Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to the Calf

Good evening! Well.....the rose was a complete disaster and ended up being thrown into the garbage! I kept having to frog and then nothing was turning out right so I just had had it and threw it away. Can you believe I even burned oatmeal because of that stupid piece. I was so concentrated on frogging I forgot about the oatmeal I put on the stove minutes earlier. So I got this piece back out to finish up. I do have to improvise a little and I think the calf looks a little funny so I will add a stitch on to the top three rows as they are one stitch short. I can't find the mistake which makes me mad. Everything coundts out perfectly to the pattern. Oh well...I just have the grass to finish up and the flower to do so probably will be done Friday. We are suppose to get hit by another winter storm tomorrow through Sat. morning. Yesterday and today it rained so much it melted all that snow we had from the last storm and we had like 10 inches on the ground. Needless to say flood warnings are out tonight. My sister came to town yesterday to see our mom and had planned to go home tomorrow but because of the incoming storm her husband told her to go as far as their daughters (outside of GR). He thought she'd be ahead of the storm then and wouldn't be in it as long as this seems to be Lake Effect to start tunring into wide spread. The past few days were eventful. Friday they ran some tests on my mom and decided they would do a heart catherization on Monday so she had to leave one hospital and go to another for 3 days. The catherization turned out okay there wasn't any blockage, a narrowing but they were able to correct that. She apparently had a heart attack about a month ago and didn't know it. Today she went back to the other hospital for rehab. She does seem to be doing better. For a while we weren't sure. Oh just a couple of comments about messenger. I never use it, if I could delete it I would. I keep getting requests to add my name to their list and I deny every single one as I don't recognize the name or they use a fake name. I did accept two or three and ended up deleting them from my list because I didn't like what they were szying at all so I do not accept anyone any more. Any one have the same problem? Well....I'm going to go read some blogs. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Bernice said...

That little calf is so adorable.

Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Barb! I have also thrown out a small piece or two. When it gets to the point that I seem to be frogging more than stitching then I figure it's time to throw it away. Maddening!
Your little calf does look awfully cute. A great job on him and I love the colors.
LindaLee from
CrossN' My Stitches