst of it is done. We moved my mom to the Nursing Home on Tuesday. She's just really confused but doing okay. She doesn't want my dad to leave her but he has to go home and get other things done sometimes. We are hoping the confusion will past but we're not too optimistic. Perhaps once she settles in she'll calm down a little. Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to PM Pilot

For now I have returned to the Precious Moments Pilot. There is a lot of 225 in the plane especially since I am revising the plane and not doing the words on it so it'll be all pink. Both Love Quilts and Sandy Hook Project are asking for pieces for boys so I went through my books and found some pieces. I am anxious to get going on a couple of pieces for Love Quilts. Love Quilts is my first priority and Sandy Hook Project comes second. Plus I have until Aug. on the Sandy Hook Projects. I figure if I do 7 or 8 projects for Sandy Hook Project I'll be doing good. We got hit hard by a winter storm Wed. night and Thursday and my sister drove through it from the other side of the state. She said it was nice until she hit Grand Rapids then the weather was terrible and sort of crawled between 35 and 40 miles per hour that's all the faster anyone left. She left yesterday and will be back on Tues. We are trying something new for the Food Pantry at church. Once a month someone from the food pantry will go up front and promote it then tell the people about drawing something from the basket and what ever is written on the card is what they are to bring. It may be 2 cans of spaghetti o's, etc. Oatmeal is just one. We are hoping that will keep the people involved in the food pantry. They come through big time when we have a drive but rest of year they tend to forget about us. Although someone recently gave us $1800 and then we got a grant for a local hospital, and smaller sums of money have come in. The money we save to use at Feeding America as we can get things so much cheaper from them. Our only problem is they only have certain things although this year I've noticed more items. That reminds me I have to put an order in to them tomorrow and it's a big order. Anyway we were really pleased with the amount of cards that people took now hopefully they'll bring the food in. We really need spaghetti o's and raviolli's really bad oh and pancake mixes, so we'll see. Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another finish

Hello! This time I have a finish that really didn't take that long to do. Maybe about 20 hours altogether. It was a fun, easy stitch. A nice break from what I had been doing, and very colorful. More color than I really like but this was a fast moving, fun piece so it didn't bother me much. This piece will go to the Sandy Hook project. Rather it will go to the school quilt or one of the teachers I don't know. Most of the squares I do for this project I'm letting the leaders choose where to put the squares except for the Music Speaks piece, that had to go to Ana. I was so touched by that video of her singing and her brother playing the piano. She was playing to, that it had to go to her family. Then I saw her parents on TV and I knew for sure then. I think I'm going to finish the Precious Moments airplane piece next and then do a couple of pieces for Love Quilts. They are needing boy graphs so I dug out some. Things are not looking good for my mom right now. It's a rollar coaster ride. She'll be okay one day and the next not. She was doing well this afternoon and my dad was getting ready to go with her to PT so they could see how he does transfering her etc. He said the morning went well even though she was weak yet and she did tire out. Then I guess she had a spell in PT in the afternoon and they ran an EKG and some other tests, put her back on oxygen and back on the heart monitor. Her EKG turned out abnormal which it always does. So we doubt she'll have PT tomorrow. My sister was coming in tomorrow but we are suppose to have another winter storm. She works 3rd shift tonight so she has to sleep in the morning or she could leave in morning and be okay. It's afternoon we're suppose to get hit hard and then it's suppose to move east in the afternoon and since she's coming from the east she'll be hitting the storm most of the way here. So she may come in Friday or wait until Tuesday to come. Well....not much else is happening. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

First finish of 2013

I finally have a finish! I started this piece in Nov. and laid it down to do some other stitching. It really was a fun piece to do. I love doing these cute animals in Stoney Creek's Farm Babies. I've done about 4 of them now maybe 5. This piece will go to Quilts for Older Children for a Farm Animal Quilt they are doing Now I'm doing a piece for the Sandy Hook Project called Those who Teach. It's moving quite fast so I'll probably just wait until it's finished to post it. It's a fun, easy piece. I went up to see my mom today. She is really confused these days and it's hard to see her this way. We asked the Dr. why her confusion and he said she had an UTI and sometimes an infection will confuse an older patient. Although she's been confused off and on in past and we chalked that up to her low sodiuim and potasium levels. I went to Neurologist yesterday and I'm not sure what to think. Basically he said along with my arthritis and virtigo issues I alos had Neuropathy and Ataxia and basically he said because I was in early stages there was nothing that could be done just call him when it gets worse. Well he was a little more tackful than that. He didn't even explain either one to me. I know some about Neuropathy because I knew a couple of other people who had it. But I know nothing about Ataxia. And as far as Neuropathy went I thought that was associated with diabetes but I guess not. Anyway I looked both up on line. While no, it's not a death sentence and not the worse thing in world, I still didn't like what I read. Anyway I'll continue on with PT and when I seen the ENT later this month I have questions. Especially about Ataxia since I know nothing about that. All the Dr. said yesterday was they were progressive diseases and will deteroate. I guess I'm in for a lot of pain beter arthritis, neuropathy and ataxia in the future. I'll deal with it then. Well....until next time Happy stitching!