Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I acutally did this piece a few years ago.   But with it being Halloween I thought I would post it.  It's a different Halloween post but look at the expression on that pumpkin as the kitty comes down t love it.
Tonight we are having Trunk or Treat at church but first time since it started I won't get there.   I'll miss it.   I loved handing out the donuts and apple cider but we aren't doing that this year.   I really can't do the trunk or treat though because I don't drive.   Usually my brother or dad could do it but this year isn't working out.   Oh well.   They don't allow Trick or Treating in our complex.

Yesterday my niece brought Katelyn and Johnny to see her grandmother and me.   (We live in same complex).   Katelyn wasn't dressed up as she is a baby and Melissa said it was too hard, but Johnny was dressed as a Knight.   He was so cute.   Katelyn was her adorable smiley self.   She is such a happy baby.

I have my next CS piece well underway.  I'll post it in a couple of days.   I just wanted to drop by and say Happy Halloween.   Until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Dance! It is finished

It is finished.   HURRAY!   I am glad to have this piece done.  In the end I almost hated it I wanted it to be done so bad.   I'll send it out to Cross Stitch Addicts early next week so I won't even have to see it again.  Not sure I will do another sports logos anytime soon and am glad I only signed  up for only one.   I have now started an Autumn Sampler by Prairie Schooler which is much more enjoyable.

I have not made Brocolli Cheese Soup in years and lost the recipe.   One of my friends posted a recipe on Face book so I went to the site and thought I would try it out.   I don't know.   I may have goofed by using garlic powder instead of the cloves.   But we'll see.   I'll wait an hour before I put the cheese in it too.

It's been a quiet week and have a nice quiet weekend coming up so will close.  Until next time...Happy Stitching!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The end is in sight I think!

I haven't had much time to work on this this past week either but I think the end is in sight and hopefully at the end of the week this will be done.   I did order the 947 thread today and it should be here Friday and I'll be able to finish the orange off then I think.   I am going to run out of 947 soon I fear.   Here I was just out by Jo Anne's Friday and didn't even think to go in there.   We had other things on our mind like getting a baby shower gift.

My sister came to town Friday and her and I went shopping to get Baby Shower gift for her daughter in law who is expecting their first baby in late Dec. or early Jan.  The shower was nice and she got a lot of nice things for the baby.   That baby is going to be well dressed, she already has all kinds of clothes all different sizes for the baby plus quite a few toys. 

Friday and Saturday was our first annual Mystery Dinner Theater at church.   It seemed to go over really well we heard a lot of nice comments about it.   The Premises was the church bought the house next door and 3 ytoung boys had dug a treasure under the house before it was built there.  They could not get the treasure until after the house was gone.  This past spring ;the house was bulldozed and 3 boys (who are the grandsons of the 3 original boys go back to retrieve their treasure and it's ;gone!  Who took it?  There were   sevedral suspects and everyone just had to follow the clues and come to the conclusion.  Friday night 3 groups got it right, Sat. night none of them did.  Saturday night was hard as we had to go through our routines knowing who did it yet not give it away.   Friday night we didn't find out until everyone else did.   Well 2 of the 4 pastors knew and the person who was in charge knew.   Who was the one who stole the treasure?   Me!!!!   I was so embarassed when I read my name on the screen.   I turned beat red and buried my head.  Oh I allegedly started a cat shelter with the money I found so I didn't even keep it to myself!   Like I said 3 groups got it right Friday, 3 groups thought it was my dad, and the last group thought it was Martha Sinclair.   Sat. night 4 groups thought it was my dad, and 2 thought it was Martha Sinclair.  Although there were individuals from each group who thought it was me, they were outvoted.   So Sunday I took a lot of fun abuse at church.   The whole thing was fun but next year if we do it, I really want to be part of the crowd guessing.   Those of us involved wanted to know all the clues and see the videos and didn't get to join in on the guessing.   But it was fun it really was.  See my Dad has been very involved in our church for over 50 years and is Chairman of the Elder board.   Also he allegedly was one of the 3 boys who buried the treasure and the only one still alive so he pushes the elder board to buy the house and later buldozed it.   At least that is the made up story.   The only truth in the story is yes the church bought the hosue with intent to bulldoze it for either a youth center or estend the parking lot.   I did live in it for 5 years but I moved out 7 years ago.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!   Next time this piece will be done!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some progress anyway

I haven't had as much time to stitch on this this past week, plus I'm having a hard tim really getting into it seems like I stitch and stitch and get no where on it.   But it's doing better now.   I think I'm about half way done.  I'll be so glad when it's done.

Saturday we went on a color tour and to a farm.   Some of us rode on the wagon which was fun.   It was a really nice day for it.  The only problem was  the leaves were past peak.   It's so hard to judge when to plan these tours.   Everyone had a good tinme I thnk. 

I found out more about the Mystery Dinner.  I don't know a whole lot yet, just my part.   I don't want to say a whole lot for fear people from church will read this.   I am having a problem with the dates and the incident as they don't correspond but maybe once I know everything it will all connect.    I will not know who did it until Thursday night when we have dress rehearsal.  Then I'll have to keep quiet about it Friday when I see my parents and sister.   My sister is coming into town that morning to take mom and I shopping for the baby gift.  Saturday we are having a baby shower for my nephew's wife.   They are expecting a boy in early Jan but live out of State so probably won't be back until after the baby is born now.  

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phoenix Suns Logos

Thanki you for all your comments to Autumn's Blessings.   That was such a fun piece to do!

I've had limited stitching time this week but when I've stitched I've gotten a lot done on this.   This  is for a quilt we are doing at Cross Stitch Addicts  featuring  logos of sports teams.   I confess I am having a hard time getting into this piece but it's about half done now.

    Things have happened this week that have kept me busy.   My sister came into town Sat. - Mon. so I got to see her.   Most of the time we played games at mom and dad's house.

    Final preparations are being made for our Mystery Dinner at church next weekend.  I'm getting excited about this although  it looks like I'm going to be really busy during it.   I seenm to have a role almost everywhere even collecting the tickets, which I have also been selling.  We have to pay the caterer so that's the price of the tickets.   I knew I was going to be one of the characters but I didn't know I was going to be in the video too.; so is my dad, and he didn't know either.   Sometime this weekend we are suppose to do that.  
    Saturday we are going on a color tour up north.  We are stopping at a farm and going on a wagon ride.  That will be fun then going to a restaurant in Hesperia.   My dad's parents use to live in Hesperia for many years.  Wonder if we'll get to go by their old house.   By what I hear,l it is beautiful now.

This past week my brother found a long lost cousin so I got to connect with her on face book too.  Kenn was looking for someone else with her first name, and her name showed up too so he figured he would at least ask if she was her and if she'd accept him as a friend and she did.  Then she accepted me and a couple other family members.   She had long ago ex communicated herself from the family long story and now would like to at least regain contact with the cousins.   She also has made ammends with her dad so that's good.  The sad part though is she has cancer and is going through treatments.  

Last Tuesday I had the hearing test to see how much hearling loss I had.  I expected just to be told I need a hearing aid for the right ear.   But she told me I had to see the Dr. so I figured that will take a couple of months as he's so busy so okay.  But they got me in fast, like on Friday.  I was unprepared for what he was to tell me.  The loss was so substancial and with the viritgo being such a problem often the case is a benign brain tumor so he wants me to have a MRI.  That scares me I don't want it, I do have it scheduled but I may chicken out yet.   I am so claustrophobic and with my problems with asthma etc.   I don't want the test even though he did give me valium to take that day!

Also I finally went to the Dr. today for my hip and shoulder pain.  Fortunately that was much better than I was expecting.   I was expecting possible hip replacement and rotary cup problems.   Yes to the rotary cup as a possiblithy but he thinks once he gets the x rays back either a cortizone shot or Physical therapy will help,   Nothing was said about it possibly being torn or surgery to replace it like I was afraid would be.  The hip he thinks is arthritis.   Which he also thinks is a possiblilty with the shoulder too.  So if that's the case, I will just have to deal with it.   He did give me a prescription for pain pills and hopefully they will be mild enough for my stomach to handle most prescription ones I don't handle.   So far so good, but I only took the first one an hour ago. 

We had a scare with Wendy's 6 year old grand daughter this past Sunday.  My brother called and said little MaKenzie had catatonic seizures and they couldn't get her out of them so they took her to the hospital.  The hospital sent her to a Children's Hospital in GR thinking she had a brain aneurism.   Today all is well, it was not an aneurism.  Thank God a lot of people were praying for that little girl.   What happened we don't know but she is fine and home now.

Well, until next time....Happy Stitchi9ng!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Give Thanks is finished

I finished it earlier this morning.   It was a fun piece to do although the colors were very bold.   Now I'm doing the Phoenix Suns Logos which seems to be going fast.    This sounds like a dumb question but Phoenix Suns   are they Basketball, Football, or Baseball?   Shows you how well I know sports.  I know the Detroit teams and a few others around here but that's about it, and as far as Detroit teams, we're not even talking about them!

I'm trying to think of something to talk about and my brain is drying up.   I read so many blogs and the people are so interesting and can talk about anything and make it interesting.   Then others of us.....well....But there is a lot coming up that I will be talking about as they come closer and telling about when they are past.     This Friday we have the Food Truck coming at church so we'll be handing out food to those who need it.   We have had so much business in our Food Pantry this month.    Last Thursday alone we had 6 families come in which is an all time high.   Now we are asking for food.   I hope Love Inc gives us a lot.

Anyone watching Dancing with the Stars.   I love that show.   I have picked my favorites and I know who I'd like to see leave in the next 3 or 4 weeks.  I'm glad it's not on the same time as NCIS I watch very few network shows, but Amazing Race, Extreme Home Make Over and Dancing with the Stars and NCIS I have to watch.  Rest of the time it's on HGTV.  But usually I'm at the computer or stitching so not paying attention to TV.  So little is even worth watching.

My Pampered Chef items just arrived.   I had a catalog party not too long ago.   Now I need to put the items in bags and get them to the people.   Fortunately I didn't have a big order, I didn't go all out.

Okay so I did find a couple things to talk about.   Having said that I will say ado and say   Until next time.....Happy Stitching!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Progress on Give Thanks

Hopefully this piece will be done Monday.   Ity doens't look like it has sthat much to do.   I have really messed up the colors on this one though.   The key was so hard to figure out.  Why do designers make keys almost unreadable?  I've discovered I've missed the color on 3 items but it's well over half done, I'm not taking it out.    I received the material for Phoenix Suns so will start that next.   That is the piece I had about half done and discovered I had the coral and purple colors twisted around had to frog and cut the material by accident so they recent me the material.
I can't believe Oct. is here already.   I love the fall colors.   I know it means the leaves are dying but they sure go out beautiful.  In a couple weeks I'm going on a color tour.   Three weeks from today is the event I've been looking forward to for 3 months now.   I don't know why.....but it sounds like fun.   We are having Mystery Dinner Theater at church Fri. and Sat. Oct. 22 and 23.   Apparently some great mystery occured at our church many years ago, it may be fact may be fictuon or may have exagerated an event and we have to solve it.   I'm one of the characters so I  don't get to guess but I can't wait to see how this plays out.   I hope it goes over well.     My sister called me earlier and said she was coming in for it.   I know we are having an Italian dinner.   I don't know who I will play but I do know they are using names of people from back then, my dad is one of the names, but he will not play himself.   It is a "Who done it  Mystery.:   sounds like fun.

We also have Trunk or Treat coming up Oct. 31.   That is always an event the neighborhood loves.   We did it the first time about 4 years ago and every year about this time the neighbors start calling to make sure we are doing it.   I think we have ourselves committed to it now.  I am usually inside the church handing out the doughnuts and apple cider that's fun.   I still get to see the kids in costume.  Last year we had so many that one of the pastors had to go buy more candy as we ran out  The rest of the year flies from here as we are so busy.

 Well he went to buy it before we ran out really.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!