Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to the Calf

Good evening! Well.....the rose was a complete disaster and ended up being thrown into the garbage! I kept having to frog and then nothing was turning out right so I just had had it and threw it away. Can you believe I even burned oatmeal because of that stupid piece. I was so concentrated on frogging I forgot about the oatmeal I put on the stove minutes earlier. So I got this piece back out to finish up. I do have to improvise a little and I think the calf looks a little funny so I will add a stitch on to the top three rows as they are one stitch short. I can't find the mistake which makes me mad. Everything coundts out perfectly to the pattern. Oh well...I just have the grass to finish up and the flower to do so probably will be done Friday. We are suppose to get hit by another winter storm tomorrow through Sat. morning. Yesterday and today it rained so much it melted all that snow we had from the last storm and we had like 10 inches on the ground. Needless to say flood warnings are out tonight. My sister came to town yesterday to see our mom and had planned to go home tomorrow but because of the incoming storm her husband told her to go as far as their daughters (outside of GR). He thought she'd be ahead of the storm then and wouldn't be in it as long as this seems to be Lake Effect to start tunring into wide spread. The past few days were eventful. Friday they ran some tests on my mom and decided they would do a heart catherization on Monday so she had to leave one hospital and go to another for 3 days. The catherization turned out okay there wasn't any blockage, a narrowing but they were able to correct that. She apparently had a heart attack about a month ago and didn't know it. Today she went back to the other hospital for rehab. She does seem to be doing better. For a while we weren't sure. Oh just a couple of comments about messenger. I never use it, if I could delete it I would. I keep getting requests to add my name to their list and I deny every single one as I don't recognize the name or they use a fake name. I did accept two or three and ended up deleting them from my list because I didn't like what they were szying at all so I do not accept anyone any more. Any one have the same problem? Well....I'm going to go read some blogs. Until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And Another New Start

Hello again! I started this rose about 3 weeks ago than mislaid the pattern. I found it early this morning so thought I better get back to it as it is due Feb. 1 Fortunately it is an easy piece and it's not boring for it being so easy and only having 2 colors until I get to the leaves at the bottom. I am really enjoying this piece and refreshing to do. I think I got twice as far today as I did the whole time I worked on it earlier. My sister was going to come in to town tomorrow to see our mom but with the weather as is we don't know. I called her today and told her not to come if it's like this. She's going to call our dad tomorrow and see what the weather's like. Only problem is I think between tomorrow and Sat, tomorrow is best day, and she had committed to baby sitting her two grandchildren on Sat. So if she's going to come, it'll have to be tomorrow. Maybe Heather and Brian with arrange for Brian's mom or sister's to babysit the kids if Kay can't make it in. Heather and Brian live outside of Grand Rapids about 45 minutes from here. In fact we joke there's only 2 roads between our places and Heather & Brian's subdivision. You stay on one highway 30 miles or so and the other one about 12 miles and turn into their subdivion. LOL! I have to admit this snow is pretty to look out at we have about a foot of snow on the ground now. This week is suppose to be cold and some snow, next week it's to reach 40 again. I think we have received more snow the last 3 days then we did last winter and this winter until now. Should help Lake Michigan's water level a little. Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Finally getting my Stitching Mojo Back!

Hello everyone! It's been a couple of weeks, I know. I just lost my stitching mojo and no piece was appealing to me and to get into this piece took forever! I think I stitched more today than I had the whole 2 weeks put together! This is a cute piece called Plant Manager by Good Natured Girls. It's in book called Plant Kindness. This piece has a whole lot of half stitches in it and keeping me on my toes. I finally have her head almost done, just a little more to do on the hair. It's going to take a while to do this, it will go to the Sandy Hook Project. I'm still having minor problems with my vertigo but the last couple of days really have been good. My mom is still at the hospital only in rehab and doing a little better than what she was. We are not sure she will be going home at this point, she may be going to a Nursing Home which she is fine with. She is a social butterfly so she will be happy there. It's just rather or not our dad is able to take care of her at this point no. He is 84 and has health problems of his own. Right now it seems like everyone is getting sick. Our church has so many in the hospital right now and some aren't doing too well. Well, after escaping major winter storms last winter and so far this winter, we got hit by this one. We have several inches of snow on the ground like now and it's not leaving any time soon. Well.....until next time.....I think I'm going to read some blogs now. I haven't even done much of that the last couple of weeks. Happy Stitching!

Monday, January 07, 2013

PM Pilot start

Good evening. It's been a few days but I have a good excuse. My start to this PM Pilot is barely a start. I've worked on it a couple hours a day the last few days. I haven't been up to much stitching. My Vertigo or whatever it is is really acting up bad. New Years Eve it got so bad I went to ER and was admitted for a couple of days. I came home with a walker, nebulizer and will get Lifeline set up. Today I went to my ENT and he prescribed more PT and is recommending a visit to a neurologist as he thinks it's more than Vertigo. Problem is yes, there is a problem with the balance between the ears but it doesn't last weeks or months and it's more dizziness, mine is more lightheadedness and weakness. Plus the attacks should only last hours, not weeks. And this has been about 4 months. For a little while a couple of times I was okay but then it came bacvk with a vengence. So we'll see. Only problem is the two best neurologist here in town are not known for their people skills and the ones wife I knew as a child growing up. She was my brother's age and I was just a year or two younger than her sister who I see all teh time at church. There is a third one so maybe I'll see him. I'll know more when I see my regular dr. in the morning. After the apointment tomrorrow I'm going to look at some apartments downtown that are really nice and will have basically everything on the same floor and no steps but if on second or third floor will use elevator. (Guess I'll have to get over my fear of elevators! Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!