Monday, October 25, 2010

The end is in sight I think!

I haven't had much time to work on this this past week either but I think the end is in sight and hopefully at the end of the week this will be done.   I did order the 947 thread today and it should be here Friday and I'll be able to finish the orange off then I think.   I am going to run out of 947 soon I fear.   Here I was just out by Jo Anne's Friday and didn't even think to go in there.   We had other things on our mind like getting a baby shower gift.

My sister came to town Friday and her and I went shopping to get Baby Shower gift for her daughter in law who is expecting their first baby in late Dec. or early Jan.  The shower was nice and she got a lot of nice things for the baby.   That baby is going to be well dressed, she already has all kinds of clothes all different sizes for the baby plus quite a few toys. 

Friday and Saturday was our first annual Mystery Dinner Theater at church.   It seemed to go over really well we heard a lot of nice comments about it.   The Premises was the church bought the house next door and 3 ytoung boys had dug a treasure under the house before it was built there.  They could not get the treasure until after the house was gone.  This past spring ;the house was bulldozed and 3 boys (who are the grandsons of the 3 original boys go back to retrieve their treasure and it's ;gone!  Who took it?  There were   sevedral suspects and everyone just had to follow the clues and come to the conclusion.  Friday night 3 groups got it right, Sat. night none of them did.  Saturday night was hard as we had to go through our routines knowing who did it yet not give it away.   Friday night we didn't find out until everyone else did.   Well 2 of the 4 pastors knew and the person who was in charge knew.   Who was the one who stole the treasure?   Me!!!!   I was so embarassed when I read my name on the screen.   I turned beat red and buried my head.  Oh I allegedly started a cat shelter with the money I found so I didn't even keep it to myself!   Like I said 3 groups got it right Friday, 3 groups thought it was my dad, and the last group thought it was Martha Sinclair.   Sat. night 4 groups thought it was my dad, and 2 thought it was Martha Sinclair.  Although there were individuals from each group who thought it was me, they were outvoted.   So Sunday I took a lot of fun abuse at church.   The whole thing was fun but next year if we do it, I really want to be part of the crowd guessing.   Those of us involved wanted to know all the clues and see the videos and didn't get to join in on the guessing.   But it was fun it really was.  See my Dad has been very involved in our church for over 50 years and is Chairman of the Elder board.   Also he allegedly was one of the 3 boys who buried the treasure and the only one still alive so he pushes the elder board to buy the house and later buldozed it.   At least that is the made up story.   The only truth in the story is yes the church bought the hosue with intent to bulldoze it for either a youth center or estend the parking lot.   I did live in it for 5 years but I moved out 7 years ago.

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!   Next time this piece will be done!

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