Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Dance! It is finished

It is finished.   HURRAY!   I am glad to have this piece done.  In the end I almost hated it I wanted it to be done so bad.   I'll send it out to Cross Stitch Addicts early next week so I won't even have to see it again.  Not sure I will do another sports logos anytime soon and am glad I only signed  up for only one.   I have now started an Autumn Sampler by Prairie Schooler which is much more enjoyable.

I have not made Brocolli Cheese Soup in years and lost the recipe.   One of my friends posted a recipe on Face book so I went to the site and thought I would try it out.   I don't know.   I may have goofed by using garlic powder instead of the cloves.   But we'll see.   I'll wait an hour before I put the cheese in it too.

It's been a quiet week and have a nice quiet weekend coming up so will close.  Until next time...Happy Stitching!


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Beth said...

Congratulations on finishing this piece - it was a whole lot of stitching for something you didn't like.

I was away last week, so I just got to read you Mystery Dinner report. It sounds like great fun.