Saturday, February 02, 2013

First finish of 2013

I finally have a finish! I started this piece in Nov. and laid it down to do some other stitching. It really was a fun piece to do. I love doing these cute animals in Stoney Creek's Farm Babies. I've done about 4 of them now maybe 5. This piece will go to Quilts for Older Children for a Farm Animal Quilt they are doing Now I'm doing a piece for the Sandy Hook Project called Those who Teach. It's moving quite fast so I'll probably just wait until it's finished to post it. It's a fun, easy piece. I went up to see my mom today. She is really confused these days and it's hard to see her this way. We asked the Dr. why her confusion and he said she had an UTI and sometimes an infection will confuse an older patient. Although she's been confused off and on in past and we chalked that up to her low sodiuim and potasium levels. I went to Neurologist yesterday and I'm not sure what to think. Basically he said along with my arthritis and virtigo issues I alos had Neuropathy and Ataxia and basically he said because I was in early stages there was nothing that could be done just call him when it gets worse. Well he was a little more tackful than that. He didn't even explain either one to me. I know some about Neuropathy because I knew a couple of other people who had it. But I know nothing about Ataxia. And as far as Neuropathy went I thought that was associated with diabetes but I guess not. Anyway I looked both up on line. While no, it's not a death sentence and not the worse thing in world, I still didn't like what I read. Anyway I'll continue on with PT and when I seen the ENT later this month I have questions. Especially about Ataxia since I know nothing about that. All the Dr. said yesterday was they were progressive diseases and will deteroate. I guess I'm in for a lot of pain beter arthritis, neuropathy and ataxia in the future. I'll deal with it then. Well....until next time Happy stitching!


Linda said...

Cute finish Barb.


Carol said...

Very cute little cow, Barb! Sorry to hear about your health problems--my husband also suffers from neuropathy in his feet and he doesn't have diabetes either... Hang in there :)