Monday, October 18, 2010

Some progress anyway

I haven't had as much time to stitch on this this past week, plus I'm having a hard tim really getting into it seems like I stitch and stitch and get no where on it.   But it's doing better now.   I think I'm about half way done.  I'll be so glad when it's done.

Saturday we went on a color tour and to a farm.   Some of us rode on the wagon which was fun.   It was a really nice day for it.  The only problem was  the leaves were past peak.   It's so hard to judge when to plan these tours.   Everyone had a good tinme I thnk. 

I found out more about the Mystery Dinner.  I don't know a whole lot yet, just my part.   I don't want to say a whole lot for fear people from church will read this.   I am having a problem with the dates and the incident as they don't correspond but maybe once I know everything it will all connect.    I will not know who did it until Thursday night when we have dress rehearsal.  Then I'll have to keep quiet about it Friday when I see my parents and sister.   My sister is coming into town that morning to take mom and I shopping for the baby gift.  Saturday we are having a baby shower for my nephew's wife.   They are expecting a boy in early Jan but live out of State so probably won't be back until after the baby is born now.  

Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Beth said...

It looks like you are doing great to me!

Our colors are at peak, but not very pretty because of our drought.

I am looking forward to finding out who dunnit!!

Terry said...

Great stitching so far! Can't wait to see it completed as I'm sure you are too. lol

Have you scheduled your MRI yet? Check with your doctor to see if you can have an open MRI and if they have that in your area. That way you won't get scared to death in the box.;)

Keep us posted and know that you are in our prayers.