Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And Another New Start

Hello again! I started this rose about 3 weeks ago than mislaid the pattern. I found it early this morning so thought I better get back to it as it is due Feb. 1 Fortunately it is an easy piece and it's not boring for it being so easy and only having 2 colors until I get to the leaves at the bottom. I am really enjoying this piece and refreshing to do. I think I got twice as far today as I did the whole time I worked on it earlier. My sister was going to come in to town tomorrow to see our mom but with the weather as is we don't know. I called her today and told her not to come if it's like this. She's going to call our dad tomorrow and see what the weather's like. Only problem is I think between tomorrow and Sat, tomorrow is best day, and she had committed to baby sitting her two grandchildren on Sat. So if she's going to come, it'll have to be tomorrow. Maybe Heather and Brian with arrange for Brian's mom or sister's to babysit the kids if Kay can't make it in. Heather and Brian live outside of Grand Rapids about 45 minutes from here. In fact we joke there's only 2 roads between our places and Heather & Brian's subdivision. You stay on one highway 30 miles or so and the other one about 12 miles and turn into their subdivion. LOL! I have to admit this snow is pretty to look out at we have about a foot of snow on the ground now. This week is suppose to be cold and some snow, next week it's to reach 40 again. I think we have received more snow the last 3 days then we did last winter and this winter until now. Should help Lake Michigan's water level a little. Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

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