Monday, January 07, 2013

PM Pilot start

Good evening. It's been a few days but I have a good excuse. My start to this PM Pilot is barely a start. I've worked on it a couple hours a day the last few days. I haven't been up to much stitching. My Vertigo or whatever it is is really acting up bad. New Years Eve it got so bad I went to ER and was admitted for a couple of days. I came home with a walker, nebulizer and will get Lifeline set up. Today I went to my ENT and he prescribed more PT and is recommending a visit to a neurologist as he thinks it's more than Vertigo. Problem is yes, there is a problem with the balance between the ears but it doesn't last weeks or months and it's more dizziness, mine is more lightheadedness and weakness. Plus the attacks should only last hours, not weeks. And this has been about 4 months. For a little while a couple of times I was okay but then it came bacvk with a vengence. So we'll see. Only problem is the two best neurologist here in town are not known for their people skills and the ones wife I knew as a child growing up. She was my brother's age and I was just a year or two younger than her sister who I see all teh time at church. There is a third one so maybe I'll see him. I'll know more when I see my regular dr. in the morning. After the apointment tomrorrow I'm going to look at some apartments downtown that are really nice and will have basically everything on the same floor and no steps but if on second or third floor will use elevator. (Guess I'll have to get over my fear of elevators! Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Love your new start Barb. Who is the designer.


Nicola said...

I do hope you resolve your medical problems soon.

Beth Pearce said...

Wow! I sure hope that they find out what is wrong and FIX it. I can imagine that would be very scary.

Good start, and I hope you stitching abilities come back soon.

EvalinaMaria said...

Feel better soon! The stitching looks lovely.

Miss LindaLee said...

You keep us posted Barb on the medical issue. By the way.....I have found that I need to see for myself when it comes to people not liking doctors. Some of the nicest ones I've had were ones others didn't like.

Your new start looks super.

LindaLee from
My Stitches

Lindsay said...

I've finally got round to sending out those charts and I can't find any other way of contacting you for your addres please eamil me