Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First finish of 2017

Good Afternoon. I have finally gotten my stitching mojo back. I laid down America for now....I just couldn't get into it and picked up this piece. It's part of Kitty in Window Seasonal series by Eileen Gurak of HandBlessings. I really liked doing this piece and will do the other 3 in their appropriate seasons this year.

I'm now doing a kit that I had called Today I will Live with Faith. It is so pretty, it has 3 butterflies, and I love the colors. It is not going to be an easy piece to do but it's going okay. The pattern is a little small and hard to make out with all the backstitch lines but I have my magnifying glass handy and that's helping a lot.

I babysat my brother's cat, Snowball, for a little over a week while my brother was in hospital. I just couldn't leave her home so I had a friend help me and we brought her here. Things really went better than I anticipated. Before when I attempted to have her here things went so poorly that I had friends come and take her. This time Snowball and Saturn were pretty good. There was very little hissing and growling. I kept Snowball in a kennel when Saturn was roaming around the apartment but when he went into the bedroom to sleep for awhile Snowball let me know by meowing and looking towards the bedroom. It was so cute, and of course she was let out. Both Snowball and Saturn figured out how to open the bedroom door so I did have to watch for that. I really think had I had her a couple days longer though she wouldn't need the kennel as the two were getting along, even kissing each other.

There is a lot of flu and colds going around here. That's the problem with mild winters, everyone seems to get sick. So far I've been lucky but so many of my friends have gotten sick I'm surprised I haven't caught anything from them. Knock on wood.

Things are going great at the cat shelter. We saw a lot of cats go out and unfortunately many have come in. We are filled to the max right now so need to get the cats adopted out. In Feb. our FIV cats and black cats were only $25.00. The black cats sold pretty good we have a few left. People are afraid of the stigma of FIV cats. They are afraid they'll catch the Aids virus from the cat and no they can't. However we do not encourage people with young children to see the cats because young children do have a lower immune system then us adults. We don't encourage people with other cats in house either but some have adopted them and things are going well. Just because they have the virus does not mean they will get aids and it's not a death sentence for the cat. If kept inside the cat can live long healthy lives. Though we do encourage taking them to the vet at least once a year and if they do get the sniffles or eye infection, uti, or other things take them to vet immediately. We've had the room for almost 18 months and all the cats we've had in there are still doing very well. It's some of our other cats that were healthy that got sick and died, but that's only been a few. And now we have a new Vet who keeps right on top of our cats. Like adults, the cats are getting colds and sniffles and our sick room is full. But then we just had 10 cats brought in to us from a hoarding situation 8 of them were sick. But they are all doing better.

Well, until next time.....Happy Stitching.

Monday, February 06, 2017

I am still alive and stitching.....sometimes

I know it's been a while. I just haven't gotten into stitching like I use to. It took me over a month to do a half page. I think it's because of the colors in the Empire State Building are so dull. The more interesting colors are coming up so it should go faster now. I thought for sure this page would be done and I'd be into the last section by now.
January was sort of an uneventful month not much happened. So there really hasn't been anything to blog about.
So until next time....Happy stitching.